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  • Halloween Hair Extensions

    Dirty Looks have got the solution to dramatic and glamorous hair this Halloween with our remy human clip in hair extensions.

    The ‘Vamp’

    The Vamp look is bound to be huuuge this year because of the success of the likes of Twilight, True Blood and Vampire Diaries and we’ve got some great tips for perfect Vamp hair!!

    twilightIt’s all about the uber length for the Vamp look ... a full head set in 20-22” or 24-26” would be perfect for some gothic glamour and with so much hair to play with you can really have some fun.

    You can pretty much pull off this look whatever shade your hair is, but our favourites for a Vamp are Soho Black, Organic, Deep Ruby or Bunny Blonde ... these shades are dramatic and are fab for Halloween.

    For a more traditional Vamp, you can style your hair poker straight. It would be best to fit your extensions first, apply some heat protection treatment and then use your straightening irons on your hair and extensions at the same time to get a flawless finish. If you have a full fringe, this will really make a statement with this look!

    If the poker straight style doesn’t grab you then why not go for some small curls instead? This looks best with shades Soho Black or Organic!! Fit your extensions and curl your own hair and your extensions together using a 24mm curling iron, the more curls the better!! Be sure to use a good quality hairspray afterwards to keep your Vamp curls in place.

    You can spice up your Vamp hair with a few single strips in a contrasting shade... so if you’re Bunny Blonde why not add a few single strips in Soho Black or if your hair is Organic then a few single strips in Deep Ruby could work really well!

    The ‘ Dark Witch’

    Witch costumes are a popular option every year so

    make yours stand out with some fab Halloween hair using clip in hair extensions. There are so many options for this look, but we’ve selected our favourites!

    willowA Soho Black full head in 12-14” is perfect for a traditional witch look... spend some time backcombing your roots to create lots of volume and once you’ve fitted your extensions use your fingers to ‘boof’ up your hair and make it look more tousled.

    For sexy long hair in shades Soho Black, Organic or Espresso a full head in 20-22” or 24-26” worn poker straight or with some loose curls would look great!

    The ‘White Witch’

    The ‘White Witch’ would be a great costume for this Halloween, this is perfect for blonde shades such as Bunny Blonde, Paparazzi Highlights and California Highlights. A 20-22” full head would be best for this look.

    You could style your hair and extensions poker straight or you could add some gentle curls. Jumbo curling irons would add some gorgeous curls for this style, then gently run your fingers through to loosen the curls. Apply a good quality hairspray to ensure the hair holds all night!

    The ‘Boho Zombie’

    Or if none of our other styles grab your attention then why not try something completely different this Halloween with our fab ‘Boho Zombie’ hair...?

    A full head set in 20-22” or 24-26” would add some drama for this style ... You can pull this look off with any shade hair (and why not add a few single strips in contrasting shades ... adding a toner to Bunny Blonde will make them appear whiter, but be sure to conduct a strand test first and follow all guidelines closely!)

    boho-dreadsFit your extensions (backcombing your roots to add volume) and then style your hair and extensions together for a more blended finish. Take sections of your hair and extensions and curl them using 24mm curling tongs, apply a good quality hairspray to hold the curl and then run your straightening irons over the curls to give them more of a dreadlock appearance (it’ll look a bit like Christina Aguilera in her music video for Dirty.)

    To glam this look up even more, why not add an additional quad weft at the crown of your head and create a beehive effect...? Lots of backcombing will give you gorgeous volume!!

    So there you have it ... our top choices for gorgeous hair this Halloween are guaranteed to make a statement and they’ll certainly make you stand out amongst all the ghosts and ghouls!!

  • Cheryl Cole Rocking Red Hair Extensions

    cheryl-cole-red-hairCheryl Cole's Hair caused a stir this weekend as she appeared on the X Factor with her brand new fiery red hair and extensions!

    The star was bang on trend with a funky fishtail plait and a beehive on Saturday night’s show, but her new shade has caused some controversy as fans are divided by whether they love it or not.

    Here at Dirty Looks we loved Cheryl’s style ... the combination of the beehive and the fishtail plait works fab and it’s a great look for her!! We like the colour too, but we’re not 100% sure whether it’s the right shade for her ... maybe it’ll grow on us!

    For tips on how to re-create your own fishtail plait take a look at our step-by-step guide... team this with a beehive like Cheryl for a trendy look that will certainly turn a few heads.

  • Extensions – Get the look day to night

    php/chantell big brother hair copy.gif

    Dirty Looks clip in hair extensions are perfect for not only changing your look from day to day but they are also great for transforming your hair from a chic look for the office to gorgeous and glam for a night out!!

    Extensions for the office...

    A deluxe full head set is fab for making a statement in the daytime ... why not try fitting your hair extensions and then bringing them all around to one shoulder for a sassy side pony that will make you stand out from the crowd. An additional quad weft would be great for adding extra volume to the crown of your head.

    Uber long hair would also be lush for this look ... a full head in 20-22” or 24-26” will really give you a side pony to be envied by your work colleagues!!

