• Kristin Cavallari’s Wedding Hair

    The Hills star Kristin Cavallari and boyfriend, Chicago Bears Quarterback, Jay Cutler finally tied the knot over the weekend in a private and small ceremony in Nashville. The wedding ceremony was only held for close family and friends and seemed the complete opposite of fellow Hills couple Heidi and Spencer Pratt.

    Kristin Cavallari’s wedding hair looked absolutely stunning and very natural. Styled with her usual centre parting, the lengths of her hair was given almost her trademark look of loose almost beach style waves. She pulled her face framing layers back to help secure her veil in place. Her bridesmaids wore a very similar hairstyle which kept the theme very relaxed.

     None of her TV show ‘friends’ attended the wedding or the reception party later where Kirsten was seen partying after letting her wedding hairstyle loose. We love the simplicity of her wedding hair against the beautiful lace detailing and ruched tail of her gown.

    We really hope there will be some official pics of the wedding as it would be lovely to see some more pics of her hair! Do you prefer a relaxed down wedding hairstyle? Or do you prefer the traditional updo?

  • Low Maintenance Hair Trend


    Well this is the trend that every girl all over the world has been waiting for...the Low Maintenance look! Yep...thats right, low maintenance, no spending hours on getting your hair perfectly poker straight or making sure every fly away and layer is securely braided, and just in time for summer too!

    This trend is perfect, whatever length, cut or style your hair is. The trick to getting this trend just right is to not try too hard...if your hair has a natural kink or wave your sorted, just brush and go! If you have naturally straight hair then add a little salt spray or leave in conditioner to add the messed up texture. Curly girls abandon your usual routine and just brush your hair and add a little taming product but leave your curls to their own devices! Think Alexa Chung, The Olsen twins and Kate Hudson!

    This trend also works with up dos! Wow super awesome news! Opt for low slung ponytails but don't pull all your hair through the elastic, choose a top knot but not a neat version...if you have layers leave them poking out and braids should be left really loose.

    What do you think of this trend? Is it a look you’re keen to try or do you prefer a more styled hairdo?

  • Celebrity Hairstyles at the Summertime Ball and Parklife Festivals

    The Summer festivals are well and truly underway with both Capital FM’s Summertime ball in Wembley and Parklife in Manchester taking place over the weekend.  The performances looked amazing and with glorious sunshine we were eager to take a look at the celebrity hairstyles at the festivals.

    First up at the Summertime Ball is the gorgeous Saturdays! Still minus Rochelle thee girls chose beautiful corseted costumes with hints of pink and purple detailing. Their hair was incredible and perfectly styled as always. Choosing a voluminous blow dried look with loads of lift at the crown and big bouncy curls throughout the ends. Great on stage movement and hairography!

     Keeping both her on stage and arrival hair bang on trend was Ellie Goulding. The star went for low maintenance locks, keeping her super light blonde locks very natural. There was some shape to her hair, but no definite curl and it wasn’t straight either! This natural look is perfect for festivals as there is no need to worry about taking styling tools!

     Now over at Parklife top of the bill was Rita Ora. Rita took a dive into some blue dye just a few weeks ago so it was kind of a shame to see that her blonde hair had returned...we’d have love to see her style up her blue hair! Her hair was Rita’s trademark style...large and defined curls. Her outfit was a little strange, a leather ensemble covered in skulls, with the beaming sunshine it did seem a little more suited to Halloween!

     Rocking a very summertime outfit was hip hop artist Iggy Azalea. Her uber long hair was poker straight and styled with a centre parting. She had on a beautiful green and orange patterned cropped top and skater skirt which she later ripped off revealing hot pants in the same design!

    With this being just the start of the Summer Festivals we are really looking forward to hairstyle trends making an appearance as well as looking out for new emerging ones! Which Festival hairstyles do you like to wear?

  • Alexa Chung's L'Oreal Sneak Peek

    Alexa Chung has given everyone a sneak peek from her new L’Oreal campaign. Alexa, who is becoming the face of the brands Olia hair dye, was seen in a very simply photo which she instagrammed along with a few more behind the scenes shots.

     Alexa always keeps her hair and style individual to her but always bang on trend.. so it was a shock to see her ombre long bob had been replaced with a ravishing red shade. Perfect advertising for the hair dye when it looks as good as it does!

    She was pictured wearing a 60’s style, powder blue shift dress and her hair had been pinned up into cute milkmaid braids! Her heavy fringe has been pulled forward and longer section of hair left loose to frame her face and give her the boho styling we are used to seeing!

    We can’t wait to see the proper ads now! What do you think of Alexa Chung’s new shade?

