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Heatless Faux Perm using Hair Extensions

The word ‘perm’ has for some time conjured up memories of bad 80’s hair and embarrassing pics from family photo albums. But things are changing and the infamous perm has had something of a revival… Continue reading.

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Hairstyling Mistakes You’re Making & How To Correct Them


There are a few basic styling mistakes we’re calling you out on today that don’t sound like a big deal but can make a massive difference to how your hair looks. They’re not at all complicated though and it’s really easy to make these changes and see the benefits straight away. These will also help to protect your hair from damage, reduce frizz and make all your hard work last way longer so it’s totally worth it. Continue reading

Halloween Hacks: How To Remove Glitter From Your Hair


If you’ve watched our super spooky mermaid tutorial then you’ll know that we’re pretty obsessed with Halloween and even more obsessed with glitter. It looks amazing in your parting and is so fun to experiment with even though it’s kind of a nightmare to remove. To fix the dilemma in time for this year’s festivities we thought we would do some research and find easy ways to get those little specks out of our strands. Turns out there are 4 amazing hacks that will make removing glitter from your hair really quick and easy. Let’s go, witches… Continue reading

How To Get Hair Like Gigi Hadid Using Your Milk + Blush Hair Extensions


Gigi Hadid is just one of those gals we’ll never stop swooning over and that definitely includes her super long blonde waves. Today we’re going to share a swept back look that’s one of her red carpet staples and an easy one to recreate using your Milk + Blush hair extensions. It’s going to be perfect for the party season and is amazing on second day hair too so it’s a really useful look to get down. Here are the steps... Continue reading

New In: Autumn Hair Products


We love autumn for so many reasons but in particular the crazy amount of new hair products on the shelves. As the weather changes it’s important to switch up your routine but it’s also just a really good excuse to try something new and treat yourself. This new drop doesn’t disappoint either with some spice inspired scents, deep scrubs and fashion forward heat tools. So grab your credit card, honey, because these are the best new hair products you need to try.

Continue reading

This Is How Much Product You Should Be Using In Your Hair

It seems like we all know exactly how much makeup to apply (hopefully...) but when it comes to haircare we’re getting a little stumped. This wouldn’t be so much of a big deal if it wasn’t for the fact that being over generous means we have to spend more money. Or, that by saturating our hair we could be causing dandruff and making it look super greasy. Scary, right? But let’s not get over dramatic. Sticking to these recommended amounts can save you from all this and also make your products way more effective. So if this sounds good, then keep scrolling and get bookmarking... Continue reading

7 Must Have Halloween Hair Accessories on ASOS


Our fave day is almost here and we’re super excited to get totally spooky and extra glam. Finding the perfect costume for Halloween is all part of the fun and who doesn’t love experimenting with something different? We get that you don’t always have the time or the $$$ to go all out though so we’ve had a sneaky look on ASOS at some quick alternatives. These Halloween hair accessories are sure to have you looking perfectly haunting in no time and won’t break the bank either. We’ve also paired them up with a hair tutorial to give you a fully finished look that's easy to recreate. Rise and slay gals...

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5 Ways You’re Damaging Your Hair Without Realising


Using straighteners without heat protection is a pretty obvious way to scorch your strands but there might be a few other things you’re doing that are causing breakage too. Now that we’re reaching winter it’s even more important to keep your hair healthy as the cold weather isn’t friendly to your locks. Figuring out where in your routine you’re going wrong can make a huge difference and will help to improve your overall hair health. So if your split ends are creeping up here are 5 ways you could be damaging your hair without realising. Continue reading

5 M+B Halloween Tutorials You Need To Watch


Halloween is our favourite time of year so it figures we’d have quite a few tutorials up our sleeve for the holidays. Today we’re going to share with you our 5 favourite looks that are spooky but pretty in equal measure and really easy to recreate. So if you have a party to go to or just want a killer picture for the gram here are the videos you need to see...

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Your Hair Horoscope: October 2018 Halloween Special


We’ve read the stars, aligned the moons, clipped in our hair extensions and are ready to read you your October 2018 hair horoscope. We’ve changed things up this month though and have picked a Halloween costume rather than a hairstyle to match the vibe of your sign. This astrological ride is gonna pick you up and drop you off at destination perfect hair. Let’s go… Continue reading

Halloween: Zombie Bride Tutorial


We’re back again this year with another gorgeous tutorial for our favourite holiday, Halloween! We decided to go for this classic zombie bride look that’s a little cooler than Lindsay Lohan’s vibe in Mean Girls but still totally terrifying. As always, we’re going to break everything down into easy step by step bites so that you can recreate the look at home. Here’s what you need to do… Continue reading

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