Tigi S Factor Serious Conditioner

Tigi S Factor Serious Conditioner

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As the name suggests, this is no joke, this is sirius bisnis. Stressed hair is becoming more and more common and we are on the verge of a pandemic!! How can you tell when your hair is stressed? Split ends, uber-dry friz, prone to knots and tangles (the equivalent of mood swings and tantrums). It's time to relieve the 'stress' factor with TIGI S Factor serious conditioner. Give your hair the 'pick me up' it needs.

- Contains hydrolised silk which is fancy talk for 'split end' fix.
- Silicone polymers and amino acid to strengthen - like Popeye's spinach.
- Rehydrates frazzled dry hair.
- Vitamin E restores moisture and shine.


- Packs in moisture.
- Sweet strawberry and refreshing peppermint whiff.
- Kicks the ass of split ends.
- Gives shine, bounce and lustre.
- Creamy and luxurious (don't eat it).
- Acts as a repair treatment.
- Great for coloured hair.
- Revives and pampers.


Put the oomph back in to your stressed and gloomy locks. The Serious Conditioner by TIGI S factor is the 'hair version' of a spa break. Just what it needs to break the vicious cycle of stress. With the sweet, strawberry and peppermint scent and soft, silky feel you may even unwind a little yourself, heck, just doing the good deed of boosting your poor 'down in the dumps' hair will make you feel good. This conditioner is perfect for hair that needs a thorough detangling and will smooth and soften even the grumpiest of split ends to bring long lasting lustre. Hydrolised silk will help repair damage and leave it feeling suitably and deservedly pampered.

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