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  • The Golden Globes Red Carpet Hair Styles

    The Golden Globes is renowned for producing stunning red carpet hairstyles; as the first big award show of the year the styles have to make a big impression and this years red carpet hair styles haven’t disappointed us here at Dirty Looks. There were an array of updos and gorgeously long styles with many choosing to stick to this season hair trends. The red carpet hairstyles are always styled to perfection and the Golden Globes have certainly set the standard for the red carpet hair styles this year!


    Sarah Michelle Gellar decided to stick with a classic, bang on-trend red carpet hairstyle - the ponytail. Wearing a floor length blue and white strapless Monique Lhuillier gown, the actress pulled all her hair tightly into this seasons high ponytail, leaving no hair to frame the face. Sarah added a little bit of lift to the hair in front of her ponytail and her lengths were left straight and sleek which complemented the bustier section of her dress.

    Emma-Stone-GG Hair

    You can expect to see many updo’s at any red carpet event and this year’s first event in the awards calendar didn't let us down; there was a gorgeous array of intricate and new interpretations of classic styles. Emma Stone’s red carpet hair style was simply stunning and complemented her velvet, deep purple gown. Her auburn locks had been pulled to the side and secured at the nape of her neck. This was then twisted into the shape of a figure eight style chignon. There were many updo’s on the red carpet with Lea Michelle, Natalie Portman and Jessica Alba being just a few who were sporting similar styles, but Emma’s stood out as being a little different to the norm.


    The dress style on the red caret was very bridal inspired; there were many cream, white and ivory strapless dress being seen and many of these choose to wear their hair loose with plenty of volume and movement to create a contrast to the strapless gowns. Elle Macpherson wore a Zac Posen ivory floor length ivory gown, following this trend along with Jessica Biel, Charlize Theron and Kate Beckinsale. Elle Macpherson’s hair always looks gorgeously thick and on the red carpet her hairstyle was simply this. Her loose waves were defined, but had loads of movement through the ends and loads of volume at the roots. Reese Witherspoon also wore a Zac Posen gown, but she opted for a red 50’s style figure hugging dress. Reese Witherspoon’s red carpet hair seemed less styled compared to many of the other stars, but we are sure many hours of styling went into creating the boho inspired waves; her small waves were brushed out and very tousled for her effortless and natural looking red carpet hair style.


    We were very impressed with the varying red carpet styles at the Golden Globes … normally you see similar styles repeating themselves so it was great to see so much inspiration taken from this year’s hottest hair trends! The diversity of the red carpet hairstyle at the Golden Globes have us all on the edge of our seat in anticipation for the rest of this years award ceremonies!!

  • Katy Perry's Blue Hair

    Katy Perry’s hair has been going through many shade changes recently and this week Katy has stepped out showing off yet another vibrant hair shade. The newly single star has been seen sporting an array of vibrant and constantly changing shades over the last year - going from black to strawberry blonde to pink and only a few weeks ago back to a lighter blonde. It has been suggested that the new blue shade has been changed to reflect her current mood over her split from Russell Brand, but in fact Katy Perry’s blue hair shade has been changed for an Adidas campaign she is currently working on.


    Katy Perry’s hair has been blue before as she donned a wig for a performance at the MTV awards, but this blue hair was a little less permanent! We think she can do no wrong with her choice of hair shades as everything she tries seems to work great … and we just love keeping up with all of Katy Perry’s hair changes!!

    Katy Perry’s hair shade is an interesting choice and certainly one that only a few would be able to carry off. Choosing such a vibrant shade is certainly one way of keeping Katy Perry in the headlines for the right reasons!!

  • Ombre Hair Trend

    The ombre hair trend has been massive over the last year and it’s a style that is looking to be a popular hair trend for this year too! The style has been seen on many celebs such as Mila Kunis, Whitney Port, Lauren Conrad and Caroline Flack. The ombre hair trend can look gorgeous, but there have been a few celebs to give it a go with very contrasting shades that just look like they need their roots done! The ombre look is super easy to create using extensions whether your own hair is currently dyed this way or not. Using extensions to create the ombre look can also be an oh-so-easy way of changing your style and being bang on trend without dying your own locks!!


    Option 1 - If your hair is dyed one all over shade and you don’t fancy putting bleach on the tips of your own hair then this is the best option for you :) Choose the shade that you like and that you think will balance your current shade and choose a few single wefts of this shade, it’s probably best to choose a length that isn’t too much longer than your own hair as these wefts won’t correctly add length, but work perfectly for peeping under your hair giving the ombre trend. Fit your wefts lower on your head, but leave enough hair for them not to be visible in the underneath section of your hair. This will leave the lighter sections of hair visible on the tips of your own hair and create the illusion of the ombre look. For a more subtle version of this you can choose a highlighted shade that has one shade similar to your base shade, for example if your base is Melted Chocolate choose shade Iced Coffee for adding a subtle ombre look.


