Full Head Ombre Hair Extensions Set - Quad Weft

Full Head Ombre Hair Extensions Set - Quad Weft
7 Quad wefts | 200g 16-18" | 220g 20-22" | Made from 100% Remy Human Hair

Achieve Ombré perfection or Sombré sophistication with the Full Head Hair Extensions Quad Weft Set. Available in two sought after shades:

'Bel Air Baby!' Our sombre shade can be easily blended in to hair with similar tones to give an overall soft ombre look that is bang on trend. With mid brown tones near the top of the extensions that gradually and naturally blend in to a subtle medium blonde at the ends.

'Oh My Ombre', a three toned ombre shade and a stunning ménage á trois of colours. This gives a dramatic ombre look for serious ombre girls taking hair from darker roots, with a light brown middle and medium, golden blonde end.

'Surf's Up', Classic beach babe ombre. Inspired by Lauren Conrad, this shade goes from a dark, warm blonde or lightest golden brown at the root into a sunny blonde at the ends. You'll be feeling beach vibes with this shade.

'Spaced Out', for serious style babes. Our black to grey ombre gives a dramatic and high fashion result. Popular the world over with beauty bloggers, get your silver ombre hair extensions here.

'Kiss the Girl' Inspired by our love for Mermaids, feel the mermaid vibes with these classic teal hair extensions. Dark black, brown into a vibrant aqua teal, this looks is highly sought after and is right here just for you.

Each piece of hair has been carefully layered with four wefts of hair to create epic volume and desirable styles!

  • Oh My Ombre
  • Bel Air Baby!
  • Surfs Up
  • Spaced Out
  • Kiss The Girl

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- Everyone loves ombre
- If it ain't ombre, it's sombre
- Adorned by celebs and bloggers worldwide
- Easily blend in to most ombre styles and shades.
- Less root maintenance required! Woop!
- Real hair
- Uber-thick!! 220g
- Quad, quads and more quads!



Ombre extensions are part of the range and are available in the 20-22 inches Quad weft sets. These sets include 7 quad wefts and are a thick 220grams - wow! Each hair extension, as the name suggests, contains 4 wefts of hair in one making this the thickest set and one of the most popular items. The new ombre range consists of five beautiful shades: Oh My Ombre, made with three tones and ideal for darker bases. Bel Air Baby! a softer, natural ombre.Surf's Up, inspired by Lauren Conrad, a beachy blonde ombre. Spaced Out, a silver grey ombre. Kiss The Girl, the perfect teal ombre extensions. 7 Quad wefts | 200g 16-18" | 220g 20-22" | Made from 100% Remy Human Hair

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