Full Head Hair Extensions - Classic Set

Full Head Hair Extensions - Classic Set
Full Head Hair Extensions are our most loved classics. The Black, Brown and Blonde hair extensions in our style are our favourite set and have been with us from the beginning. They are the original clip in hair extensions set offering gorgeous, thick hair and include a quad weft for extra, kickass volume! Classics are classics for a reason! Please select your shade of Brown, Blonde or Black hair extensions below.

150g 12-14" | 160g 16-18" | 180g 20-22" | 180g 24-26"

- Made with dreamy 100% Remy Human Hair

- 10 wefts

- Includes a Quad Weft for even more hair in each set

  • Fame or Shame
  • Good Vibes
  • Love This Feeling
  • Sweet Like Chocolate
  • Hot Toffee
  • With A Tan
  • St Tropez
  • Weekend In Malibu
  • Hold My Poodle
  • Oh My Gwen Stefani
  • Sweetie Darling
  • Honey Hustle
  • She Stole My Look
  • Girl Band
  • Second Base
  • Slayer
  • Parisian Dreams
  • Paparazzi
  • I Think We're Alone Now
  • I Said Red
  • Dye It Yourself
  • Oh My Ombre
  • Bel Air Baby!
  • Surfs Up
  • Spaced Out
  • Kiss The Girl

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- Perfect thickness

- Versatile styling

- Gorgeous looking hair with a natural finish



Full Head Hair Extensions - Classic Set are our most popular item. We were the first to create a real full head set of hair extensions that are beautifully thick whilst still using real Blonde, Black or Brown remy human hair. Many of the rival brands contain less than 100 grams of hair, the full range allows you to choose from 150 - 220 grams. Made with 100% Remy Human Hair, all our full head sets of brown, blonde or black hair extensions come with a Quad weft to give additional natural thickness and volume. Why go with a Quad Weft set? To put it simply a quad weft gives you more hair to play with and style to your liking. The range of shades of available across our colour palette of brown, black and blonde mean you will find the perfect shade to match.

The Full Head Hair Extensions - Classic Set is made with the wefts of hair detailed below. We don't use lots of "1 clip wefts" as filler. Many companies fill the sets with 6 of the 1 clip wefts meaning you only get 4 adequate size wefts - we use more full size wefts and fewer "1 clip wefts" -

1.5" x 2pc (1 clip)

4" x 5pc (2 clips)

6" x 2pc (3 clips)

8" Quad weft (4 clips)

10 pieces (total)

All full head sets include a Quad Weft - this is constructed from 4 wefts sewn onto a flat mesh. This allows more hair with fewer clips, making it easier to get a natural result for your desired style.


Product Use

The full head hair extensions are the best choice for extending the length of your hair and are essential for achieving a natural looking result. They’re also perfect for adding gorgeous volume and thickness to your tresses.


Hair Extensions Application & Fitting Guide

The full head hair extensions come with 10 wefts/ strips of hair. Wefts 1-8 are labelled to help you follow the fitting guide correctly.

Starting with weft number 1, open each hair extension clip by holding the clip at either end and pushing the middle until it clicks open. 

Section your hair at the lower nape and insert the weft into position 1 as shown on the diagram. Click the clip closed and repeat for each weft.

hair extensions application and fitting guide


Gently backcomb and hairspray the root of your own hair section, where the clip will be placed. This is great for making a strong grip for the clips to grip onto and is especially helpful for very fine or super soft hair types.

To blend any disconnection between your shorter hair and the extensions, simply have hair wefts 5-10 layered/ feathered starting from the shortest points in your hair. We recommend that you don’t cut the extensions yourself unless you are trained to do so. You can also fit the front wefts in at an angle. This will create a more ‘feathered’ shape around the face.


Customer Reviews 126 item(s)

Totally in love with these extensions! Best quality, colour match and thickness I have ever had in a set of extensions! I have so many compliments about how natural these look. Cannot wait to purchase another set in a longer length! Will never buy from anywhere else now!!
These extensions are by far the best I've ever had, I actually can't believe how lovely they feel even after dying and styling them, absolutely love them :)
I must say, I am VERY impressed with the extensions. The colour MATCHES my hair PERFECTLY, I have ordered hair extensions before from other websites and they are not as good as Milk and Blush Hair extensions. These are the best, the extensions are extra thick, really soft, and very good quality! I definitely recommend them! !
Great extensions! On my second set...lovely and thick at the ends!! Would be good to see some ombré coloured ones available too!

