• Nina Nesbitt's Hair Extensions

    Nina Nesbitt's hair extensions

    Listen up girls, there’s a new girl in town that’s serving us with plenty of hair extension envy. With a penchant for messed-up, ice blonde locks and a super cool style to match, is it any wonder why we’re marvelling on Nina Nesbitt’s hair extensions right now? Continue Reading

  • AW'14 Hair Trends from PFW

    AW'14 Hair Trends from PFW

    As Paris Fashion Week says ‘au revoir’ for another season and marks the end of Fashion Month, we look back at some of the most frivolous and wearable AW’14 hair trends from PFW. Continue Reading

  • Bobby Glam Hair Extensions

    Bobby Glam Hair Extensions

    We’re forever boasting about our HK Hair extensions, but did you know that we also stock the desirable Bobby Glam hair extensions, too? Read on for the inside details on why these hair extensions are equally as lustrous as our own! Continue Reading

  • How to Get Long, Healthy Hair

    How to Get Long, Healthy HairAs we Dirty Looks girls know all too well, attempting to grow hair long can be an arduous task. We dream of Rapunzel-length tresses, only to discover that as soon as our locks get past our shoulders they mutate into thin, straggly, unmanageable manes. Ever had the same problem? Then check out the following guide to how to get long, healthy hair - it could speed you on the way to endlessly long, lustrous lengths. Continue Reading

  • Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Faces

    Hairstyles for heart shaped faces

    In our last instalment of hairstyles to suit different face shapes, we pay homage to the loving shape of all, as we pick the best hairstyles for heart shaped faces. Continue Reading

  • Hair Talk with Jen from 'Beauty Junkie London'

    Hair Talk With Jen From 'Beauty Junkie London'For this week’s Hair Talk with Bloggers, we caught up with the wonderful Jen from one of our all time favourite blogs ‘Beauty Junkie London’ and what did we get? Some musings about dish cloths, head shaving and dodgy hair extensions (eep!). Continue Reading

  • Kim Kardashian's Hair Extensions

    Kim Kardashian's hair extensions

    There’s no denying that the Kardashian sisters have some of the most enviable locks in the industry, but there’s one girl in particular who we would trade our lifeless tresses with in an instant. We’re talking about Kim Kardashian’s hair extensions, of course! Continue Reading

  • How to Get Catwalk Frizz

    How to Get Catwalk FrizzYes, you heard right - frizz. But we’re not talking your run of the mill flyaways here. We’re talking runway-approved, Fashion Week-fabulous frizz, as seen at Tracy Reese’s autumn/winter ‘14 show. Never has frizz been so appealing! Want in on how to get catwalk frizz for yourself? Then read on for our simple tutorial. Continue Reading

  • What is the Balayage Effect?

    What is the balayage effect?

    We’ve had a long love affair with ombre (read all about our ombre hair extensions here), flirted with pastel hair but now it’s time to go back to basics with more natural hair shades with balayage hair. While we reignite our love with the timeless technique, we get to thinking, what actually is the balayage effect? Continue Reading

  • Hair Extensions for Natural Hair

    hair extensions for natural hair

    Think your unruly hair is too uncontrollable to wear hair extensions? Then think again! Whether it’s coarse, frizzy or you have amazing afro American locks, read on for our guide to how to wear hair extensions for natural hair. Continue Reading

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