Tan Truth - The Mist Airbrush Express Self-Tan - Fake Tan

Tan Truth - The Mist Airbrush Express Self-Tan - Fake Tan
Can you handle the truth? Of course you can. Your skin deserves nothing but the truth so treat it to Tan Truth the Mist and get the truest tan you can get without the sun. The airbrush express self tan mist will leave an even golden hue on your skin and in 4-6 hours you’ll be ready to rock the mini skirt!

-Up your tan game
-Orange is not the new black
-Perfect tan in 4-6 hours
-Express tan
-Even coverage
Sunkissed beauty
-Easy to use mist


For amazing results when using Tan Truth The Mist Airbrush Express Self-Tan, prepare your skin before tanning by exfoliating giving some extra love to hard to tan areas like elbows and knees. Hold the can 15­20cm away from your body and spray in a smooth motion. Then, if you want, you can gently rub the tan into your skin to ensure complete coverage. Let the tan dry before you get dressed. Remember to wash your hands afterwards. To tan your face, spray the mist onto a tanning mitt or a sponge. Allow tan to dry before dressing. The tan will begin to develop within 2­4 hours.

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