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Ombre Hair Extensions

Beautiful Ombre shades are available in all our hair extension collections. Milk + Blush Ombre Hair Extensions are made with 100% Remy human hair, and you have five dreamy ombre shades to choose from.

Ombre requires minimal maintenance: the multi-tonal blend enhances the tones of your hair and skin, making the Ombre hair colour technique a salon classic that has stood the test of time.

The five shades available are:

Oh My Ombre: Triple-tone ombre from dark brown/black to medium blonde.

Bel-Air Baby!: Pretty brown blended to a golden blonde. The classic ombre look!

Surf’s Up: Warm blonde, which transitions into a light bleached blonde.

Kiss the Girl: Glossy black graduating into a rich teal.

Spaced Out: A black base blending to a cosmic silver-grey.

The tones in Milk + Blush Ombre extensions are carefully graduated into each other; this ensures a soft and blended look for perfect ombre hair.