Tigi Bed Head After Party

Tigi Bed Head After Party

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Rock the sleekest hair out of all your friends at the end of the night with Tigi Bed Head After Party.

- Conditions and controls pesky fly-aways and split ends

- Hair is left super silky, soft and refreshed

- Acts as a deodoriser banishes any unwanted smells in the hair density


- Instantly freshens up and revitalises hair

- Flattens unwanted fly-aways and split ends leaves the hair cuticle sealed promoting definition and sheen

- Banishes unwanted smells in the hair density leaving it smelling much sweeter!


Take control of your locks with Tigi Bed Head After Party. Be in charge of annoying fly-aways and split ends with this smoothing cream which also works to renew hair cuticles leaving them soft and silky. Perfect for all hair types and textures this smoothing cream promotes healthy hair without adding weight. It is the perfect party partner as it can instantly freshen up your locks in terms of style, shine and smell. For best results work a small blob into fully dry hair and style as you mean to go on!

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