• Chrissy Teigan's Hair

    Chrissy Teigan's HairWe’ve been lusting over Chrissy Teigan’s hair and we figured it was about time to feature her on the ‘Tress Obsessed’ hotlist. Want to know all about this ultimate cool girl’s hair? Keep reading! Continue reading

  • Hair Talk: Sam From 'Tiny Paint Pot'

    Hair Talk: Sam From 'Tiny Paint Pot'

    When we think about bloggers whose hair we'd love to steal, Sam from 'Tiny Paint Pot' is always at the top of our list. Lucky for us, Sam was nice enough to share all the secrets to getting her dreamy locks. Continue reading

  • Best Way - Top Knot Bun with Hair Extensions

    Best Way - Top Knot Bun with Hair ExtensionsWant in on the best way to get a top knot bun with hair extensions? Then read on to find out how to do it the Dirty Looks way - trust us, it'll leave your updo looking BUN-derful (sorry)! Continue reading

  • Student Hairstyles

    Student HairstylesThat time of year is rolling around again and you’ll be back to pulling yourself out of bed in the early hours (or just making it back in!). Make life easier on yourself with some of these quick and easy student hairstyles. Continue reading

  • What Hair Extensions do the 'Made In Chelsea' Girls Wear?

    What Hair Extensions do the Made In Chelsea Girls Wear?We don’t know about you but we’ve been totally obsessed with MICNYC and so we thought we’d answer a hotly asked question: what hair extensions do the Made In Chelsea girls wear?! Continue reading

  • How to Make a Hair Rat Volumizer

    How to Make a Hair Rat Volumizer

    Want in on how to get a beautifully bouffant Bardot-style beehive or a volumized down-do à la Cheryl F-V? Then read on to find out how to make a hair rat volumizer - these babies are just the thing to give you some added va-va-voom where you need it most! Continue reading

  • The Best Haircut for Your Hair Texture

    The Best Haircut for Your Hair TextureWe’ve all shown a picture of our celebrity hair crush to our stylist and asked them to replicate it only for it to completely clash with our hair texture! Never make the same mistake again with this pocket guide on the best haircut for your hair texture. Continue reading

  • 3 Ultimate '90s Hairstyles

    3 Ultimate '90s Hairstyles

    Yep, that's right: the '90s are officially cool again! So today, as a special homage to the decade of grunge, sporty chic and Clueless, we're bringing you three ultimate '90s hairstyles - and what's more, they're super easy to create, too! Continue reading

  • Clémence Poésy’s Hair

    Clémence Poésy's HairGirls, if you’re looking for a new hair crush (and general style crush!), look no further: bonjour Clémence Poésy’s hair! Continue reading

  • Hair Talk: Jess from 'Blonde of Carbs'

    Hair Talk: Jessica From 'Blonde of Carbs'

    This week, we caught up with the lovely Jess from super chic 'Blonde of Carbs' to get all the goss on her gorgeous locks. Continue reading

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