Kardashian Beauty Nail Polish - Nail Varnish / Flesh

Kardashian Beauty Nail Polish - Nail Varnish / Flesh
Need the perfect nude nail varnish? Look no further than the Kardashian Beauty Nail Polish - Flesh. This super light, pretty pink shade is oh so subtle and doesn't resemble tippex when applied either! Woho. Plus, this nail varnish is super long lasting and chip resistant, so you won't have to do the mundane task of painting your nails every day. Instead your nails will look as though they are fresh out of the nail salon. You can thank us later, dolls.

- Super pretty light pink shade.
- Long lasting and chip resistant.
- Salon-like finish.
- Amazing nude nail varnish.
- Long lasting.
- Chip resistant.
- Salon-like finish.
- Flawless results.
- Perfect shade for all year round.


Kardashian Beauty Nail Polish - Flesh is the perfect and must have (btw) nude nail varnish. The super light and pretty pink shade is super subtle - and doesn’t look like tippex when applied either! Kardashian Beauty Nail Varnish is super long lasting and chip resistant too, so you won’t have to top up every night, instead you will be left with a just out of the nail salon glossy finish. Yay for #nailslaydays

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