Hair Works 4 in 1 Hair Extension Style Caddy

Hair Works 4 in 1 Hair Extension Style Caddy
This is it, it’s what we have all been waiting for - the answer to all of our hair extension dramas and dilemmas. The Hair Works 4-in-1 Hair Extension Style Caddy is an all round problem solver. The nifty lil’ tool will be your new best friend as it will assist you when washing, styling, packing and storing your Milk + Blush Clip in Hair Extensions. With a sassy suction cup back, you can attach your hair caddy to a smooth, fixed surface and hey presto, your Milk + Blush Hair Extensions stay put while you make them even more beautiful.

Wash - Suction Cup back for use in the shower
Style - Attach the caddy to a smooth, fixed surface
Pack - Slide into the hairworks bag and then into your own handbag
Store - Comes with attachable hooks that fit onto any clothes hanger

*hair extension weft not included
- Easy Hair Extension Styling
- Easy Hair Extensions Travel
- Nifty
- Life Saver


The Hair Works 4-in-1 Hair Extension Style Caddy was specially designed to fix all of our hair extension styling problems. At Milk + Blush, we know all too well the dramas of trying to wash, style, pack and store clip in hair extensions. We’ve done it all when it comes to styling, We slot them into a drawer, attach to a skirt hanger and we’ve even mastered the almost impossible maneuver of one hand styling while the other hand is holding the weft. Burn much? When it comes to washing extensions, how much of a pain is it, trying not to soak the top of the weft or tangling the hair… and how many times have we dropped wefts in the shower or the sink? For storage, let’s all confess, they go on a skirt hanger and it’s always a delicate game of trying not to crush the clips. And for travelling - Who else throws extensions in a sandwich bag? No? Just us? Well, here at M+B, we hear the cries of all our style savvy brothers and sisters and thanks to Hair Works, we bring you the answer! The hair works style caddy can hold one weft or a whole set of Milk + Blush clip in hair extensions with the small teeth design and clip down flap. The vented hair extension holder can also aid the air drying of your extensions - really whatever you need to do with your Milk + Blush hair - Hair Works has got you covered.

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