Laqa and Co - Lip Lube Pencil - Lip Stick / Stranger Danger

Laqa and Co - Lip Lube Pencil - Lip Stick / Stranger Danger
We know we’re not supposed to take sweets from strangers, but if they offered us this little beauty instead, we take it and run! The vibrant hot-pink shade is housed inside equally incredible packaging but it’s not only about the looks. This little beauty is hydrating, glossy and moisturising, yet lasts on the lips and is also incredibly easy to keep looking good all day long thanks to its convenient twist-up design.

- Dangerously gorgeous hot pink hue
- Hydrating formula for a super smooth pout
- Quick and easy to re-apply so your lips are looking hot, hot, hot all day long!
- Keeps your lips glossy and cared for
- Nourishing formula
- Hot pink which can be worn sheer or built up for intensity.
- Easy for on-the-go application
- Graphic packaging designed by Pattern People


Get your pout on point with the Laqa and Co Stranger Danger Lip Lube Pencil. Not only does it keep your lips gorgeous hydrated with its peppermint and shea butter formula, but the vibrant pink shade is so hot for any occasion. Simply swipe onto your lips and throw in your handbag for convenient touch-ups thanks to the beyond useful twist-up packaging.

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