The Balm Mr Write Eyeliner / Jac B Bronze

The Balm Mr Write Eyeliner / Jac B Bronze
Get back into the 90’s swing with The Balm Mr Write Liner Jac B. Bronze. This amazing shimmery shade screams 90’s girl band at us. But, you can of course be your own solo act with this amazing eyeliner. Quickly apply Mr Write Liner Jac B, Bronze and prepare to dazzle your adoring fans.

- Amazing shimmery bronze.
- 90's vibe.
- Super staying power.
- Stunning shimmery bronze shade.
- Screams 90's vibe.
- Attracts attention.
- Staying power like no other.
- Built in sharpener.
- Effortless application.


Take it back to the 90’s with this uh-mazing Mr Write Eyeliner in Jac B. Bronze. Give your eyes a Goddess appeal and make them stand out with this gorgeous shade. Paired with a tan this will certainly make your eyes pop! Don’t worry about it coming off either, it’s super long lasting. But, if you do need to top up, don’t worry. there’s a built in sharpener so you can use on the go!

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