RemySoft Moisturelab 3-Step System

RemySoft Moisturelab 3-Step System

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Gently cleanse and moisturise your hair extensions with the RemySoft Moisturelab 3-Step System- a collection of silicone coating products which serve to hydrate, cleanse, moisturise and protect hair extensions.

- Carefully formulated products designed to maintain hair extensions’ softness and prolong their lifespan

- 3 silicone coating products for hair extensions

- Hydrates, moisturises and protects hair extensions


- Three revolutionary products designed to maintain the condition of hair extensions

- Makes hair extensions soft

- Enriched with plenty of nutritious ingredients our hair extensions need to stay healthy and strong for as long as possible


Want to know how to make hair extensions soft and maintain their pristine condition? Then the RemySoft Moisturelab 3-Step System is just what you need for getting your hair extensions looking and feeling brand new! This innovative, Moisturelab 3-Step System is the most successful way of maintaining your hair extensions’ softness and increasing their longevity. The collection includes the RemySoft Moisturelab Hydrating Cleanser, the RemySoft Moisturelab Recovery Cream and the RemySoft BlueMax Protective Sealer. Each carefully-formulated product serves a different purpose, but most of all, they all promise to make hair extensions soft and maintain their best, silky smooth condition for as long as possible. The first step of the Moisturelab 3-Step System is to use the Moisturelab Hydrating Cleanser- a hydrating cleanser which gently cleanses hair extensions and locks in moisture without stripping away the colour. The next step is to use the Hydrating Cleanser with the RemySoft Moisturelab Recovery Cream- a colour safe conditioner enriched with soy protein, aloe and exotic fruit and berry extracts, designed to strengthen, moisturise and protect hair extensions. Finally, the RemySoft BlueMax Protective Sealer completes the Moisturelab 3-Step System. This revolutionary, silicone coating for hair extensions coats and seals the hair shaft to lock in moisture, protect the hair and eliminate tangles to leave a lustrous, silky smooth finish.

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