Blonde Hair Extensions

Blonde Hair ExtensionsThe brunettes have had their turn, so it’s only fair that we pay homage to our blonde girls, too. If you’re looking for blonde hair extensions to complement your natural locks, then read on to find out about our beautiful blonde hair shades below.

90s Blonde

blonde hair extensions
Our 90s Blonde hair extensions are our most illuminating hair shade and are the easiest to match. It’s simple, if your hair is extremely light (bleached, platinum- you get the drift) and is one solid shade of blonde, then the 90s Blonde hair extensions will look seamless when clipped into your tresses.

L.A. Blonde Wheat Blonde

blonde hair extensions
The shade down from 90s Blonde and our second, lightest, solid shade are our L.A. Blonde Wheat Blonde hair extensions. Dubbed as the classic Hollywood blonde hue, this celeb-worthy shade is perfect for girls with light blonde hair and warm, sandy tones.

Malibu Blonde

blonde hair extensions
Malibu Blonde is our most natural looking blonde hair extensions. With a light sandy blonde hue coupled with sunny multitones, these sun-kissed blonde hair extensions will have you looking like you have just stepped off Malibu beach, literally!


blonde hair extensions
Our next blonde hair shade is St.Tropez. These gorgeous blonde hair extensions reflect a medium blonde hair colour with rich golden tones shining through, which makes them look particularly great when paired with a tan! Take Rihanna’s hair here as your St. Tropez reference, as her hair is not too light yet not too dark to not be classed as one of our blonde hair extensions.

Tanned Blonde

Blonde Hair Extensions
Lastly, our final solid shade of blonde is Tanned Blonde. The best way to describe these blonde hair extensions is that the shade is in between dark blonde and light brown. So, if your hair hue is similar to Lauren Conrad’s mousy blonde locks (without the ombre ends), then our Tanned Blonde hair shade is for you!

Paparazzi Highlighted

blonde hair extensions
Moving on to our highlighted blonde hair extensions, we begin with Paparazzi Highlighted. These show-stopping hair extensions are our lightest, blonde highlighted hair shade and are our most popular blonde hair hue, as they blend extremely well with most light highlights. The shade’s milky and wheat blonde tones are super fresh and alluring, too. You only have to look at the stunning Margot Robbie to realise why the Paparazzi Highlighted blonde hair extensions are so popular!

California Highlighted

blonde hair extensions
Similar to Paparazzi Highlighted, our next highlighted blonde hair extensions are the California Highlighted. Classed as a summer shade, again, the California Highlighted also blend nicely with most highlights, especially girls with sun-kissed, bleached highlights like Kristin Cavallari.

Toasted Highlighted

blonde hair extensions
Toasted Highlighted has been whipped into a blend of brown and light blonde highlights. These blonde hair extensions will suit girls whose locks are similar to Demi Lovato’s brunette tresses with streaks of sunny blonde running through.

Parisian Highlighted

Blonde Hair Extensions
Next in line of our blonde hair extensions is the Parisian Highlighted shade. With a base of soft blonde and a tint of copper highlights, the Parisian Highlighted hair extensions look particularly great on strawberry blonde girls, as the subtle blonde highlights add texture to their warm, autumnal hair shade.

Manhattan Highlighted

blonde hair extensions
Want Cara Delevingne’s hair colour? Then opt for the Manhattan Highlighted- our second darkest, highlighted blonde shade. With a blend of multi-tone, ashy blonde highlights on a warm, sandy base of solid blonde, it’s not hard to see why the Manhattan Highlighted is one of our most coveted shades of blonde hair extensions!

Butterscotch Highlighted

blonde hair extensions
Finally, we round off our collection of blonde hair extensions with Butterscotch Highlighted. A warm shade of caramel blonde teamed with nutmeg and walnut tones and golden blonde highlights, Butterscotch Highlighted is perfect for girls who are channeling Jennifer Aniston-style locks.

So, whether you have platinum blonde tresses or sun-kissed highlights, with an extensive range of blonde hair extensions to choose from, we’re sure the Dirty Looks girls will find a perfect shade for you! If you’re not quite sure which shade to go for, then our team of stylists would be more than happy to provide a colour match. All you need to do is email a picture of your hair to and our team will get back to you within 24 hours :)

6 Responses to Blonde Hair Extensions

  • Marta

    Malibu Blonde is much lighter that shown in the picture of Taylor Swift. Tanned Blonde does not have highlights as show in the picture of Lauren Conrad. Toasted Highlights are kind of ash brown with wheat blonde which is quite different from the picture of a girl who has a mixture of more of a St Tropez shade (warm colour) and wheat blonde rather than ashy brown. Parisian Highlights has more highlights, whereas in the picture it looks like a solid strawberry blonde colour.

  • admin

    The pics have been updated now :)

  • Morgan
    Morgan on April 3, 2014 at 2:39 am said:

    Do the manhattan highlights actually look like that picture? I've looked for reviews and it looks much lighter

  • admin
    admin on April 15, 2014 at 2:30 pm said:

    Hi Morgan! Yes, although they can look different on everyone's hair as our hair extensions are multi-tonal :) They're not as bright as the Paparazzi Highlighted :)

  • Hayley
    Hayley on June 9, 2014 at 6:41 pm said:

    My hair is pretty much white so I'm considering buying either the paparazzi highlighted shade or the 90's blonde shade and then bleaching and toning them. I'm wondering which shade is lighter from the two and which one is cooler so I can find out which one will be quickest to bleach with the least amount of damage!

  • admin
    admin on June 10, 2014 at 9:52 am said:

    Hi Hayley! This is quite a popular question and we have completed lots of tests on various extensions, including other brands as well as our own. It is strongly advised that you do not bleach or lighten hair extensions. The hair has already been through a chemical process and any additional lightening is likely to affect the condition of the hair. Bleaching and lightening damages our own hair but we have a natural supply of sebum oils to help replenish and restore the hair, hair extensions do not have this natural supply.

    Of the shades mentioned, 90's Blonde is the lightest but if you drop the team an email to with some pics of your hair they canadvise on your best options :)


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