The Balm Mr Write Eyeliner / Raj B Navy

The Balm Mr Write Eyeliner / Raj B Navy
Ugh, The Balm Mr.Write Eyeliner Raj B.Navy is to die for. Like, literally, we need this in our life The navy shade gives us ultimate 90’s vibes and we can’t help but feel like Baby Spice for a second or two. This is a must have simply for that feeling. Jokes aside, this eyeliner is super amazing and we love how blue eyeliner/eyeshadow is coming back in to fashion, too!

- Amazing navy blue shade.
-Total 90's vibes given.
-Flawless application.
- Amazing navy blue shade.
- Ultimate 90's vibes.
- Long lasting.
- Super smooth satin texture.
- Effortless application.
- Built in sharpener.


We’re feeling the 90’s vibe with The Balm Mr. Write Eyeliner Raj B. Navy yo’. If you like to make an impact with your eyes we think this is the shade for you. It glides on effortlessly thanks to it’s super smooth satin texture whilst offering long lasting colour, too! Don’t worry about the times you will need to top up though, it has a built in sharpener so you can use it as and when needed.

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