• Victoria Beckham's Hair

    Victoria Beckham's Hair

    How have we not featured Victoria Beckham’s hair in our ‘Tress Obsessed’ feature before? Well it’s time to put things right and give an ode to Victoria Beckham’s many hairstyles. Take a look at which styles have made her honourary of a ‘Tress Obsessed’ title below. Continue reading

  • Hair Talk With Bloggers - Emily from 'Emiloue'

    Hair Talk With Bloggers - Emily from 'Emiloue'If there was ever a blogger who loves braids as much as Dirty Looks do then it's definitely Emily from 'Emiloue'! We caught up with Emily for our latest hair talk with bloggers installment to chat all things hair and, of course, braids! Continue reading

  • Brown Hair Extension Shades

    Brown Hair Extension Shades

    Looking for the perfect hair extension shade to match your luscious brunette locks? Then your luck is in! Today we've dedicated a whole entire blog post AND YouTube video to our seven delectable brown hair extension shades - so read on to find out a little bit more about each and every one... Continue reading

  • What Hair Extensions Are the Best?

    what hair extensions are the best

    We know this is going to shock some people, but this is a blog post from a hair extensions company about… hair extensions! There are so many hair extensions out there and it can be a bit of a headache to work out what hair extensions are the best, so we thought we’d find out once and for all, which type of hair extensions are number one! Continue reading

  • 5 Secrets to Long, Healthy Hair

    5 Secrets to Long Healthy Hair

    Struggling to get long, healthy hair as good as Jessica Biel’s? Whilst the celebrities parade their thick, strong locks, we’re left questioning how they get hair as good as THAT. Want in on the action? Then take a look at our 5 secrets to long, healthy hair below. Continue reading

  • Hair Bow Bun Tutorial

    Hair Bow Bun Tutorial

    Feel like upping your hair's cute factor this week for no particular reason? Then take a look at the following hair bow bun tutorial and join the quirky club! Continue reading

  • Date Night Hairstyles

    Date Night Hairstyles

    Hey, girls! Got a date night coming up?? If you’re yet to decide on a hairstyle that’s going to sweep him off his feet, then take a look at these date night hairstyles. We’ve put together a few ideas that cover all hair lengths, making this the ultimate date night list, and some cheeky pictures of good-looking guys along the way, too. Continue reading

  • Twisted Side Ponytail Hair Tutorial

    Twisted Side Ponytail Hair TutorialLooking for a simple yet oh-so-pretty hairstyle to rock this weekend? Then look no further than our latest hair how-to: this easy-peasy twisted side ponytail hair tutorial! Continue reading

  • Taylor Schilling's Hair

    Taylor Schilling's Hair

    This week, we’re obsessed with Taylor Schilling. Not only is she in one of the most talked about TV shows right now, she’s also a great actress and has incredible hair, too. Check out why we’re loving Taylor Schilling’s hair below. Continue reading

  • Hair Talk With Bloggers - Hannah from 'Dimples Diaries'

    Hair Talk With Bloggers - Hannah from 'Dimples Diaries'For this week’s Hair Talk With Bloggers installment, we chatted to Hannah from ‘Dimples Diaries’ about drastic haircuts and the importance of personal style. Continue reading

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