• Do Hair Products Expire?

    Do Hair Products Expire?We all think about when our food expires, but did you know that hair products expire too? Continue reading

  • How to Curl Your Hair With Straighteners

    How to Curl Your Hair With StraightenersAre you bored of your sleek, straight locks? Then give your hairstyle an amp of volume as we show you how to curl your hair using hair straighteners. Continue reading

  • How to Rock a 90's Scrunchie

    How to Rock a 90's ScrunchieEver since Carrie Bradshaw uttered the immortal words “no self respecting New York City woman would be caught dead running around Manhattan in a scrunchie”, we have firmly kept ours locked in a drawer however, it’s time to bring it back with these tips on how to rock the 90’s scrunchie.

    Continue reading

  • How to Care for Your Clip-in Hair Extensions

    How to Care for Your Clip-in Hair ExtensionsAvoid the onset of the dreaded rat-ification and keep your clip-ins looking their silky best by following our top tips on how to care for your clip-in hair extensions! Continue reading

  • 3 Ways to Style Your Hair Extensions

    three ways to style your hair extensionsThought all the ‘styling’ required for hair extensions was the clipping in part? Think again! Continue reading

  • What Is Remy Human Hair?

    What is Remy Human Hair?What’s unique about HK Hair extensions is that they are made with the best hair in the industry, Remy Human Hair. Take a look at why HK Hair extensions are so special as we explain exactly what Remy Hair is. Continue reading

  • Tips and Tricks for Managing Curly Hair: Part II

    Tips and Tricks for Managing Curly Hair Part II Take a look at part two of our top tips on how to manage curly hair below and be sure to check out the first part here.

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  • The Olsen Sisters' Hair

    The Olsen Sisters' HairWhen it comes to the Olsen Sister's hair, there are two names that spring to mind; Mary Kate and Ashley. We and everyone else have loved their amazing hair since the 90’s when they were our teen icons. Continue reading

  • Products for Sleek, Straight Hair

    Products for Sleek, Straight HairGet one of this season's hottest look with these products for sleek, straight hair.

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  • The Benefits of Clip In Hair Extensions

    The Benefits of Clip In Hair ExtensionsThe benefits of clip in hair extensions are endless. For those of us who long for but are unfortunately not blessed with Disney princess-esque locks, clip in hair extensions are an amazing alternative to achieving plenty of hair in an instant! Continue reading

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