RemySoft Moisturelab Recovery Cream

RemySoft Moisturelab Recovery Cream

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Maintain your hair extensions’ softness with the wondrous RemySoft Moisturelab Recovery Cream.

- Conditions and moisturises hair extensions

- Promises to strengthen, moisturise and protect hair extensions

- Packed with all the nutrients your hair extensions need to stay strong and healthy


- Moisturises and conditions hair extensions

- Infused with plenty of nutrients our hair extensions need to stay healthy

- Leaves hair extensions feeling super soft and healthy


Treat your hair extensions to the indulgent RemySoft Moisturelab Recover Cream- a colour safe conditioner which serves to strengthen, moisturise and protect hair extensions. Packed with plenty of delicious ingredients, including protein, aloe and exotic fruit and berry extracts, this nourishing Recovery Cream will definitely help to maintain the condition of your hair extensions and keep them feeling ultimately strong and healthy for as long as possible. What’s more, this nutritious cream also contains humectants which absorb the moisture from the atmosphere so that your hair extensions will always be moisturised and well conditioned. For an all-over luxurious softness and for healthy, glowing hair extensions, use the RemySoft Moisturelab Recovery Cream, in conjunction with the RemySoft Moisturiselab Hydrating Cleanser and RemySoft BlueMax Protective Sealer.

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