Silicone Coating Spritz For Hair Extensions

Looking for a way to keep your hair extensions softer for longer? Then look no further than the RemySoft Daily Refresher. This daily maintenance spray is specifically designed to help maintain the softness of hair extensions whilst encouraging them to last longer, too. What’s more, this revolutionary silicone coating is also infused with natural oils which keeps your beloved hair extensions fresh and as smooth as possible. Not only that, the Daily Refresher also protects hair extensions from UV damage, too.
It's important to use this product sparingly. A few light spritzes of this product after use will be sufficient to help maintain and prolong the life of your hair extensions. Please bear in mind that the instructions printed on the bottle are for wearers of hair pieces and wigs; liberal use of the silicone coating on hair extensions is not recommended as it may cause extensions to feel oily and heavy.
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