Kardashian Beauty - False Eyelashes / Flirt

Kardashian Beauty - False Eyelashes / Flirt
The eyes are the window to the soul, and if your windows are looking a little broken and worse for wear - revamp them! Beautify your peepers and ensnare your very own musical man with the Kardashian Beauty Flirt Lashes. Super light and easy to wear, these lashes are perfect for daytime dates or wild nights out and are sure to bewitch either way!

- If your natural lashes just ain’t doing it for ya, fake it until you make it!
- Adhesive included.
- Light and easy to wear.
- Easy to wear
- Light
- Adhesive comes included
- Totally glam!
- Perfect for day or night



Light and easy to wear, the Kardashian Beauty Lashes Flirt are the perfect addition to your makeup bag. Extend your lashes to epic levels and get everyone talking about your fluttering prowess. They’re a super easy way of updating your look and taking your glam factor sky high, both day and night.

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