  • Dutch Braided Bang Hair Tutorial


    With Summer and the hottest months just around the corner we thought for this weeks tutorial that we would do a style perfect for keeping your hair off your face. The Dutch Braided Bang is a very feminine and pretty way of keep your bang out of the way, whether it be a side swept or a full on fringe this style is perfect and we can assure you that this will keep you so much cooler, just don't ask us how but it does! It can also be a starting point for a very pretty updo!

    Step one

    Pull all your hair into a loose ponytail leaving your bang loose. With a comb section from your temple on one side around 2” into your hair (if your fringe is quite full you may want to go deeper or you can go less if you want a small braid). You now want to section the front section of hair all the way along your head and finishing behind your ear on the other side. This is the hair we will be braiding!

    Step two

    Now we find it best to secure the rest of your hair away in a ponytail again as this makes the braiding a little easier! Starting at the side we first sectioned off you want to make 3 sections of hair as if you are starting a normal braid.

    Step three

    Now we are going to be doing a Dutch Braid for this style...don’t panic it’s easier than you think! Instead of folding the hair over each other you want to pass them under, this will give the braid a raised look and make more of a feature out of it.

    Step four

    Just like a normal french braid you still need to be picking up hair each time this passes over. Continue the braid right to the end of your head and all hair has been incorporated...you can continue this as a normal braid for a little section and pin this behind your ear or continue to the end of your hair!


     That is the Dutch Braided Bang style complete...You can of course loosen up the braid for a more boho feel, turn this into a cute up do or add curls throughout the ends of your hair for a really cute look!

    What do you think of the Dutch Braided Bang? Is this a style you will be trying out or is it already one of your favs?

  • Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet Hairstyles Round Up

    With the annual Cannes Film Festival coming to a close last week we thought it would be rude for us not to compile our favourite red carpet hairstyles from the festival. There are so many red carpets and so many hairstyles for us to choose from so it was really tough!

     To start the week Nicole Kidman’s hairstyle at the Great Gatsby’s premier was simply divine. A modern twist on a 1920’s style that was perfect for the event. Nicole’s hair was scraped back and the sides and pinned at the back of the head. The top section of hair was then given lots of body and texture which added a little lift. This was then pulled back and left loose which covered the pinned section from the sides. This was secured with an elastic at the nape of the neck. We love the vintage twist to her red carpet hairstyle.

     We are in love with the stunning Sonam Kapoor’s long locks. The Bollywood star wore her hair down with some very subtle curls throughout the ends and vintage inspired shaping through the top sections. Her hair was swept to the one side and along with her floor length ball gown style dress this made her look like a Disney princess! Her chocolate brown natural hair is super glossy and looks super thick and healthy.

     Next up is the classical beauty Marion Cotillard. For the screening of Blood Ties Marion chose the traditional French Pleat hairstyle. This is a classic red carpet updo that is often seen but we love the classic look. Marion added loads of lift at the crown for a more up to date twist on the style.

     Emma Watson always looks the part but she is known for taking a more relaxed approach to her styling. Emma’s make up was left simple and her hair was worn the same for both appearances at the Bling Ring and Young and Beautiful screenings...in a low down bun. The style is simple, low maintenance and bang on trend.

     Cheryl Cole made an unusual appearance at the film festival but we are so pleased she did as we adore her red carpet hairstyle. The loose braided style is such a hot favourite this summer and the style incorporates one of our hot trends...ribbons too! The braided style looks elegant although it has the loose and low maintenance feeling, you almost have to take a double look to see its a braid. It is the perfect summer style!

    Who was your favourite red carpet hairstyle? Do you agree with our choices?

  • Frankie Sandford's Hair Extensions

    Frankie Sandford's gone and got herself some new hair extensions!! The Saturdays star was spotted out and about yesterday with her trademark crop but was snapped venturing into a salon. A few hours later Frankie emerged with luscious long locks!

     Frankie who announced her first pregnancy a couple of months ago added a pic to her new do on Instagram claiming "I look about 5 here but in the words of @missksymes 'long hair don't care' lol. #pregohair #timeforachange". Frankie had long hair when The Saturdays made their debut in the UK and she has also played with hair extensions a couple of years ago. Whilst Frankie looks fine with long hair we have to admit to preferring her cropped hairstyle.

    What do you think of Frankie Sandford.s hair extensions? Do you prefer the natural look on her?

  • Millie Mackintosh for Very

    Very has unveiled its newest clothes model...Millie Mackintosh. Millie has been taken on to become the face of the catalogues own label of clothing, Love Label....and how gorgeous does she look in the summer range promo shots!


