Kardashian Beauty High Eye-Q - Gel Eyeliner / Starry Brunette

Kardashian Beauty High Eye-Q - Gel Eyeliner / Starry Brunette
Are your eyes tired, dull and losing their A-List sparkle? Thank your lucky stars that the Kardashian Beauty Starry Brunette High Eye-Q eyeliner exists. Line your D-List peepers with this sumptuously sexy chocolate shade and we guarantee, you’ll have stars in your eyes again in no time.

- Deep, delicious shade for sultry eyes.
- Easy to smudge for a smoky, sexy look.
- Perfect for everyday wear or a night on the town
- Super pigmented
- Easy to smudge
- Long lasting formula which is waterline safe!
- Good for day or evening



The Kardashian Beauty High Eye-Q Eyeliner is a gorgeous gel formula which gives you opaque colour in one swipe so, no more pulling and tugging at your eyes! Waterline safe, this sumptuous chocolate shade is easily blendable and can be smudged into your lash line for a sexy, smoky look that is sure to turn heads.

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