Highlight & Blusher Wefts

Highlight & Blusher Wefts
Let us introduce you to our beautiful back up singers. These mesmerising little ladies will perfectly compliment and support your hair extension full head set and add their own lovely harmonies to your overall look. Add light or shade or just blend your own hair in to extensions with the Highlight and Blusher Wefts.

25g 16-18" | 30g 20-22"

- Ultra fine micro wefts for a natural highlight and blush effect

- Can be clipped or glued onto your existing extensions

- Made with 100% Remy Human Hair

- Comes with 6 ultra fine wefts for a discrete fit



- Natural looking highlights and low lights

- Easy way of colouring hair without having to dye it

- Accentuates your own hair colour

- Love these for creating a blushed look to your hair



Enhance your natural hair colour with the Highlight & Blusher Wefts. Made with 100% Remy Human Hair, the wefts are purposely designed to accentuate your own hair colour by adding different tones to your natural hair or hair extensions. What's more is that they're really easy to use. Simply layer the hair pieces together to add richness and depth to your hair colour. Achieve sunkissed tresses with bronzed pastels or add micro highlights to blonde manes. You can even inject a pop of colour vibrant shades too! Whichever highlights you choose, the Highlight & Blusher Wefts are an easy way of achieving a salon finish colour without having to dye your hair. Enhance and upgrade the colour of your hair and hair extensions by using the highlight & blusher wefts. These clip in hair extensions are perfect for those who can’t find the right hair shade of hair extensions to match their natural hair colour or simply want to add a bit of depth to their hair extensions. So whether it’s complementing your heavenly highlights or adding an array of sumptuous tones to your hair extensions, the highlight & blusher wefts could be exactly what your locks desire! What’s so great about the highlight & blusher wefts is that they are made smaller and finer than your regular weft, to ensure that they fit to your existing hair extensions and don’t have that chunky effect. What’s more, they are available in two lengths, 16-18” and 20-22”, which means they can be altered to create your ideal length and fitted to where you’d like your new-found shade to start. To learn how to use the highlight & blusher wefts, then follow our step-by-step guide below:

highlights with hair extensions 

Step One

The first step is to select the right shade of blush, which will act as your blush colour. As a guidance, choose a shade that’s one to two shades LIGHTER than your set of full head hair extensions. This will make sure that your highlights look au naturel. Or if you want to create lowlights, then choose blushes that are one or two shades DARKER than your full set of extensions. You can also create an ombre hair extensions effect - choose a pack of blusher wefts which are lighter than your own hair, then simply dye the top root area of the blusher wefts to match your own hair. This will create an ombre effect for your hair extensions.

highlighted hair extensions 

Step Two

To create the desired look, clip the blushes onto the reverse of your wefts from your set of full head hair extensions. Alternatively, you can glue the blushes onto the top of your wefts, that’s if you desire a more permanent result.

There are other hair shades that you can easily achieve by using the highlight and blusher wefts. For instance, if you crave the ombre hair trend, then you can cheat the look by choosing blusher wefts in a medium-light blonde and dyeing the tops of your blusher wefts to match your own hair. Or if you dream of bodacious locks which are ballooning with body and volume, then the highlight & blusher wefts are amazing for giving the illusion of texture and movement. Just get your hair stylist to create micro-highlights by thinning out the wefts. Always be sure to complete a test strand to check you like the look before dying the whole pack of blusher wefts.

So if you dream of having a set of hair extensions that will match your hair shade perfectly, or if you fancy adding gorgeous tones to your long luscious locks, then we definitely recommend giving the highlight & blusher wefts a try!

how to highlight hair extensions


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Cleansing Your Hair Extensions

Ideally you should clean your Highight & Blusher Wefts every six weeks, or whenever there is a considerable buildup of product in it. Follow our cleansing guide below for instructions on how to clean your Hair Extensions.

Step One

Mix half a cup of warm water with one tablespoon of shampoo. We like to use a deep moisturising shampoo that is specifically designed for dry hair.

Step Two

Fill a stain resistant bowl or sink with warm water and add the diluted shampoo. De-tangle your extensions by brushing out the ends, then the mid-lengths from root to ends. Place the extensions into the water and leave for no more than 10 minutes. Do not swirl the extensions around in the water and never comb your extensions they are wet!

Step Three

Remove the extensions from the water and rinse thoroughly under a running tap, holding them at the top of the weft. Again, do not swirl the extensions around in the water!

Step Four

Gently squeeze out any excess water from the extensions and lay them flat onto a towel. Apply a good quality repair product or a conditioning treatment, to the extensions and then fold them in a towel. Leave the extensions to dry for an hour before giving another rinse through.

Step Five

Apply more of the repair product or conditioning treatment to the extensions. Hair extensions take longer to get greasy than normal hair so it shouldn’t be a problem applying more product to your extensions. Fold the extensions in a new towel and leave them to dry overnight. To help speed up the process, store the extensions in a safe place in an airing cupboard.

Step Six

Comb the extensions in the same way as before, by starting at the ends of the hair, the mid lengths and then the roots to the ends. Apply a good quality heat protector to the extensions and straighten them out. It’s best to straighten one weft at a time. Finally smooth over a light smoothing product for a sleek result.

Dyeing Your Hair Extensions

Our hair extensions can only be dyed two shades darker. This is because they have already been through a chemical process and lightening or bleaching will only affect the condition of the extensions. The only hair extensions that can be dyed are the ‘Dye It Yourself’ extensions. As these are a neutral shade, they will need to be pre-pigmented before applying dye to them. It’s best to choose extensions that are already close to your target shade to avoid any dyeing dilemmas. You should ALWAYS perform a strand test on your extensions before dyeing the whole set. Then dye the rest of the set when you are happy with the result. Hair extensions usually need more dye than normal hair does- we find that two boxes of dye is usually enough to dye one full head of hair extensions. You must completely saturate the extensions in dye. To dye the extensions, use the flat palms of your gloved hands and pat the dye through the hair in a stroking motion from root to tip. Do not rub the dye in! Semi-permanent, permanent, quasi-permanent, toner and vibrant dyes can be used. The maximum peroxide which can be used is 20vol (6%). Hair extension can be dyed more than once. However, dying frequently will cause damage and breakage to the extensions, just like normal hair. It is essential that you wear protective gloves and thoroughly rinse the dye from the extensions after you have completed the process. Follow the dye manufacturers instructions and our guidelines closely for instructions on how to dye your extensions.

Styling Your Hair Extensions

Heat tools can be used on Hair Extensions. However, just like normal hair, the less heat you use on them the better. When straightening, curling or crimping on your extensions, make sure you use a good quality heat protection product. Also hair extensions style faster than our own hair, so there’s no need to use heat tools on your extensions for long periods of time. We also recommend not using any sticky or greasy products on your extensions. We prefer to use light and silky products to keep our extensions looking healthy, natural and silky smooth.


Keep the hair extensions together with a bobble or a hair net and place in a box.

Shade match


OPTION 1 - Try our Shade Match Helper. It's a great way to browse a variety of hair shades to help you decide which shade will be best for you.

shade match

OPTION 2 - Our hair technicians are on hand to help you choose a shade. Drop us an email with pictures of your hair, our years of expertise will help you achieve the best match possible.

- Ensure your hair is worn down and the pictures show all of your hair
- Opt for head and shoulder shots instead of close ups
- Natural outdoor lighting is ideal, but no direct sunlight



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