• Hot Weather Hairstyles

    Hot weather hairstyles

    The summer calls for hot weather hairstyles that serve to keep sweaty locks away from our sweaty faces when the temperatures start to soar. Want in on how to get away with hot hair without compensating on style? Then bring out your bobby pins and hair elastics, and get to grips with this lot. Continue reading

  • Blonde Hair Shades for Summer

    Blonde hair shades for summer

    Thinking of going blonde this summer? Then you’ve chosen the right time of year to make a colour change! Whether you want to enhance your natural blonde hair shade or add highlights to your brunette locks, here are the epitome of blonde hair shades for summer. Continue reading

  • The Best Hairstyles from Cannes Film Festival 2014

    The best hairstyles from Cannes Film Festival 2014

    As Cannes Film Festival comes to an end, we thought we’d celebrate by taking a look at the week’s best looks. Besides the gorgeous gowns, the perfect makeup and the flurry of selfies, here are the best hairstyles from Cannes Film Festival 2014. Continue reading

  • Kylie Jenner's Hair

    Kylie Jenner's Hair

    Where do we start with Kylie Jenner? Besides being one fifth of the Kardashian/Jenner sisters, she’s also become a bit of a hair rebel, having dyed her locks multiple colours this year. Want to know why we’re obsessed with Kylie Jenner’s hair? Then take a look at her best hairstyles to date below. Continue reading

  • What Is the Best Hair Extension Method to Use?

    What is the best hair extensions method to use?

    If you’re struggling to decide which hair extensions are for you, then perhaps this will help with your decision with what is the best hair extension method to use. Continue reading

  • Favourite Bloggers Who Wear Hair Extensions

    Favourite Bloggers with hair extensions

    Oh how we love our bloggers! From beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts, check out our favourite bloggers who wear hair extensions and are giving us hair envy in their blogs.

    Continue reading

  • Hair Extensions Before & After

    hair extensions before & after

    Want to see what the stars look like with and without hair extensions? Then take a peak at these celebrities who aren't afraid to flaunt their extensions in our hair extensions before & after gallery. Continue reading

  • How to Get ss'14 Hair Trends with Hair Extensions

    How to get ss'14 hair trends with hair extensions

    Finally it’s time to sport those summer hairstyles. For weeks we have seen the styles from the ss’14 catwalks emerge in magazines and blogs everywhere, and it’s now time for us to put our hands at them, too. But, if you think your locks may need a helping hand in the length and volume department, here’s how to get this ss’14 hair trends with hair extensions. Continue reading

  • Prom Hairstyles

    Prom hairstyles

    So, you have the shoes, bought the gown and your ride is all sorted for prom night, but there’s still one thing left to sort out- the hair. Whether it’s romantic, classic or glamorous you have in mind, we’re certain we have the perfect prom hairstyle for you. Take a look at our pick of the bunch below. Continue reading

  • How to Get Blake Lively's Braid at Cannes Film Festival

    How to Get Blake Lively's Hair at Cannes Film Festival

    A week on and we’re still lusting after Blake Lively’s braid. Want in on how to get Blake Lively’s braid at Cannes Film Festival? Then keep on reading... Continue reading

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