• Day 18: Christmas Hair Buns

    Christmas Hair BunsWhat’s round, shiny, and highly likely to be found in households up and down the country during the festive season? Continue reading

  • Hair Talk with Natalie from 'YourAlmostAlice'

    Hair talk with Natalie from 'YourAlmostAlice'Struggling to get into the Christmas spirit? Then take a look at what happened when we caught up with Natalia from beauty blog ‘YourAlmostAlice’ to discuss what hair products she hopes to find under the tree on Christmas morning. Continue reading

  • Day 17: How to Wear your Hair on Christmas Day

    How to wear your hair on Christmas DayAs we open another door on the Dirty Looks advent calendar,we're talking about what hairstyles are going to have the pleasure to don our merry heads on December 25th. If you’re not quite sure what to pair your festive frock with either, then here’s our suggestions on how to wear your hair on Christmas Day. Continue reading

  • Day 16: Top 10 Bloggers of 2013

    Top 10 Bloggers of 2013To kick off the collection of all things awesome to emerge from this year, we’ve curated our top 10 bloggers of 2013. Take a look at the bloggers who have had us glued to their blogs and have had us marvelling at their gorgeous locks and coveted styles, for the past twelve months. Continue reading

  • Day 15: Hair Tip on How to Use Texturising Powders

    How to Use Hair Texturising PowdersWith our Christmas party fast approaching, it’s time to start stylising our festive ‘dos and figuring out how we’re going to put the oomph into our hopelessly, flat hair. So for our 15th door on the Dirty Looks advent calendar, here’s a hair tip on how to use texturising powder to give your hair that much-needed boost this fall. Continue reading

  • Day 14: Twelve Days of Christmas Beauties: Part 3

    Twelve Days of Christmas Beauties: Part 3Still not had your annual cracker-pulling, paper-hat-wearing Christmas party yet? No? Good - it’s just as well then, that we’re bringing you round three of our Twelve Days of Christmas Beauties blog posts as today’s Dirty Looks Advent treat! Continue reading

  • Day 13: Top 5 Shine Enhancers to Get Your Hair Glowing this Christmas

    Top 5 Shine Enhancers to get your hair glowing this ChristmasOne thing we want this Christmas is a lustrous hair do! Whether it’s for our Christmas party or just to wallow in opulent shine, indulge in our top five shine enhancers to get your hair glowing this Christmas. Continue reading

  • Natalia Vodianova's Hair

    Natalia Vodianova's HairAs we take time out from scouring at pictures of big, glamorous hair to inspire our Christmas party hairstyles, we want to give our hair (and mind) a break from all those sky-raising hairdo, and Natalia Vodianova’s hair is just the remedy we need to bring it back to basics! Continue reading

  • Day 12: Christmas Party Hair Guide: The Twisted Updo

    Christmas Party Hair Guide: The Twisted UpdoFor day 12 of the Dirty Looks advent calendar, we have a hairstyle that will certainly ruffle your festive feathers and have you rocking around the Christmas tree! Whether you’re dancing at your annual Christmas party or simply busting some moves in the living room on Boxing Day, the twisted updo will have you feeling like a 1920s Hollywood actress and lift your Christmas spirit entirely! Continue reading

  • Twelve Days of Christmas Beauties: Part 2

    Twelve Days of Christmas Beauties: Part 2With the big day edging ever closer, that familiar feeling of Christmas panic is well and truly setting in at Dirty Looks HQ. We’re nowhere near finishing our Christmas shopping, the party invites are rolling in thick and fast, and - horror of horrors - we haven’t got our outfits planned yet! Continue reading

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