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  • Human Hair Extensions

    Cheryl-Cole-Hair-ExtensionsHuman hair extensions are the best quality and type of extensions you can choose. Opting for clip in hair extensions is also the least damaging way of adding extra inches or oomph to your own hair!!

    Human hair extensions are great for adding length, volume and thickness as they act just like your own hair. You can use heat tools on them, you can dye them, wash them and you can use them in up-do’s as well as down-do’s!

    Ashley-Tisdale-Hair-ExtensionsUnlike our own hair though, human hair extensions don’t contain the natural supply of oils so they will require a little more care than your own hair and more importantly some TLC!
    Here at Dirty Looks we always recommend that you use a good quality heat protection product on your human hair extensions before styling … just as with our own hair, heat styling can also be damaging to hair extensions. It’s also best to avoid holding the tools on the extensions as long as you would with your own hair as the extensions will react to the heat quickly. Always read the labels on the products you use as those containing alcohol could dry out your human hair extensions.

    Human hair extensions can also be washed to remove a build up of product on them. This can reinvigorate your extensions and can give them a new lease of life, but be sure not to do this too soon. There is a myth that extensions need to be washed before you wear them, but this isn’t the case!! Human hair extensions can be fitted to wear as soon as you receive them. We only recommend that you wash your Dirty Looks extensions every 6 weeks and then only if you really need to!
    The longer you can leave this the better as washing too often or using the wrong products can affect the quality of the hair. Always use a good quality moisturising shampoo and steer well clear of shampoos for coloured hair! For conditioner it’s usually best to choose a deep conditioning treatment/repair treatment. In the Dirty Looks Care Guide there are step by step instructions for washing and drying your human hair extensions, be sure to follow these closely!

    Human hair extensions can be dyed to match your hair if you are between shades or struggling to match your hair.
    If you can’t find an exact match then it is usually best to choose a shade a little lighter than what you think your hair is as Dirty Looks hair extensions can be dyed up to 2 shades darker, but we don’t recommend lightening or bleaching them. You can add a toner or a toning shampoo to the extensions if they are the wrong tone for you. The most important thing to remember if you do plan to dye your human hair extensions is to conduct a strand test first and follow the HK care guide! Even if you are taking them to a salon to be dyed the strand test should be conducted!! Many stylists can offer help with dying your extensions if you are unsure of doing it yourself.

    Human hair extensions are perfect for adding extra volume to your up-do’s. The best tip for using your hair extensions this way is to fit them close to the base of your ‘do, this will ensure that the clips are cleverly hidden away by the hair itself ... you may find that you won’t need all the wefts for this! If you are wearing your hair down then always fit your human hair extensions before styling... this will ensure that your hair blends into the extensions for a gorgeous, flawless look.

  • Curly Hair Extensions

    Miley-Cyrus-Curly-HairCurly hair extensions can be easily achieved with a Dirty Looks full head set and a Babyliss Pro Curling Iron!

    Curly hair extensions are a gorgeous look, but the perming process can be quite damaging to hair extensions and it doesn’t meet up to our high quality standards at Dirty Looks. Curly hair extensions that have been permed don’t tend to last as long as hair extensions which have not been permed so we think it’s best to protect your clip ins and add glamorous curls yourself using a curling iron! Adding the curls yourself can also allow you to match them to your own hair better for a more flawless finish!

    Cheryl-Cole-Curly-Hair-ExtensionsFor big and bold, voluminous curls we recommend the Babyliss Pro 38mm Curling Iron! This look is bang on trend at the moment and it’s super easy to achieve … the bigger the hair the better!
    Backcomb the roots of your own hair for super volume to keep in with the celebrity big hair trend! Fit your Dirty Looks hair extensions next and curl them in with your natural hair for a more seamless look!
    Gently brush your hair and extensions through after styling if you want a looser, more natural finish.

    Leona-Lewis-Curly-HairIf you want tighter, more defined curly hair extensions then we would recommend the Babyliss Pro 24mm Curling Iron! Using a smoothing serum on your curls after styling will give them a super smooth and defined finish!! For more versatility with your curly hair extensions, the Babyliss Pro Conical Styling Wand is a great option!!

    Curly hair extensions work great as a day look and they can be fabulous for glamming up in the evening … and when you fancy a change from your curly hair extensions it’s really easy to just run your flat irons over them for a sleek and straight look!

  • Wedding Hair Styles - Kim Kardashian's Wedding Hair

    Kim-Kardashian-HairWedding hair styles are one of our favourite things to talk about at Dirty Looks and we’ve been super excited this week as the gorgeous Kim Kardashian tied the knot to Kris Humphries at a private home in California on Saturday.

