The Lip Bar Lip Stick / Cosmo

The Lip Bar Lip Stick / Cosmo
For a Cosmopolitan soul living a Cosmopolitan life, sipping on a Cosmo - Or maybe you’re just dreaming? Either way, everyone needs a red lipstick and the Cosmo Lipstick from the lip bar is within your grasp. You’ve got to start somewhere so start with the lipstick.

-You can’t go wrong with a Cosmo
-Classic, Bold Red
-Perfect against all skin tones
- Classic, bold red.
- Compliments all skin tones.
- Can't go wrong with a Cosmo.
- Long wearing.
- Natural ingredients.
- Long wearing.


Red lipstick is an absolute staple part of your makeup collection, and the Lip Bar Cosmo Lip Stick couldn't be a more perfect for the job. This classic, bold red lipstick works perfectly with all skin tones and brings out your bad gal side, too! The lipstick is packed full of natural ingredients plus it is vegan friendly making sure that your lips are getting the best treatment it could ever have.

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