The Balm Mr Write Eyeliner / Dean B Onyx

The Balm Mr Write Eyeliner / Dean B Onyx
The Balm Mr Write Liner Dean B. Onyx is a classic. Picture walking in to a room, all heads turn and eyes are all on you. Have I got something on my face? Has my eyeliner smudged? Duh? Your Mr Write Eyeliner will never smudge, baby girl. Plus, you won’t need to keep popping to the ladies to top up either, thanks to the long lasting colour. So, relax and enjoy yourself!

- Super long lasting colour.
- Sharpener at the ready.
- Glides on with ease.
- Amazing application.
- Long lasting wear.
- Stunning black shade.
- Sharpener at the ready.
- Must have for defining eyes.
- Incredible staying power.


The Balm Mr Write Liner in Dean B. Onyx is a must have eyeliner. This classic black shade is perfect for defining your eyes and making them pop. The super smooth satin texture makes for easy application, plus the long lasting colour will mean you don’t constantly have to top up to keep your eyes looking amazing. However, when you are ready to top up, there is a built in sharpener ready for action.

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