• How to Disguise Greasy Hair

    How to Disguise Greasy HairWe’ve all been there. We stumble into bed having not washed our hair for several days, vow to cleanse our strands in the morning, and then - horror of horrors - we oversleep. So, do we grin and bear the burden of greasy locks for the day, or do we do our oil-busting darndest by following this guide to how to disguise greasy hair? Hmmm. Tough choice. Continue reading

  • Quad Weft Hair Extensions

    Quad Weft Hair Extensions

    What are quad weft hair extensions we hear you ask? With our extensive knowledge and expertise in hair extensions, we feel that it’s our duty to educate you on everything you need to know about the ultra thick, quad weft hair extensions. Although beware, as we have a slight feeling that you’re going to want to get your hair on our quad weft extensions after reading this! Continue reading

  • How to Use Argan Oil

    How to Use Argan OilArgan oil isn’t just for making tresses scintillatingly soft and shiny, you know (although we must admit, its lustre-boosting properties are a massive part of its appeal). In fact, this hair-pampering oil has all kinds of uses, from giving our hairstyles extra staying power to defending our manes against the elements. Keen to find out more? Then read on for our Dirty Looks guide to how to use Argan oil… Continue reading

  • Ginger Hair Extensions

    Ginger Hair Extensions

    We’re dedicating this post to our gorgeous redheads. As we always get requests asking if we do ginger hair extensions, we thought it was about time that we share with you our tips for how to get the right shade of ginger extensions to match your hair colour. Continue reading

  • Overnight Hair Tips

    Overnight Hair TipsFor today’s blog post, we’ll be teaching you how to wake up with irresistibly touchable, lustrous tresses - as if by magic. Really, we will! No joke. Just read on for some Dirty Looks-approved overnight hair tips that’ll leave your locks looking as if you’ve spent forty minutes styling, not catching your winks… Continue reading

  • How to Get Kate Middleton Hair

    How to Get Kate Middleton Hair

    We’re confident that the Duchess of Cambridge has the BEST blow dry ever! What with a sleek, glossy and bouncy blow dry we’re all lusting after, we thought it was about time that we revealed the secret to how to get Kate Middleton hair. Continue reading

  • How to Keep Blonde Hair Bright

    How to Keep Blonde Hair BrightFor those of us whose blonde hair comes courtesy of a bottle of bleach and a lengthy stint in the hairdresser’s chair, keeping our flaxen tresses looking vibrant can be a struggle. Today, however, we’ve decided that we’re not going to stand for lacklustre strands anymore. Instead, we’re battling the brass head-on with these tips on how to keep blonde hair bright… Continue reading

  • Vanessa Hudgens' Hair

    Vanessa Hudgens' HairAfter seeing a week’s worth of jealousy-inducing snaps of our favourite celebs living it up at Coachella, we Dirty Looks girls were left with one question and one question only: why has it taken us so long to welcome festival-goer Vanessa Hudgens’ hair into our Tress Obsessed hall of fame? Continue reading

  • Products for Smooth Hair

    Products for Smooth HairSilky smooth tresses are the hairstyling equivalent of the Holy Grail - c’mon, who doesn’t dream of soft, heavenly locks? Fortunately for us, sleek, nourished hair isn’t as hard to come by as you’d think. Just read on to find out how to get healthy, lustrous hair the Dirty Looks way - by using lots and lots of luxurious pampering products for smooth hair! Continue reading

  • Different Types of Hair Extensions

    Different Types of Hair Extensions

    Pre-bonded, micro-loop, what do they all mean? What with so many different types of hair extensions on the market, it’s easy to get confused over what extensions are what. So we thought it was our obligation to share our knowledge on hair extensions with you and to give you hair extension novices, a run down on the types of hair extensions available. Here goes... Continue reading

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