• Lea Michele's Hair

    Lea Michele's HairWe’ve been ‘gleefully’ (sorry) eyeing up Lea Michele’s hair for some time now so it was only a matter of time before we shone the limelight on her rich, dark, chocolate brown locks and indulge in a few of her most sought-after hairstyles, too. Continue Reading

  • Best Hair Dryers


    Best Hair DryersBlow drying is one of the most tedious yet critical styling steps in most of our hair care routines and omitting this step can lead to some serious . However, we’ve rounded up the best hair dryers that will literally blow you away (see what we did there?) and make blow drying a lot more exciting! Continue Reading

  • Why Get Hair Extensions?

    Why get hair extensions

    Besides diamonds, hair extensions have long been a girl’s best friend, especially when it comes to creating fuller locks for the weekend. But if you aren’t acquainted with extensions yet and are still asking why get hair extensions? Perhaps you’d like to see some of the reason as to how they can provide you with the hair you’ve always dreamed of! Continue Reading

  • How to Get the Rumpled Braid

    How to get the rumpled braid

    While the ‘I woke up like this’ tag has been thrown around lately, we thought the rumpled braid would be an appropriate hairstyle for this month. So, if you fancy switching up your everyday hairstyle and giving a nod to one of this season’s most laid back hair trends, then follow our latest hair tutorial on how to get the rumpled braid below. Continue Reading

  • How to Get the Perfect Ponytail

    How to get the perfect ponytail

    Ponytails are easily one of the most versatile updos and luckily for us, they’re one of the most coveted trend for spring. But to get this season’s pony, the key is to keep it sleek, professional and polished, so we’ve compiled our top tips for how to get the perfect ponytail and how to finish the look properly. Continue Reading

  • Hair Products for Natural Hair Growth

    Hair Products for Natural Hair

    Wondering why your natural hair isn’t growing? Then take a look at this: The key to growing natural locks is growth retention and the best way to retain length it to give these hair products for natural hair growth a go… Continue Reading

  • How to Go from Dark to Blonde

    How to go from dark to blonde

    Want to know how the celebrities go from dark to blonde in a flash without damaging their hair? Then read on for our foolproof guide on how to go from dark to blonde and still come out the other end with lighter, healthy, strong locks, too. Continue Reading

  • On-The-Go Hair Fixes

    On-The-Go Hair FixesDon’t you just hate it when your hair decides to spontaneously turn on you, transforming itself from perfectly preened to ingloriously unkempt in a matter of moments? So do we. Continue Reading

  • Texturising Products for Spring

    Texturising Products for Spring

    Still searching for the perfect product to rustle up that textured ‘do you’ve had your eye on? Whether it’s beachy waves or bed head hair you wish to create, check out our recommended texturising products for spring- they’re bound to put a spring and a bounce into your strands in no time! Continue Reading

  • Dirty Look Free Shipping Code

    Dirty Looks Free Shipping Code Continue Reading

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