- Hi Maggie, great news for you - we now have Ombre shades available : )
Maggie Moon
I had these a few years ago and they were my favourite, I had since changed my hair colour and was nervous about ordering but they came and they match perfectly! So thick and make my hair look amazing I love them! Thanks :)
I must say, I am VERY impressed, I received the HK hair extensions today, and they are the best! The colour matches my hair PERFECTLY, and the customer care were super helpful! The extensions are extra thick, really soft, and very good quality! i defiantly recommend them!
I've worn extensions for years and always struggled to find somewhere I was 100% with until I ordered from dirty looks over a year ago! Would never buy from anywhere other than here!
Have worn hair extensions for around 10 years now and have always struggled to find good quality and for a reasonable price so when i stubbled upon HK extensions a few years ago I immediately fell in love! For the one set the thickness is brilliant! Used to have to buy 2 sets from other companies but NO MORE! They feel so luxurious and stay like that (as long as you look after them of course) for a minimum of 6 months! There is a huge variety of colours and if you're not sure, theres a little 'tester' one in the kit so you don't have to end up paying for extensions that aren't the right colour! Also HK offer a colour match service which i've used! They're also super easy to blend into your hair which is a MUST for extensions. I've been buying HK extensions for the past few years now and I will never look back!
I have been using your hair extensions for almost three years now (whilst waiting impatiently for my natural hair to grow!) and they are perfect! I have had many previous disasters with online hair extenstions so I was very dubious to by online again, however a friend recommended them and I'm very pleased I took their advice. It's amazing how a bit more length in hair can improve my confidence. I very much recommended these extensions, I have couloured ombré blonde hair and the Girl Band highlights extensions match perfectly and are great condition! Thank you very much Milk and Blush for your great service and excellent quality extensions over the years ! :)
I used to just go to a local hair extensions shop and fork out on extensions at least 4/5 times a year but when I decided to get some from here, I fell in love! I received so much help with finding the perfect shade and my last pair have lasted at least a year! Buying some more as we speak. Will always come here for my hair (and the quad weft is amazing!)
I ordered my first set of extensions from here at the beginning of the month & i'm so glad i did !
The quality of hair is amazing very soft doesn't tangle & very glossy.
The delivery was so quick i ordered on a friday they were with me by saturday afternoon ready for my night out ,
I ordered the 24-26" which i think are closer to a 24" which is the only thing id like to see different as i would love them to just be that bit closer to the 26 inch as i love them really long but its not going put me off ordering again as in general i think they are great quality & lovely set :)
I ordered the longest length and to be honest i was concerned about how it would look on shoulder length hair. It turned out to look great! The extensions are super soft and thick! Very fast shipping to Germany and very nice customer service! I would definitely recommend them to everybody!
I purchased my last set almost a year ago and they've hardly shed, still full thick and shiny and people actually come up to me saying they love it! I am about to order my third set of extensions as I've now gone lighter and can't use the old set anymore. They're the best extensions I've ever used, I've paid hundreds to have micro lock extensions permanently fitted in the past and even they're not as good quality as Dirty Looks extensions! I've even washed them a couple of times myself and they're still in perfect condition. Delivery is super quick I usually get mine the next day after I've ordered. I've recommended dirty looks to all my friends who have considered clip ins! Long term customer now!
I love these hair set of clip ins that I have had regarding how it's been thought out as and also the quality of hair and colouring...customer service is exellent the little details like numbering the wefts and the shadematcher make all the difference...would highly recommend :)
Best customer service ever experienced! Thumbs up!
I could not be happier with the quality of hair, I have used this company for the past few years and will be ordering my third pack! last so long and still look great. love them!!
Verdict:- WOW !! 10/10.. I purchased the 16-18'' HK Full Head Hair Extensions in Feb and soon got used to the way they feel on my head. I am totally in love with them and they really do LOOK AND FEEL REAL !! Thanks Dirty Looks x x x
I was not really sure about ordering extensions online as I was concerned I would not get a perfect colour match. However, after hearing so much about Dirty Looks I was persuaded!

I ordered these extensions in a 90's Blonde shade first of all and the colour wasn't quite a perfect match. So a little tip would be to make sure you send the girls at Dirty Looks a picture taken outside for them to be able to see exactly what colour would match you best. The extensions were really easy and simple to return, they credited my account with the amount I paid for the extensions and I ordered some more. They came a few days ago and I am totally in love.

The quad weft may be the greatest thing to ever happen to hair extensions. The quality is brilliant and I can't believe I ever wasted my money buying extensions from anywhere else!

Thanks so much Dirty Looks :)
My friend recommended these extensions to me and I love them! Best extensions I've ever had!

I wore them almost every day and they've lasted me over a year and a half! And the colour matched perfectly!

Definitely purchasing a new set due to a colour change! :)
Back last year I wasn't really sure about these extensions but they looked nice on my friend so I thought I would get some too.

Well I'm sooooo pleased that I did! They've lasted longer than other extensions I've had but main thing is they just look nicer in my hair.