    Millie has been transformed into a 60’s siren for the summer range of clothes. Showing off her envious pins in pretty shorts, skirts and playsuits. We love the jewellery and accessories used to really give an authentic feel.


    How amazing does her hair look with the vintage twist!? Millie Mackintosh's hair really suits the 60's style. Adding root lift to create a bardot inspired bouffant do and gorgeously smooth and full lengths of her hair finalises the look. Her hair looks incredibly healthy and full bodied in these shots. We’d love to see more vintage inspired do’s on the Made in Chelsea girls!


    What do you think of the vintage styling? Are you loving Millie's hair?

  • Style Guide

    Get The Look...

    There are so many ways to style your hair extensions, straight, curly, wavy, tousled, up or down. Below is an example of wearing the extensions a little different to usual - half up and half down. Dirty Looks Clip In Hair - a must have for all extensionistas!

    Clip In Hair - Super Quiff

    For those of you who want to wear your clip in hair a little different - The super Quiff is a great half up/half down hair do.

    Step 1

    Section hair on both sides as above, from temple to corner of the crown, then from crown to top of the ear.

    Step 2

    Clip in the hair extensions from the nape up to the crown. Normally the clip in hair would be fitted around the whole head. Here we are fitting them all in the back from ear to ear. Then move the hair at the crown (outlined in pink) forward and out of the way ready for step 3.

    Step 3

    Now take the hair from the red section and tie it back into a pony tail just above the blue area of clip ins.  This will keep the side areas sleek and is a great cheat for giving height.

    Step 4

    Backcomb the darker pink area to make a secure base. Now you need to start to form your quiff, work from the crown forward and use some hairspray for control. Section by section shape the hair back and over the pony tail.

  • Shade Chart

    Lots of choice on choosing the shade of your new hair!

    Its not very often that someone makes the wrong shade choice of hair extension.
    Just in case - we promise to exchange your extensions for a perfect match.

    There are a few ways to choose your shade..

    Online - We have a page dedicated to each shade within the online store - many people simply choose the nearest match on screen.

    Fancy something different? - Instead of matching the extensions to your own hair...try something different and match your own hair to the extensions. Choose a new shade that's different from your current hair - pop to your stylist with your new extension and ask for your hair to be matched...its an easy and fab way to revive your current look.

    Here is a quick view shade chart with an update on the gorgeous Dirty Looks shades available...

    Shade Soho Black

    A deep and rich black which will blend with most types of black shades.

    Shade Organic

    A great choice for anyone with very dark hair which could be considered a brown/black.

    Shade Espresso

    This shade is perfect for hair which is considered Dark Brown.

    Shade Melted Chocolate

    The perfect yummy brown for those Mid Tone Browns and chocolate shades.

    Shade Hot Toffee

    Multi tonal light browns or for hair with caramel brown tones.
    Shade Tanned Blonde

    This is a borderline shade which could be called light brown or dark blonde. Some well known descriptions of this shade are 'dirty blonde,' 'mousy brown,' 'mousy blonde'.

    Shade St Tropez

    A very popular Medium Blonde, looks fantastic with a tan. Remember you can always ask your stylist to dye your hair to match the extensions.

    Shade LA Blonde

    A classic Hollywood Blonde, this shade is a light blonde with luxurious sandy tones.

    Bunny Blonde

    The lightest blonde available, a light bleached blonde.

    Iced Coffee

    A luxurious chocolate with subtle velvet blonde highlights.

    Shade Cappuccino Highlights

    A chocolate brown base with creamy blonde highlights.  This shade works really well even if you don't already have highlights on your brown hair.

    Butterscotch Highlights

    Subtle reflective highlights mixed with nutmeg and walnut tones.

    Toasted Highlights

    Gorgeous contrasting highlights of chocolate and light blonde.

    Manhattan Highlights

    Soft multi tone highlights on a sandy base shade.

    Parisian Highlights

    A soft light blonde shade with copper highlights.

    Shade California Highlights

    Highly blendable, usually created with a bleach or hi-lift tint.

    Shade Paparazzi Highlights

    A beautiful highlight made with a milky blonde and wheat blonde. Highly bendable and works with most light highlighted hair tones.

    Shade Neutral 'Dye It Yourself'

    A neutral shade which can be dyed to the shade of you choice. (This hair extension can only be dyed and not bleached).

    Shade Deep Ruby

    Autumnal, glossy red tones.

    Spiced Auburn

    A rich and deep auburn with coppers and spiced undertones.

    Burlesque Red

    Seductive deep tones of berry red.


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