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  • The Royal Wedding - Prince William and Kate Middleton

    Kate and Wills

    We’ve been eagerly watching the Royal Wedding today at Dirty Looks HQ! We all love the happy couple, but we’re a little torn in the office – some of us are a little blasé about the day’s events and some of us want to party and celebrate with the onlookers in London!

    We’re all in agreement that the ceremony was incredible and Westminster Abbey was an amazing sight! We loved all the drama and the crowds gathered to welcome Wills and Kate!!

    We were so eager to see Kate’s dress, hair and make-up and she certainly didn’t disappoint. Kate looked stunning in her white lace wedding dress and really was a beautiful bride.

    Kate’s veil has made some of us wonder whether we would want to wear one on our own wedding day though…
    We think Kate is blessed with naturally gorgeous hair and it was mostly hidden by the veil for her Big Day. We would have loved to see her hair on show!

    We’ve all really enjoyed the atmosphere for the Royal Wedding here at Dirty Looks and we think Kate and Wills are a lovely couple!

    Congratulations both :)

  • Gwen Stefani in the new L'Oréal Paris Préférence advert.

    Gwen Stefani Bunny BlondeWe love Gwen Stefani in the new L'Oréal Paris Préférence advert!!

    Gwen is a true icon … renowned for her singing and her individual style - she’s fronted rock band No Doubt, has her own perfume range and two fashion lines and now she’s the new face of L'Oréal Paris.

    She looks simply stunning in L'Oréal’s latest advert! Her hair is a gorgeous light blonde - similar to our Bunny Blonde shade - and is styled in elegant curls and updo’s throughout!

    We love Gwen’s unique style and beauty and it’s great to see her as the new face of L'Oréal Paris.

    Check out the behind the scenes of the making of the ad here!

  • Prom Hairstyles

    We know you will want to look your best for prom and that means a gorgeous dress, gorgeous accessories and gorgeous hair!! We’ve picked a great selection of prom hairstyles that are easily achievable with Dirty Looks hair extensions.


    The Chignon is always a popular choice for formal or glamorous events; it looks great and is an easy updo!  A full head set in 16-18” or 20-22” would be perfect for this style, giving you thickness and volume!!

    Fit your Dirty Looks hair extensions and gather your extensions and your own hair together in a low, loose ponytail at the nape of your neck.  Secure this with an elastic.

    Split your ponytail into two parts and twist both parts in a tight spiral. Start at the base of the ponytail and gently curl the twisted ponytail into a bun.

    Secure your Chignon with hairpins to hold the style!

    For something a little different, why not wear your Chignon to the side or leave some hair loose around your face and add a few natural waves for a softer look! A glitzy hair accessory would really set this style off!!


    Old Hollywood Curls

    This vintage hair style will really wow your friends! It’s sophisticated, stylish and simple to do - it will look fab with any prom dress!!

    First, fit your extensions (a Dirty Looks full head set in 16-18” or 20-22” would be best here), but leave out the top few wefts until later.

    Create a low side parting and set your hair and your extensions in rollers (Velcro or hot rollers should work best ... don’t forget to curl the wefts you haven’t fitted yet as you will need them later).

    Fit the rest of your extensions and then brush all the hair back away from your face. Use a soft brush to brush out the curls a little. Tuck the smaller side of the parting behind your ear slightly so it sits flatter to the head and you’re ready to go!


    Half-Up Half-Down

    Styling your hair half-up and half-down always works really well for prom and the style is really adaptable and can be pulled off both curly and straight.

    Once you have fitted all of your hair extensions, apply a good quality heat protection treatment and use jumbo curling irons to create gorgeous curls. Once you’ve finished, gently brush the curls through to loosen them slightly. Take a small section of hair from each side and bring them to the back of your head, securing them with a glamorous clip.

    Alternatively, you could wear the style straight and glam up with a tiara or fascinator!!

    You could always add an additional Quad Weft to the crown of your head and backcomb your own hair for uber volume!!

    lauren-conrad-hot-hollywood-the-hillsUber length with waves/curls

    If you prefer to wear your hair long and luxurious then a full head set in 24-26” is perfect for giving uber length! This looks great worn in loose curls or waves (think Miley Cyrus!) and would be gorgeous for prom!

    For large waves or curls, use a 38mm jumbo curling tong or for smaller curls or waves try a 24mm curling tong (but be sure to use a good quality heat protection treatment first). You can brush the curls through gently after styling for a softer look!

    miley-cyrus-long-wavyAll of the above styles will look simply gorgeous for your prom; you’re bound to turn heads and you certainly won’t be left in the corner for the last dance!

  • Kim Kardashian at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards

    kim kardashian nick faceKim Kardashian looked super gorgeous at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards last weekend and you can re-create her cute hair style with Dirty Looks hair extensions.

    The 30-year-old reality TV star, there to present the award for Favourite TV Show, worked the catwalk alongside the young stars of TV and pop music. She flaunted her curves in a nude, plunging mini dress and looked truly ah-mazing.

    Her hair was worn long with a loose, natural looking wave. Her usually side swept fringe was replaced with a pulled back braid. This style is perfect for keeping unruly fringes away from your face in the summer; it’s very easy to achieve and looks great with any length hair.

    To achieve Kim’s fab look, start by fitting your extensions (any length full head would work really well) and then side part your hair - remember to position the side wefts a little further away from the frame of your face (this will stop them being noticed when your hair is braided). After applying some heat protection, use large barrelled tongs to add a soft wave to your extensions and your hair. Tonging your hair and extensions together will help blend the ends of your hair with the extensions!

    Once the overall waved look is accomplished, all that is left is the braid/plait!

    Section off the front of your hair (generally this would be in line with your ear) on the side which has more hair so you plait/braid looks nice and thick. Taking the top 2 inches of this section split into 3. Hold the hair at slight backwards angle and fold the right side outer section over the middle, then the left side over the middle. Continue this motion all the way to the end of your hair and secure with an elastic. Plaiting/braiding your hair at an angle means it will have a little movement at the roots and will blend in with your waved hair.

    This look can be made uber summery by adding in some floral clips or bobbles or you could add a cute bow.

    Other celebs at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards were looking equally fab! Miley Cyrus was rocking long waves (this look is perfect for a 24-26” full head set) and Selena Gomez wore her shoulder length hair loose with a slight, natural wave. A 12-14” full head in Iced Coffee would be great for Selena’s subtle ombre look!

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