Professional Loop Brush

Professional Loop Brush

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We don't mean to suggest that your current hair brush is any less of a professional but if this brush was a hairdresser it would be your hairbrushes boss! The professional loop brush contains loop bristles to ensure no tearing or aggravating your beautiful extensions, they're great on your own hair too! This is a handbag essential!

- Individual looped bristles - or loopstles as we like to call them.
- A Handy handbag essential.
- A smooth, non-pokey brush.


- A hair extension girl's 'must have'.
- Way better than the brush you're using now.
- No stranger to knots.
- Bristles of the loopy variety.
- Loopstles won't get caught in hair extension clips.
- Perfect on your own hair as well as hair extensions.
- It's in black. Black is always the new black.


All hair extension users should own at least one of these professional loop brushes. This brush will conquer the most stubborn knots and is the perfect tool for taming and pleasing your long, luscious locks. Each bristle is looped rather than pointed which helps prevent tearing and will reduce frizzage. This professional hairbrush won't get caught up in hair extension clips, it will glide past them like the seasoned professional it is.

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