• How To Make Pastel Colours On Hair Extensions With Renbow Crazy Colour

    Make your own pastel hairWe love the pastel hair shade trend that keeps growing and growing. Whether this is a bold, all over look, or a dip dyed take on the Renbow Crazy Colour trend - we can't get enough. In many tutorials, for this look, we see the pastel shade crazy colour being used...but we have a little trick that makes your dye go much further, gives the same pastel shade and adds that extra nourishment your hair needs after being bleached in preparation for its pastel hues and is perfect for dyeing your hair extensions! So, shall we get started... Continue reading

  • Heidi Klum - The Queen of Halloween

    Heidi Klum Queen of HalloweenAh Halloween! It’s the one of those times of year where everybody wants to be noticed and our favourite celebrities battle it out for best costume. However, there is one lady that we must pay special tribute to and that is Heidi Klum. Heidi, we are awarding you with with the title of coolest Halloween costumes EVER! Continue reading

  • Halloween Hair Pictures Contest

    dirty looks comp

    Halloween contest has started...  Continue reading

  • 3 Freaky Fringes

    3 Freaky FringesWhat’s hairy, creepy, and lives on people’s foreheads? Why, a freaky fringe, of course! Unusual bangs are a super-simple way to add a touch of kookiness to your everyday hairstyle, but we think they’re even cooler when incorporated into a Halloween outfit! So, if you fancy dabbling with bizarre bangs this Halloween, check out a few of these peculiar creations for inspiration! Continue reading

  • Get the Look- These Freaks of Nature

    get the look- these freaks of natureDon’t fancy slathering on the green face paint and donning head-to-toe crypt-keeper garb this
    Halloween? Then why not give a subtle nod to the spooky holiday by mimicking Cara Delevingne’s gorgeous smoky eye make up? Continue reading

  • INSTALOVE- 6 Instagrammers We Can't Get Enough Of

    6 Instagrammers we can't get enough ofWe can’t get enough of Instagram here at Dirty Looks, you’ll always find us updating our feed to tons of new images to oggle over! Whether its a new hairstyle, a great DIY idea or some yummy treats, we love anything that’s new, cool and sparkly to feast our eyes on. Continue reading



    LOVE, WANT, NEED.  These items are on this weeks wish-list : ) Comment on the blog if you have these or love these as much as we do!!

  • How To Use Highlight and Blusher Hair Extensions

    highlights with hair extensions

    Make your hair blush with this effective trick using specially designed hair extensions. You can add highlights to your existing hair using the hair extensions to create the perfect colour match. Continue reading

  • How To Make A Rat Hair Piece

    hair styling tricksThat's right, you heard it here first: rats are frequently being stashed in hair stylists' bags and then forced to create bouffant hairdos on models up and down the country! Continue reading

  • Purple Halloween Smoothie

    Purple Halloween SmoothieWe don’t know about you, but we’re already starting to feel more than a little bit grim after nearly a week of eating dubiously-coloured candy and partying hard Halloween-style. Continue reading

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