    Option 2 - If you are already rocking the ombre trend with your current shades then the best way of blending in extensions to the style is to shade match to your lighter hair tips. To create the gradual fade from light to dark you can dye the top of the wefts up to 2 shades darker and blend this down to around half of the weft. Remember though Dirty Looks Hair Extensions can only be dyed up to 2 shades darker so check that the resultant shade will blend in with your own darker roots first and don’t be tempted to bleach darker extensions to create the ombre hair trend!

  • Shade Trends of 2011

    2011 has been a fabulous year for new hairstyles and new hair shade trends. Whilst we have seen the re-creations of many vintage styles and the simple ponytail has made it’s comeback, we have mainly been talking about hair shade trends this year. The choice of your shade has also become a huge statement with new vibrant colours, dip dye and the ombre look having all been super popular in 2011.



    There have been many celebs who have tried this shade trend, some look gorgeous but this is a tricky look than can go a little wrong if the shades are not chosen carefully! Mila Kunis, Lauren Conrad and Caroline Flack are huge stars of the year who have worked the look perfectly. Mila Kunis choose to keep her natural very dark base and added a subtle lighter brown through the tips of her hair and Caroline Flack, whose base is a little lighter, chose a darker blonde for her ombre tips! Lauren has been the most inventive with her ombre style in 2011; She first chose to create the look from her natural dark blonde fading to a super bright blonde. After this shade trend, Lauren Conrad chose to embrace yet another of last years big hair trends with her Dip Dye locks.

    Dip Dye


    We have seen this shade trend throughout the summer and autumn of 2011, but it seems to be a trend that isn’t going away as it featured in many SS12 LFW shows ... PPQ being just one of them. Lauren Conrad was the first to cause a stir with this trend when she added multi coloured flicks to her lightened ombre sections; the style looked gorgeous, but this would have been very hard to maintain! She later decided to dye all her tips using a stunning peach toned shade. Peaches Geldof also took on this trend by adding a gorgeous turquoise blue shade to her honey blonde hair and Nicki Minaj is a huge fan of this shade trend, often choosing more than one!

    Vibrant shades


    Most famously this shade trend has been seen on Rihanna, but this has been adopted by many more celebs such as Katy Perry, Hayley Williams and Jessie J this year. The vibrant look this season has seen shades such as blues, reds, pinks, purples and even green and orange hues becoming increasingly popular - these celebs have been using these shades not only to dip dye the ends, but to use as a base shade! Jessie J started first embrace this hair trend by changing her normally jet black locks to a gorgeous purple shade before trying a myriad of dip dye and all over vibrant shades. Hayley Williams has always been known for her bright orange hair, but she has tried out a variety or red and orange shades throughout 2011.

    These shade trends have been huge in 2011, but looking at the spring summer catwalks for 2012 we are sure many of these will be staying with us throughout the coming year :)

  • Clip In Human Hair Extensions

    Clip in human hair extensions are now becoming an essential part of the daily routine for many girls. These hair accessories are no longer just something that is seen on the red carpet, but in offices and on the high street everyday. Clip in human hair extensions can not only be used to lengthen hair, but they are also perfect for secretly adding volume and movement to your own style.

    Clip in human hair extensions can be a good booster for a girls confidence too; whether you are adding length to a cut that you wish you never had or adding thickness and fullness to naturally fine hair, choosing the right products for you is the key.


    To add length to your hair it’s always best to choose a full head set. dirty Looks full head set is made of 10 wefts that have been specially designed to clip into different places on the head to give the most natural look possible. You can of course play with the positioning of the wefts and find a way that suits you best, we are all different! Remember that you can always ask your stylist to trim, add layers or feathering to your clip in human hair extensions as these all help give the most natural look to your extra inches.


    If you are happy with your current length and just want a volume boost by using clip in human hair extensions then you can use a selection of single strips or quad wefts for the desired effect. Quad wefts are perfect for adding that extra oomph to your current length for super glamorous hair styles. Fitting these wefts lower down adds that gorgeous fullness and movement that we see as a norm in the celeb world. You can also use these wefts to add definition to your shade - choose a shade that appears a little darker or one that has a few highlights, but don’t go too far away from your current shade as you don’t want them to become too obvious!

    The beauty with choosing clip in human hair extensions is they can be treated exactly as your own hair can. This means you don’t have to worry about styling them! Using a good quality heat protection means that you can curl, wave and straighten them to rock whatever style you fancy!

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