• Bip Ling's Hair

    Bip Ling's HairThis week, we’re getting our ponytails in a twist over the amazingly eclectic hair history of queen of quirk and blogger extraordinaire, Bip Ling. YAR. She’s forever being lauded for her offbeat fashion sense and outrageously awesome blogging style, but we reckon it’s high time that Bip Ling’s hair was singled out for its own little slice of recognition. Continue Reading

  • Hair talk with Michelle from Daisy Butter

    Hair Talk with Michelle from Daisy ButterAt Dirty Looks HQ, we are obsessed with bloggers and we wanted to start a new series, appropriately named ‘Hair Talk’, so that we could find out everything about them! Continue Reading

  • How to Speed Up Hair Growth

    How to Speed Up Hair GrowthWe’ve all been there. We build up the courage to experiment with a new, short ‘do, splash our hard-earned cash on getting our lovely locks chopped off, then end up regretting our decision almost instantly - and spend the next few months wondering how we can speed up hair growth. Continue Reading

  • How to Give Your Hair a Boost

    How to Give Your Hair a BoostFlat, limp and lifeless are not words we want associated with our hair! But did you know it couldn’t be simpler to give your hair a boost? Read on to find out how to inject flat hair with a dose of voluptuous volume!

    Continue Reading

  • How to Style your Bangs

    How to Style your BangsWith bangs, it’s all too easy to get stuck in a styling rut and wear them the same way every day, without ever straying too far from your signature, tried-and-trusted fringe look. Sound familiar? Continue Reading

  • Get the Look - Lorde

    Get the Look - Lorde's CurlsWant hair like one of this season’s biggest songstress? Then check out our get the look guide on how to achieve curls like ‘Royals’ singer Lorde. Continue Reading

  • 5 Hair Treatments to Spoil your Hair with this Fall

    5 Hair Treatments to Spoil your Hair with this FallAre your locks in need of a little pick-me-up after all these weeks on the front line battling the autumnal elements? Continue Reading

  • Which Tigi Product is Best for You?

    Which Tigi Product is Best For You?We’re here to put a stop to your endless guessing of which Tigi Product is best for you, by giving you the low-down on which shampoos and stylers you need to perfect your ‘do. Continue Reading

  • Hair Chalking Trend

    Hair Chalking TrendIf you’re anything like us Dirty Looks girls, you’ll forever find yourself swooning over pastel hair shades. But, then again, if you’re anything like us Dirty Looks girls, it may well turn out that you’re too much of a wuss to commit to a full-on pastel dye job! The solution? Just head down to your nearest stationery or art supply store and get involved with the AW13 hair chalking trend! Continue Reading

  • Finding Your Face Shape

    Finding Your Face ShapeFinding your face shape is one of those things that, although sometimes confusing, it can be essential for getting the right haircut to suit your face shape perfectly. Do you have a round shaped face or do you fall into the heart shape crowd? We’re here to put an end to your hopeless guessing with our guide on finding your face shape. Continue Reading

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