The Balm Mr Write Eyeliner / Scott B Bordeaux

The Balm Mr Write Eyeliner / Scott B Bordeaux
Let your eyes do all the work, gals. The Balm Mr.Write Eyeliner Scott B. Bordeaux is an amazingly unique shade that needs to be added to your collection of eyeliners. Like, right now. Take the plunge and opt for a different dark shade instead of black and browns and prepare to be amazed. This is for the daredevil girls out there.

- Stunning deep bordeaux shade.
- Effortless application.
- Long lasting staying power.
- Unique bordeaux shade.
- Long lasting.
- Super easy application.
- Sating smooth texture.
- Staying power.
- Built in sharpener.


Love to let your eyes do the talking? Take over the conversation with this super unique The Balm Mr.Write Eyeliner in Scott B. Bordeaux. This shade is an amazing alternative from the standard shades we all tend to opt for. Define your eyes with the super smooth satin texture and prepare for long lasting colour. When you’re ready to top up, don’t worry, there is a built in sharpener ready and waiting!

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