Tigi Bed Head Manipulator

Tigi Bed Head Manipulator

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Be the mastermind behind your style with the assistance of Tigi Bed Head Manipulator.

- Thickens hair for added body and texture

- Provides a long lasting and flexible hold

- Allows you to create wild and wacky styles or simply add texture to your hairdo


- Flexible hold for long-lasting hairstyles

- Leaves hair looking gorgeously thick

- Creates both punky ‘dos and girly hairstyles


For a long lasting, flexible style that will get you noticed, style your locks with the Tigi Bed Head Manipulator. This fibre-forming cream works to thicken your hair for a fuller appearance, whilst smoothing and eliminating annoying fly-aways and stray hairs, too. Not only will your hair be left with a gorgeous matte finish, but the lasting hold ensures that your style will stay put for as long as you want it to. The styling possibilities are endless- you can spike it up, twist it and create urban dreads or smooth it through for added body and texture. What's more, it can be used on clean, dry or damp hair. For best results, let damp hair dry naturally or blow dry for your desired look. Say goodbye to the mantra 'less is more' with this product; the more you use, the more texture you get.

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