• Beyonce's Hair

    Beyonce hairAfter shocking fans and hair stylists everywhere with her pixie crop, it was only natural for us to put Beyonce’s hair under the telescope! Continue reading

  • WHAAA!! Beyonce' Gets a Pixie Cut!

    Beyonce's pixie cutThe Dirty Looks office is going CRAZY right now at the images pouring in of Beyonce’s pixie cut! Have you seen it? It’s one hell of a hair transformation! Continue reading

  • The Best Curling Products Right Now!

    The Best Curling ProductsSummer curls are always a must for this time of year. Whether it’s boho beach waves, tight ringlets or rock ‘n’ roll curls, achieve this season’s hottest looks with the best curling products right now! Continue reading

  • How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

    How to clean your makeup brushes

    Ever wanted to know how you really clean your makeup brushes? Then watch our video for the easiest and most simplest way to get your makeup brushes looking and feeling as good as new again! Continue reading

  • How to Get Rita Ora's Curls

    How to get Rita Ora curlsIf you long for fresh, effortless curls and luurrve Rita Ora, then check out our guide to how to get babe Rita Ora curls. Continue reading

  • How to Make a Silky Mango Smoothie

    How to make a silky smooth mango smoothie

    Make your own silky mango smoothie with our tutorial. It's fruity mix and silky smooth texture is delicious. Plus it's packed with all the goodness and nutrients we need to keep our skin and hair looking healthy this summer! Continue reading

  • How to Untangle Hair

    How to Untangle HairIf like us, you struggle to get a brush through your bed hair in the mornings or have a nightmare untangling your messy mane when it’s wet, then check out our pain-free guide on how to untangle hair. Continue reading

  • Jessie J's Hair

    Tress Obsessed- Jessie JThis week, we’re loving Jessie J’s hair. Not only is her new song ‘Hero, the soundtrack to Kick Ass 2, constantly playing at Dirty Looks HQ, we’re also obsessed with her hair catalogue! Continue reading

  • HOW TO Make Your Own Cream Blusher

    HOW TO: DIY Cream Blusher

    Instead of splurging out on a new cream blusher, why not make your own with our DIY Cream Blusher tutorial? Continue reading

  • 5 Favourite Styling Tools

    5 Favourite Styling ToolsHere at Dirty Looks, we’re always trying out new styling tools (after using a heat protector on our hair of course!) so we thought we'd show you our 5 favourite styling tools right now. Continue reading

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