How to Use Silicone on Hair Extensions

How to use silicone on hair extensions

Now that we’ve cleared up the rumours on whether silicone is good for hair extensions (you can read all about it here), we thought we’d harper on about the nifty chemical and show you how to use silicone on hair extensions.

As we have previously mentioned, most hair extensions that aren’t made with Remy human hair are already coated in silicone to give them that temporary, high quality, lustrous feel. Micro bead hair extensions are also made with silicone, too, but the disadvantage of them already being coated is that the silicone will soon wear off after wear and tear, and after numerous washes, will eventually lose their softness. However, Remy human hair extensions are not coated in silicone which means, neither are our clip in hair extensions! So, how do we keep our hair extensions super soft for longer? With silicone-based products, of course!

How to Use Silicone on Hair Extensions

The best way to make hair extensions soft is to use products which include the special silicone chemical. However, it’s always best to check whether the product is suitable to use on hair extensions first. Two products which have recently entered into our hair care routines and has taken centre stage in our bathroom cabinets, are the RemySoft silicone coating for hair extensions products. This pair of blue bottles will revolutionise the way you take care of your clip in hair extensions and make keeping your hair extensions soft and free from tangles, a hell of a lot easier!

how to use silicone on hair extensionsThe first of our RemySoft couple is the Silicone Coating Spritz for hair extensions. It’s not hard to use this silicone hair extensions as it does exactly what it says on the bottle- it sprays your hair with a silicone coating. The spritz is a great way of refreshing your hair extensions on a daily basis-keeping them free from tangles, and can be used on dry hair. It also protects the hair from thermal damage and sunlight throughout the day, too.

how to use silicone on hair extensionsThe second of our RemySoft products is the Silicone Coating Sealer for hair extensions. As the Spritz is great to use as a daily maintenance product, we think that the sealer is best to use when your clip in hair extensions are in serious need of some TLC! The silicone-based Sealer is used to coat and seal the hair shaft to lock in moisture and eliminate tangles to leave you with silky smooth extensions. To use this silicone on hair extensions, shampoo and condition your extensions as normal (follow our guide to washing hair extensions here) and pat dry to remove any excess water- remember to never brush the hair when it’s wet! Then, place a small amount of the Sealer on your fingertips and distribute through the roots to the ends of the extensions until they are evenly coated. Proceed to let them dry as normal.

There you have- our guide to how to use silicone hair extensions. We can’t tell you enough about how good these silicone coating products for hair extensions actually are! But, instead of us telling you, why not give them a go yourself?


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