    Extensions to hit the clubs with ...

    When the working day is done and you’re planning a night on the town with the girls, you can easily change your day look into a gorgeous ‘do to go with your gorgeous new dress.

    Gently let your hair loose from the side pony and apply a good quality heat protection treatment to your hair and extensions (Tigi Bed Head – Some Like It Hot is just fab!!) Then use your 38mm jumbo curling tongs to add some sexy curls for your big night.

    Try backcombing your hair at the roots for extra texture, volume and va-va-voom!

    Don’t forget to apply some hairspray suitable for use with human hair extensions to keep those curls in place as you dance the night away!!

    (Just remember to take your extensions out at the end of the night though ladies ... no matter how many glasses of wine you’ve had!!)

  • Red Carpet Watch ‘Best Hair Award’ – September 2010

    MTV Video Music Awards – 12th  September

    There was gorgeous hair galore at this year’s MTV VMA’s and it’s been really hard trying to choose our faves, but here’s a few of the best:

    Lady Gaga and Katie Perry really jazzed things up with their locks on the red carpet. Lady Gaga had long wavy hair with blue hints and an exuberant headdress and Katie Perry had gorgeous curls with some fun blue, pink and purple streaks!

    Ke$ha was looking fab and trendy on the red carpet with her super quiff and fishtail which are both huge at the moment. The uber length of her hair really made this style stand out!!

    You can re-create Ke$ha’s look with a 24-26" full head set in California Highlgihts.  To add a super quiff to your own extensions follow our simple step-by-step guide to creating the perfect Super Quiff and then complete the look by pulling all your hair around and braiding it into a trendy Fishtail!!

    Singer Ciara stepped out with gorgeous natural-looking curls! A 16-18” full head in Soho Black would be perfect if you want a style like Ciara. Apply some heat protection spray to your hair and extensions and add some stunning curls with your curling irons.

    Actress Emma Stone was looking beautiful in a stylish black leather look dress and with natural waves to her hair! Shade Melted Chocolate would be a good match for Emma’s look on the red carpet, and to add some natural waves to your hair and extensions, add some quick curls with your straightening irons and then run your fingers through to loosen them right out. Add a side fringe to this look to really set it off!!

    And of course we couldn’t mention the MTV VMA’s without taking a look at the girls from ‘The Hills’ who were all looking great on the red carpet!!

    Audrina went for the poker straight look where as Stephanie Pratt had gorgeous curls in her locks and Lo Bosworth had her hair in a chic side ponytail with some gentle curls.

    ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ London Film Premiere – 22nd September
    Julia Roberts, star of romantic film ‘Eat, Love, Pray’ made a statement on the red carpet for the London premiere in a sophisticated and stunning white suit and her hair was looking gorgeous too!!

    Julia kept her locks simple with some gentle waves that beautifully complimented her overall look.

    To re-create Julia’s style, you could go for a 20-22” full head set in shade Espresso. To add some gorgeous, natural curls like Julia, use jumbo curling irons and gently brush the curls through afterwards.






    ‘You Again’ LA Film Premiere – 23rd September

    The female stars of new hit comedy ‘You Again’ were looking stunning on the red carpet for the LA Premiere.

    Kristen Bell went for a simple half up, half down look for the premiere. A 16-18” full head set in Manhattan Highlights would be perfect to achieve this yourself. Once you’ve put your extensions in, take sections of hair from behind your ears and secure them at the back of your head with a clip. To add a bit more glamour to this look, you could add an extra quad weft on the crown of your head and try backcombing your hair.

    Odette Yustman wore a gorgeous burnt orange dress on the red carpet and wore her hair in loose curls swept to one side. Her style also had a hint of ‘Ombre’ about it, keeping her on trend with her hair!!

    To re-create Odette’s look, a 20-22” full head set in ‘Iced Coffee’ would be gorgeous (or if you want to go for the ‘Ombre’ style then take a look at our Ombre Hair blog post to see how to achieve this), curl your hair and extensions using jumbo curling irons and then run your fingers through when you’re finished to loosen them slightly. Bring all your hair over to one shoulder for a more sophisticated look and then apply a good quality hairspray.

    Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigourney Weaver turned up in matching silk teal dresses for the night and both were stunning! Jamie had embraced her grey hair in a short trendy style and Sigourney had gentle curls in her shoulder length hair.

    To have a style similar to Sigourney, a 12-14” full head set in Iced Coffee would be perfect. Add some curls with your jumbo curling irons, brush them through slightly and apply some hair spray.




    And the winner is...

    We’ve got loads of gorgeous ladies with loads of gorgeous hair styles to consider this month so it’s been really difficult to pick a winner...

    After much consideration ... we decided that ... Ke$ha was most deserving of the Dirty Looks ‘Best Hair Award’, not only was her style unique for the MTV VMA’s, but she managed to combine TWO fab styles with the ‘super quiff’ and the ‘fishtail plait’ and still pull it off! These styles are both huge at the moment and we loved how she brought them together so creatively ... she is definitely a deserved winner this month!!

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