• Festival Hairstyles for Glastonbury

    Festival Hairstyles for Glastonbury

    The countdown to the UK’s largest festival has officially begun! To put everyone in the mood for some festival fun, we thought we’d round up the best festival hairstyles for Glastonbury 2014. Continue reading

  • Dirty Looks Summer Competition

    Dirty Looks Summer CompetitionListen up! Fancy winning some hair extensions? Continue reading

  • What NOT to Do with Hair Extensions

    What NOT to Do with Hair ExtensionsAs you guys should know by now, here at Dirty Looks HQ we like to treat our faithful hair extensions with the respect they deserve, so today we thought we'd offer you all some clip-in care advice in the form of our latest blog post: What NOT to Do with Hair Extensions! Read on to find out if you’re guilty of committing any hair extension-related sins... Continue reading

  • Retro Hair

    Retro Hair

    Let’s forget about our beachy waves and fishtail braids for a moment, as this summer we’re heading back to the ‘50s. Thanks to these beauties, we’re getting excited about retro hair and dreaming of Hollywood glamour this season. So put your glad-rags on and feast your eyes on these vintage hairstyles! Continue reading

  • Hairstyles for Dry, Frizzy Hair

    hairstyles for dry, frizzy hair

    We only have to look at the like of Sarah Jessica Parker to see how gorgeous frizzy hair can look. So rather than adding more frizz-taming products to your hair arsenal, why not embrace your hair’s natural texture and give one of these hairstyles for dry, frizzy hair instead? Continue reading

  • Summer Hair Tip: How to Get Beachy Waves

    Summer Hair Tip: How to Get Beachy Waves

    When it comes to summer hair, we want quick and easy hairstyles that mean less time in front of the mirror and more time spending it outdoors. With that said, over the next couple of months, we plan to share some of our best summer hair tips, starting with our first on how to get beachy waves. Continue reading

  • French Fishtail Braid Hair Tutorial

    French Fishtail Braid Hair TutorialFor an elegant and pretty braided hairstyle that's perfect for summer, why not try the French Fishtail Braid?  Continue reading

  • WAG Hairstyles

    WAG hairstyles

    Step aside Victoria and Cheryl as it’s now time for the next generation of WAGs to be noticed. What with the World Cup 2014 in full swing, we take a look at some of the best WAG hairstyles the girls have to offer. Continue reading

  • Half Up, Half Down Braid Hair Tutorial

    Half Up, Half Down Braid Hair TutorialGot a summer get-together to attend but running low on cute ideas on how to style your hair? Then the answer is simple: take a look at this pretty half up, half down braid hair tutorial! It's so effortless, yest fancy enough to suit even the most ritzy of occasions... Continue reading

  • The Olsen Twins' Hair

    The Olsen Twins' Hair

    Happy Birthday Mary-Kate and Ashley! We could celebrate by taking a look at why the pair are such trend-setters but we thought we’d do what we do best and look at why the Olsen twins’ hair is the best! Continue reading

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