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  • Tips and Tricks for Managing Curly Hair: Part II

    Tips and Tricks for Managing Curly Hair Part II Take a look at part two of our top tips on how to manage curly hair below and be sure to check out the first part here.

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  • The Olsen Sisters' Hair

    The Olsen Sisters' HairWhen it comes to the Olsen Sister's hair, there are two names that spring to mind; Mary Kate and Ashley. We and everyone else have loved their amazing hair since the 90’s when they were our teen icons. Continue Reading

  • Products for Sleek, Straight Hair

    Products for Sleek, Straight HairGet one of this season's hottest look with these products for sleek, straight hair.

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  • The Benefits of Clip In Hair Extensions

    The Benefits of Clip In Hair ExtensionsThe benefits of clip in hair extensions are endless. For those of us who long for but are unfortunately not blessed with Disney princess-esque locks, clip in hair extensions are an amazing alternative to achieving plenty of hair in an instant! Continue Reading

  • Tips and Tricks for Managing Curly Hair

    Tips 7 Tricks for Managing Curly HairFor the longest time, it seems the beauty world has been going mad for straight and wavy hair but now its the turn of the curl! With big hair making a comeback at fashion week, curly hair is more popular than ever. However, we know that sometimes curly tresses can be a bit unruly and difficult to handle so, here are our top tips for managing your curly hair!

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  • How To Make Hair Extensions Blend With Your Hair

    how to make hair extensions blend into your hair

    Clip in hair extensions are a great way of updating your look with no fuss and no commitment. How to make hair extensions blend with your hair Continue Reading

  • How to Wash Your Hair Extensions

    How to wash hair extensionsA question we get asked frequently at Dirty Looks is how to take care of your HK Hair extensions, so we thought it was only necessary that we answer everything you need to know about our clip ins, starting with how to wash your hair extensions. Continue Reading

  • Hair to Suit Oblong Face Shapes

    Hair to Suit Oblong Face ShapesKnowing your face shape is an imperative when heading to the hair salon, and one cut wrong can lead you to sulking until it eventually grows out. Although the hair stylist may persuade you that a blunt pair of bangs will look gorgeous on you, it won’t do anything for your self-esteem if it doesn’t flatter your face shape! Continue Reading

  • Get the Look- Selena Gomez's 90s Updo

    Get the look- Selena Gomez's 90s updoThe 90s trend shows no signs of returning to its era as more celebrities and bloggers are immersing themselves in the decade. The latest hair icon to succumb to the scrunchy years is Selena Gomez with her 90s updo. Continue Reading

  • 5 Things You Need to Know About Clip In Hair Extensions

    5 things you need to know about clip in hair extensionsClip in hair extensions have become an essential part of girls’ appearance. With celebrities like Beyonce and Rita Ora relying on their weaves to take them from bobs to locks, it’s no wonder girls everywhere are trying to emulate their looks with clip in hair extensions. So if you’re considering getting a set of HK Hair extensions to copy your idol’s hairstyles, then here’s 5 things you need to know about clip in hair extensions. Continue Reading

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