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Heatless Faux Perm using Hair Extensions

The word ‘perm’ has for some time conjured up memories of bad 80’s hair and embarrassing pics from family photo albums. But things are changing and the infamous perm has had something of a revival… Continue reading.

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Lace vs. Seamless Clip-In Hair Extensions


We get loads of questions about clip-ins from you guys, but one of the most asked is the difference between lace and seamless hair extensions. As the seamless wefts are a relatively new thing, it figures that you guys would have a lot of questions about what to go for. This is why we thought we’d share the features of each one so that you can make the best choice when buying your new hair extensions :) Here’s what you need to know... Continue reading

How To Cure An Itchy Scalp


There’s nothing more irritating than an itchy scalp and it can seriously kill your vibe and your hairstyle, if you’re constantly scratching. Turns out it could be down to some simple mistakes, like using way too much product or not looking out for bad ingredients. To help you guys out we’re sharing our best tips for curing an itchy scalp along with a few super helpful products too.

Continue reading

5 Chocolate Inspired Hair Products For Easter Weekend


We’re desperately trying to find something that will make us feel better about all the easter eggs we’ll be eating this weekend. Which is why we literally just googled ‘is chocolate good for your hair?’ and it turns out… It totally is!

Those little cocoa beans are not just a mood boost or a tasty snack, but actually have a lot of hair boosting benefits too. They’re packed with iron, zinc and copper all of which promote cell renewal and boost circulation which encourages hair growth. **Leaves to pick up more easter eggs… Continue reading

M+B Blogger Hair Routines: Shannon Sherwood


If you’ve been following our blog for the longest time then you’ll know that we used to write a series called Hair Talk. As part of this series we interviewed some of our fave bloggers about their best hacks and go-to products so that we could get selfie worthy hair just like them. Continue reading

Everything You Need To Know Before Your Wedding Hair Trial


Is your big day coming up? Wahh! We don’t think there’s anything more exciting than planning a wedding, especially coming up with hairstyle ideas… Obviously! Your hair is almost as important as your dress when it comes to nailing your bridal look so it’s super important that you get it right.

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Hair History: Coachella Special


If you’re looking for some hair inspo to switch up your look this year then we’ve got you totally covered with our new series Hair History. Each month we take a look back at some iconic celebrities and trace their hair evolution to where they are today.

As the biggest music festival Coachella kicks off today, we thought we’d do a special edition of Hair History and chart the best celebrity looks from the festival so far. From boho waves, to braids and some pretty crazy dye jobs, these celebrities know how to get noticed... Continue reading

Tried & Tested: Olaplex No.3 Review


Here at M+B we’re pretty obsessed with hair care so it figures that as a team we try out a lot of new products. To make us feel better about our groaning bathroom cabinets we thought it would be cool to share some of the things we’ve found as part of a new series. We’re calling it Tried & Tested and the plan is to give you honest reviews on some of the weirdest and most hyped products out there. Continue reading

5 Ways To Prep Your Hair For The Summer


Ok, ok so we get that we’re a little early with this post but you can’t blame us for getting excited after THE longest winter EVER. And yes we might be over exaggerating...

As much as cosy jumpers and woolly hats are great we’re totally ready to ditch these in favour of some chunky braids and a day at the beach. It’s also so much easier to experiment with your hair in the summer knowing that your hard work won’t get ruined in the rain and that you’ll have the best light to instagram your look. Yas! So to make sure your hair is looking its best here’s how to prep your hair for the summer... Continue reading

Hair Styling Lessons We Learnt From The Hills


Believe it or not The Hills is officially back and even though it’s now more drinking water at the creche than cocktails at the beach, we’re totally here for it. That being said nothing could ever beat the original which was our go-to show for all the drama, fashion and hair inspiration teenage us could need. To celebrate our fave show being back on TV we thought we take a look at the hairstyling lessons it taught us way back when… Continue reading

How To Dye Your Clip-In Hair Extensions


We get asked all the time about how to dye clip-in hair extensions and we get that it can be a little daunting as they’re such an investment. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you’re applying it the right way and that you choose the right shade of extensions in the first place. Continue reading

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