    Kim Kardashian’s hair was pulled back into an elegant chignon for her wedding hair style; a simple yet glamorous look for the big day! The reality TV star wore a Lorraine Schwartz diamond encrusted headpiece which really made her wedding hair style stand out

    Kim-Kardashian-Wedding-Hair-StyleKim looked stunning in her ivory custom-made strapless Vera Wang gown which was teamed with a cream rose bouquet and the diamond encrusted headpiece and earrings - her attire worked perfectly with her choice of wedding hair style!

    We love Kim Kardashian’s hair when worn long and loose and it would have been nice to see more of her hair on the wedding day, but her elegant chignon was definitely a good choice! You can easily re-create Kim Kardashian’s wedding hair style for your own special event!

    Kim-Kardashian-Wedding-HairSimply fit your Dirty Looks hair extensions first and then gather your extensions and your own hair together in a low, loose ponytail at the nape of your neck and secure this with an elastic.
    Split your ponytail into two parts and twist both into a tight spiral. Start at the base of the ponytail and gently curl the twisted ponytail into a bun to make your chignon!! Secure your Chignon with hairpins to keep it firmly in place and your wedding hair style is ready to go!

  • Rihanna’s Hair - V Festival

    Rihanna-Hair-BrownRihanna’s hair certainly seems to have gone back to its roots! Debuting her new hair at V Festival over the weekend, Rhianna’s famous red locks were gone and a thing of the past! The singer looked stunning at the 2 day event last weekend as she performed both days in tiny outfits - showing off her amazing figure!!

    Rihanna’s hair is keeping in with the celebrity big hair trend of the last few months as it was styled with very 80’s inspired large, bouncy curls! On day one, Rihanna’s hair was just left loose, the curls defined and very voluminous! On the second day her curls were much more tousled with a messy bed head look! Rihanna had added 2 plaits/braids to pull the hair back from her face on the one side, again embracing another huge summer trend!
    The hues of Rihanna’s hair have returned to almost her natural shades. A rich dark brown shade has been complemented with very light brown highlights – creating a shade that we think suits her skin tone beautifully!

    We are always excited to see Rihanna’s hair and with events throughout the coming months we are very much looking forward to see whether this new shade is going to be staying :)

  • Tulisa's Hair and Kelly Rowland's Hair - 2011 X Factor Press Launch

    Tulisas-Hair-Kelly-Rowland-Hair-X-Factor-Press-Launch-2011Both Tulisa’s hair and Kelly Rowland’s hair looked sensational for the 2011 X Factor press launch on Wednesday.

    Kelly Rowlands hair was worn in long flowing waves which cascaded down her back and complimented her figure hugging black and green dress beautifully - long locks really suit Kelly Rowland! A Dirty Looks 20-22” or a 24-26” full head in Soho would be perfect for re-creating Kelly Rowlands hair style at the London press launch.

    Kelly-Rowlands-Hair-X-Factor-Press-Launch-2011Tulisa’s hair was equally gorgeous!! Her hair, which has had extra blonde highlights put through the fringe and front sections ready for the start of X factor, was swept elegantly over one shoulder and was styled in bold curls that worked really well with her tight-fitting detailed black dress!! A 20-22” full head set in Iced Coffee might be a good option for Tulisa’s hair!!

    Tulisas-Hair-X-Factor-Press-Launch-2011Both ladies wowed the crowd with their red carpet hair and their figure hugging dress … and this was just for the press launch!! We’re looking forward to seeing the styling of both Kelly Rowland and Tulisa throughout the series and we really can’t wait for X Factor to kick off tomorrow!!

  • Summer Hair Shades

    Summer hair shades tend to be golden and sun kissed, whether you’re a blonde, brunette or a red head during the summer months your hair will look shimmery with warm tones brought out by the sun’s rays.
    Many of our Dirty Looks extensions are perfect for creating this summer hair look all year round! The addition of very subtle highlights to your own hair or using a toner can simply transform the shade to look as though you have just stepped off the beach or out of the sun!!


    California Highlights is the ultimate summer blonde shade!! This sandy, golden toned shade has very subtle bleach highlights creating gorgeous depth for your summer hair. Many Hollywood starlets have played with these sandy tones including Kristen Cavallari, Carrie Underwood and Reese Witherspoon.

    Summer-Hair-Blonde-1If you prefer a block shade for your summer hair then Malibu Blonde is perfect!! This is a multi-tonal light sandy shade that blends perfectly with block shades or even if you have a few highlights. Malibu blonde is a very natural blonde shade, perfect if you have mousey hair that lightens up in the sun. Amanda Seyfried is very similar to this shade.



