• 10 reasons why you shouldn’t cut your own hair


    Do you ever get that feeling when sometimes you just get the urge to give yourself a complete overhaul?! We do too! And it pretty much always begins with your hair. Continue Reading

  • The Wet Brush

    The Wet BrushStill looking for that holy grail brush that will make all your hair-related nightmares end? Ladies, let us introduce you to “The Wet Brush”. You can thank us later. Continue Reading

  • Things Only Redheads Understand

    Things Only a Redhead Will UnderstandSometimes, there’s just things only a redhead will understand. Continue Reading

  • Sombre hair

    Sombre hair

    The end of last year we saw one of our favourite colour trends of all time gracefully stepping aside to make way for the new evolved version. It was 'move aside ombre' and 'enter sombre'. Continue Reading

  • Hair Drying Hacks

    Hair Drying HacksWe get it. Blow drying can be a bit of a nightmare, but with these quick hair drying hacks, you’ll be rocking a Kate Middleton-esque bouncy blowout in no time. Continue Reading

  • 5 of our fave YouTube Tutorials

    5 of our favourite YouTube Tutorials

    We all love a good tutorial! Some days we just haven't got the energy to even think about what to do with our hair Continue Reading

  • Lara Stone's Hair

    Lara Stone's HairThe world may have been distracted by Justin Bieber in THOSE Calvin Klein ads, but us Dirty Looks girls know better. We were fully distracted by our love for Lara Stone’s hair. Continue Reading

  • Hair Talk - Maddie Bruce

    hairtalk Maddie Bruce

    Today's HairTalk is all about the platinum mane that belongs to the gorgeous YouTube star Maddie Bruce. Continue Reading

  • Hair Quotes

    Marilyn Monroe Quote

    "Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world" – Marilyn Monroe. Continue Reading

  • Everything You Need to Know About Bobs

    Everything You Need to Know About Bobs

    It was the hottest haircut in 2014 and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. Here’s our must-read guide on everything you need to know about bobs. Continue Reading

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