• The 90's Hair Flip

    The 90's Hair FlipFrom Miley to Kylie, 90’s hair is having a huge moment and today we’re sharing how to get our favourite, and easiest look of the decade - the 90’s hair flip. Continue Reading

  • How to care for your clip in hair extensions


    We want to make sure you’re in the know of how to care for your clip in hair extensions, properly! It’s all good and well taking them out gently and placing them in your drawer, but you could be giving them sooo much more love and attention. Continue Reading

  • Amazing Hair Days


    We all rant and rave about dreaded bad hair days but there is nothing quite like the feeling we all get on a good hair day. You know the kind of day where you feel as though your hair has never looked better and you know everyone else is thinking it too ; ) Continue Reading

  • The Best Haircut for your Hair Texture


    Do you find yourself gazing at your hair in the mirror and thinking, this haircut is just not working for me OR my hair!? Us too. So, to banish these thoughts we’ve put together a little guide on the best haircut for your hair texture and hopefully you’ll look in the mirror and think ‘maaaan I LOVE my hair like this!’. Continue Reading

  • Love, Want, Need - Dirty Looks Wishlist

    Love Want Need - Dirty Looks Wishlist

    We currently have a wishlist as long as our hair extensions! Come and take a look at what we love, want and need. Continue Reading

  • Keeping Hair Extensions Healthy

    Keeping hair extensions healthyHair extensions are our life so we never get tired of sharing our expertise with you! Today, we’ve conjured up the best tips for keeping hair extensions healthy so you can keep your hair extensions looking gorgeous for longer. Continue Reading

  • The Lowdown; Manic Panic and Pastel Hair Extensions


    Spring is on the horizon which means you can say farewell to those winter blues and say hello to summery hues, and what better way to get into the summery spirit than to have pastel hair. We thought we'd be super awesome and give you the lowdown on Manic Panic and pastel hair extensions. You're welcome...

    Continue Reading

  • Our 5 favourite hair tutorials


    Sooo we thought we’d do a quick roundup of our 5 favourite YouTube hair tutorials for you lovely gals. Y’know, we could all always do with some hair inspo couldn’t we!?

    Continue Reading

  • Quad Weft Hair Extensions

    Quad Weft Hair ExtensionsIf we had a sweet for every time someone fired a question about our quad weft hair extensions at us...well, we’d be very happy gals! Today, we’re teaching you everything you need to know about the infamous quad weft. Continue Reading

  • Blonde Hair Extension Shades

    blonde hair extensionsSeeing as last week we let you in on all there is to know about our range of brown hair extensions, this week we thought it would only be fair to follow up with a blog post and video all about our blonde hair extension shades! Fancy getting to know these fair and flirty shades a little better? Then read on... Continue Reading

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