• Halloween Hair Talk Special - Jess From Dirty Looks YouTube!

    Halloween Hair Talk - Jess From Dirty LooksIf you're an avid Dirty Looks fan, you might recognise this lovely lady. We've managed to rope Jess from the Dirty Looks YouTube channel in for an extra special Halloween hair talk today!  Continue Reading

  • HK Hair Extensions Review

    HK Hair Extensions - Dirty Looks ReviewToday's blog post is all about every Dirty Looks girl's most prized possession - our beloved HK Hair Extensions! Find out all about these lustworthy clip-in locks below in our HK Hair Extensions review... Continue Reading

  • Daenerys From 'Game Of Thrones' Hair Tutorial

    Daenerys From 'Game Of Thrones' Hair TutorialWant a Halloween costume that’s all about the hair? If so, this Daenerys from ‘Game Of Thrones’ Halloween hair tutorial will be perfect for you. Continue Reading

  • Magenta from 'Rocky Horror' Hair Tutorial

    Magenta from 'Rocky Horror' Hair TutorialTo kick off Halloween week, we've decided to pay homage to one of our favourite musicals with our Magenta from ‘Rocky Horror’ hair tutorial. Continue Reading

  • Taylor Momsen's Hair

    Taylor Momsen's HairCindy-Lou Who? This rock goddess has thrown her alter-egos away to give us a new host of inspiring hair looks. This week, we’re obsessing over Taylor Momsen’s Hair.

    Continue Reading

  • Hair Talk: Ambi From 'Bombay Rose'

    Hair Talk: Ambi From 'Bombay Rose'This week, we chatted to the absolutely lovely Ambi from 'Bombay Rose' about letting go of long locks and having better hair than Kate Middleton! Continue Reading

  • 4 Steps to Healthy Hair

    How to get Healthy HairDreaming of long, beautiful locks? Follow our quick-fire 4 steps to healthy hair. Continue Reading

  • How to Straighten Clip-In Hair Extensions

    How to Straighten Clip-In Hair ExtensionsOur guide on how to keep curls in your hair extensions was so popular that today, we’re tackling another frequently asked question: how to straighten clip-in hair extensions. Continue Reading

  • ***WIN*** HK Hair Extensions Competition

    ***WIN*** HK Hair Extensions CompetitionWe've got ANOTHER full head set of HK Hair Extensions to give away this week! Find out how to enter our latest HK Hair Extensions competition below.... Continue Reading

  • How to Make Your Blow-Dry Last Longer

    How to Make Your Blow Dry Last LongerIs there any feeling quite like stepping out of the salon with a perfect blow-dry? Keep that loving feeling forever with our tips on how to make your blow-dry last longer. Continue Reading

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