    Iced Coffee is a great warm toned summer brunette shade. The addition of a few fine subtle highlights to the rich chocolate base adds definition whilst still achieving the sun kissed effect.
    Cheryl Cole's hair is notorious for this look, but many other celebs such as Miley Cyrus and Audrina Patridge have added some fine highlights to their natural dark hair. This summer look is so easy to create and easy to change if you fancy going back darker as the dark evenings of autumn set in!!Summer-Hair-BrunetteRed Heads

    Being a natural red head might make you be a little anxious when the summer sunshine approaches, but in terms of summer hair, you can do no wrong!!
    Lightening up your natural tones can make natural red hair a gorgeous strawberry blonde shade. St Tropez is the perfect accompaniment for this look. Keeping the warm tones, this is a multi-tonal shade that looks stunning with a tan. To try out this shade you don’t have to be a natural red head – normally blonde, Whitney Port has recently been seen with a shade very similar to St Tropez, we think the shade suits her skin tone perfectly! Mary Kate Olsen is a fan of this shade all year round, proving that this summer hair shade can work well with paler skin too!


  • Micro Loop Hair Extensions vs. Clip In Hair Extensions

    Micro loop hair extensions are a popular form of hair extensions and while they are less harmful than some other forms of permanent hair extensions, they can still cause damage to the hair.

    Micro loop hair extensions are fitted by parting the hair and putting sections of your natural hair through the loop and then fastening it in place, as closely to the scalp as possible, with pliers. Tension can be caused on the hair once the micro loops are in place which can result in hair breakage. The micro loop hair extensions can sometimes slip out and they will also move with natural hair growth and need to be repositioned when necessary.

     Human hair micro loop hair extensions allow you to heat style, dye or wash the hair just as you would with other human hair extensions and just as with clip in hair extensions, you can match your natural shade with the micro loop hair extensions or you can use them to add highlights, lowlights or flashes of colour to your style! However, they can be notoriously difficult to remove if you need to adjust them or if you want to change your style so clip-ins are a much simpler solution!

    We think it’s important to take the best care of your hair and you can use clip-in extensions to add length, volume and thickness with less risk of damaging your natural locks with micro loop hair extensions!!

  • Tulisa's Hair and X Factor Transformation

    Tulisa Contostavlos’ hair really has been transformed by the X Factor - just like her wardrobe and styling has been revamped over the last few weeks. This weekend the launch of both the USA and UK X Factor television promos graced our screens, shortly followed by the press shots. Tulilsa’s press photo looks amazing but very Cheryl Cole- esque!

    Tulisa HairTulisa, pictured in a structured body con dress looks gorgeous but it’s a far cry away from her N-Dubz image. Gone are tracksuits and mismatched outfits, instead Tulisa wears classy dresses and on trend ensembles which we have loved watching during the audition processes. It seems for these final shots of the judges, before the live shows start, Tulisa’s hair and full transformation is complete.

    Tulisa’s hair before she started judging was bleached blonde, to start her days as a judge we saw Tulisa’s X factor hair change to a very dark shade, this looked great but perhaps not quite perfect. It was during the audition process when Tulisa’s hair stylist really started experimenting with fashion forward hair styles and trends, some of which looked gorgeous! We think this shot showcases the perfect style for Tulisa’s hair.

    Tulisa hair 2

    Tulisa’s hair looks full, voluminous, glossy and healthy; the dark shade has been revamped with the addition of some subtle highlights which reflect her skin tones. Her hair has been lifted at the roots and the very ends of her hair have been waved creating movement and volume. A full head set will help create the volume and length of Tulisa’s hair.

    We can’t wait to see what happens to Tulisa’s hair in the live shows. Throughout the auditions she has shown that she isn’t afraid to try out new and interesting styles and we are eagerly awaiting her continued choices in the live shows.

  • Pippa Middleton’s Hair

    Pippa-Middletons-HairPippa Middleton’s hair always looks super glamorous and she is really making a name for herself as a style icon … almost as much as Kate herself.

    It seems that being blessed with good hair runs in the Middleton family because Pippa Middleton’s hair appears naturally full and always looks groomed to perfection!

    Pippa Middleton’s hair is fairly easy to re-create if you want this natural glamour for yourself; her hair has long layers all over with slight texture and her fringe appears long and slightly textured, but not quite as long as her layers.

