• Hair Shades from Coachella

    Hair Shades from CoachellaWhat better way to experiment with different hairstyle and hair hues than at one of the largest and most coolest festivals on earth? That’s right, we’re talking about Coachella! From slime green to rainbow coloured hair, here are the multiple hair shades from Coachella which caught our eye over the weekend. Continue reading

  • How to Give Long Hair Volume

    How to Give Long Hair VolumeLife can be so cruel. We put all of our energy into growing long, luscious locks only to find that our hard-earned tresses lose any semblance of natural volume once they pass shoulder length. But we’re not giving up on our quest for voluminous hair that easily; instead, we’re standing our ground and fighting gravity blow for blow with the following guide to how to give long hair volume... Continue reading

  • Rainbow Hair Shades

    Rainbow Hair ShadesWho said that the trend for punchy, bright hair colour was on the wane? Well, whoever it was should be eating their nay-saying words right now, as some of the most finely coiffed celebrities have been sporting springlike rainbow hair shades of late. Continue reading

  • The Best-Smelling Hair Products

    The Best-Smelling Hair ProductsHere at Dirty Looks HQ, we demand more from our hair care products. As you know, we pride ourselves on stocking only the most effective, gentle and covetable hair potions that money can buy - but there is also another, equally important criterion our products must fulfil to make the Dirty Looks grade. They must smell good enough to eat, too! Continue reading

  • How to Choose the Perfect Curling Tongs

    How to Choose the Perfect Curling TongsCurling tongs. They’re available in such a bewildering range of shapes and sizes that it’s often difficult to know which pair to choose! So, to help you make an informed curling tong decision, today we’re bringing you ‘How to Choose the Perfect Curling Tongs’ - the definitive guide to selecting the correct tongs for your hair length. Simply read on to find out which size curling tong you should be using to create your dream wavy style… Continue reading

  • Hairstyles for Coachella

    Hairstyles for Coachella

    Every festival season kicks off with the main man Coachella and every year, we find ourselves brushing up on our festival hairstyles to take with us to LA. Want in on the Dirty Looks guide to nailing this season’s festival hair? Then check out our most chic hairstyles for Coachella below. Continue reading

  • Hairstyles from Coachella 2014

    Hairstyles from Coachella 2014

    Didn't get to go to the first weekend of Coachella? Then don't worry as here are the hairstyles from Coachella 2014 which have had the Dirty Looks girls reeling with jealousy this morning! Continue reading

  • How to Blow Dry Hair Straight

    How to Blow Dry Hair StraightWe all love the look and feel of hair that’s been freshly blow-dried silky smooth at the salon - but did you know that it’s possible to get similarly swish-worthy, polished-looking results in the comfort of your own home? It’s really quite simple; just follow our Dirty Looks guide to how to blow dry hair straight and you’ll be coiffing your hair like a pro in no time! Continue reading

  • Lea Michele's Hair

    Lea Michele's HairWe’ve been ‘gleefully’ (sorry) eyeing up Lea Michele’s hair for some time now so it was only a matter of time before we shone the limelight on her rich, dark, chocolate brown locks and indulge in a few of her most sought-after hairstyles, too. Continue reading

  • Best Hair Dryers


    Best Hair DryersBlow drying is one of the most tedious yet critical styling steps in most of our hair care routines and omitting this step can lead to some serious . However, we’ve rounded up the best hair dryers that will literally blow you away (see what we did there?) and make blow drying a lot more exciting! Continue reading

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