    Pippa-Middleton-HairPippa’s hair at Kate and William’s wedding was simply stunning!! She opted for a favourite wedding hair style with a half-up and half-down ‘do! This is a perfect choice for a formal event; it looks super feminine and it’s easy to create!
    Pippa Middleton’s hair was styled into natural curls which complimented her style perfectly. Fit your Dirty Looks hair extensions first and style them in with your own hair (add your curls now if you want a style like Pippa) then pin sections of your hair back to create your half-up half-down style … add a clip for extra glamour!

    Pippa Middleton is really starting to emerge into the public eye now and we can’t wait to see her different hair styles as she becomes more of a style icon!!

  • Red Carpet Hair Styles - July Round-up

    Red carpet hair styles have been the thing to watch this month! July has proven to be a very busy month in the celeb calendar with multiple red carpet events and festivals to attend. We loved some of the red carpet hair styles July has had to offer and these are just a few of our favourites.

    BAFTA Brits to Watch

    The BAFTA Brits to Watch event in Los Angeles at the beginning of the month saw some amazing gowns on the red carpet.
    Prince William and Kate Middleton arrived at the event as the last stop on the Royals tour of Canada and California.  Wearing an Alexander McQueen floor length gown, Kate looked breathtaking. The lilac chiffon floated as she glided down the red carpet… Kate certainly had no problem looking the part or fitting in with the best of Hollywood!
    Kate Middleton’s hair was left loose with soft, voluminous waves which seemed to move and flow very naturally. Her wardrobe and hair styles have been the talking point of this tour and Kate hasn’t put a foot wrong.

    Kate-Middleton-Hair-Bafta Another star who had an amazing red carpet hairstyle and look at this event was Blake Lively.
    Blake also chose a floor length gown; she wore a Marchesa dress which was encrusted with crystals and beads and had a one shoulder detail. Blake Lively’s hair had been tousled and pinned in a messy bun. Accompanied by a French plait/braid detail to the side, the bun was made up with a few plaits and the rest of her tousled locks. It looked very girly and summery for the evening event and it was great to see an updo!

    Blake-Lively-HairHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 premiere

    The Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 premiere was the place to be seen this month! Having 2 premieres, one in London and the other in New York, the stars of the films and many other celebs showed up in anticipation of seeing the epic story come to an end!!

    First on the red carpet at the London premiere were the 3 main stars, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson. Emma Watson wore very subtle make-up and a huge Oscar de la Renta tiered dress, her short cropped hair was left soft but with a little root lift - she looked very ethereal and utterly amazing.

    Emma-Watson-HairBonnie Wright, who plays Ginny Weasley in the films, always looks fabulous at red carpet events. Choosing a floor length peach MiuMiu outfit, she was bang on trend! Her long auburn hair always looks elegant and natural and Bonnie Wright’s red carpet hair was left loose and natural, not straight but not overly styled in a half up half down style. The top section of her hair was secured at the back of the head - a great way of changing your hair without too much effort!!

    Bonnie-Wright-HairParty in the Park

    The end of the month saw many celebs heading off to summer festivals.
    Party in the Park in Leeds was filled with amazing pop acts performing on the main stage including JLS and Jessie J. Cher Lloyd was one of the featured acts promoting her debut single 'Swagger Jagger'. Cher has been seen performing at a few of the festivals over the summer, the last time we saw Cher Lloyd at T4 on the beach she had shaved one side of her head and added some bright pink dip dye to her lengths. Appearing on stage for Party in the Park in leather studded hot pants and a red cropped jacket, the star had returned to her natural brunette shade. Cher Lloyds hair looked glossy and healthy and was styled in large waves that had all been pulled to the side.

    Cher-Lloyd-PP-HairPixie Lott was also seen performing at the festival after some time out of the lime light. Pixie Lott’s hair always looks amazing and we think this look is a perfect festival hairstyle. Her blonde locks were left loose and styled in large waves with the front section of each side pinned back to give a festival boho feel to the look!

    Pixie-Lott-PP-HairGlee Acadamy event in The Music Box & Fonda Theater

    Heather Morris, who plays Brittany in the hit show Glee, looked gorgeous at the Glee Acadamy event in The Music Box & Fonda Theater in Los Angeles at the end of the month. Matching her structured body con dress with a high ponytail, we think Heather’s red carpet hair looked amazing!! We loved the added wrap around section at the base which hides any elastics holding the hair!

    Heather-Morris-HairJuly has been a great month in the celeb world for events to be seen at and there have been some great red carpet hair styles to look out for! We loved that Heather Morris tried something different with her red carpet hair, the look really worked for her.
    We also love Blake’s messy bun at the BAFTA Brits to Watch and we think this can look great for a summer daytime look as well as an elegant evening updo!!

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