Highly recommend! I've just ordered my third set to go with my new hair colour xx
I received my extensions today and I couldn't be happier! I was amazed at the amount/length of hair and the quality. These seriously top any I have had in the past! Never looking for extensions anywhere else again :) Thank you Dirty Looks!!! xxx
I have been using HK hair extensions for years and would never go anywhere else, this has just been reconfirmed in my most recent purchase which I received today. I ordered some new Butterscotch Highighlights in 20-22inc which match my natural hair colour perfectly. I ordered and paid for them through pal pay at the checkout on Monday and they arrived NEXT DAY. Perfect customer service from the lovely staff, the extensions are as always thick and perfect and the clips are amazing! they are small and grip your hair really well. I have received so many compliments on nice my hair looks at work today with my new ones in, super pleased AS ALWAYS - see you in 6 months for my next set Jo XOXOXOX
I received my extensions yesterday, I think they're amazing. I have such thick hair already and they go perfectly, I definitely recommend them! I bought Manhattan Highlights in 16-18 inches which is the perfect length and colour, very happy indeed!
I have them about a month now, and i love them. They are still soft, minimal shedding with them. I style them always a bit fluffy and poofy. They also arrived very quickly.
So, I happy with them.
I bought this Extensions and they are awesome *-*
Love them.
I just received my 20-22" California Highlighted hair extensions and I just love them! They blend perfectly with my own hair and give me the extra volume I needed! I highly recommend them!
I ordered the extensions on 31. January and received them yesterday (04.February). The shipment is so fast, I was really surprised! Also the quality of the extensions is amazing, they look really good. The color matches too.
The only "problem" I have is that my hair is really voluminous and the extensions make them even more voluminous. But with the right hairstyle my hair looks amazing - long and the right amount of volume.
Thank you dirty looks! I hope I'm gonna be able to use the extensions for a looong time :)
I've been buying and wearing hair extensions for years and every set off clip ins I've bought have been thin & ratty.. but these are AMAZING! thick, soft, look natural. love love love them! had microbonds for a couple off years too and could never find a good enough alternative and now I have. THANKYOU xxxxx
I just received de L.A. blonde wheat blonde 16/18 inch... So happy about them. This is the first time that I bought hair extensions so I was kind of afraid that I picked the wrong ones. But they really are beautiful, thick and match my hair perfectly! Thanks :-)
It took just 4 working days until i received my HK hair extensions to Germany. I'm very satisfied with the quality of the hear, the colour and also the length. The package was also very qualitative and kept the extensions safe.
I RECOMMEND these to everyone!
Have tried so many different brands but Dirty Looks really is the best I've ever had. The thickness is amazing, no other brand can compare to these ones. These hair extensions look so natural. I've recommended them to everyone.. For such a good price! My thin, short hair looks gorgeous every single day with my Dirty Looks. Love for you DL xoxox keep up the good work!
When i first looked at the reviews i just thought it was just like any other product, BUT honestly its the best! The hair is so nice and thick and believably nautural!!! i've always dreamt of having hair that would fall past my shoulders exceedingly and i thought it was a dream to good to come true but in a sense it has and has made such a difference and i just frickin love this product!
Aspyn Coleman
Used this company for almost 2 years now, favourite extensions out of all other brands! Ordering another full head next month, would definitely recommend!!!
i am so happy with my extentions and recieved them very fast and i would recommend headkandy to everyone. very satisfied. :) xx
Loving my extensions they blended beautifully!
Received hair today and now I feel amazing, no more short hair!! Yay! Super quick delivery too! Best hair out there!
Thank you so much for your help and trying to determine the color of my hair.

I decided to take my chances and I went ahead and ordered 22inch hair extensions in California Highlights. I really liked the shade on the picture, and I figured if it won't match my hair, I will just get my hair dresser to color my hair to match it.

I received the extensions today and I couldn't be happier! They match PERFECTLY. I am really stunned considering I have 100 colors in my hair. I love the length and the quality is great!.. Not to mention the fast shipping! I can't wait to show it off to everyone!!

Thank you so much!
Thank you for your customer care and speedy delivery such a great company and amazing extensions as well!
Hi, decided to order the 20-22" extensions in spiced auburn (after much debate with my flatmates lol) The picture you emailed was so much clearer than the one on the website so I decided to go for this option. They are PERFECT!!!! Like i actually couldnt of made a better match if i had a million different shades to choose from. I like how they have little lighter and darker bits so they really help blend in with your hair and shine so pretty in pictures. I would have completly ordered the wrong ones if i hadn't of emailed you so extremly glad I did! Thanks to Ocean, you've been a great help in achiving my ginger rapunzel look! Haha
I wanted to let you know that I received the hair today ! Love the colour thank you will defo be spreading the word on how great your customer service was
I would like to thank you for such a wonderful set of hair extensions. I have purchased these hair extensions and I must say these are the best clip in hair extensions on the market! I have purchased three sets, two were the darkest brown 20-22 inches long and I received a 20-22 inch set yesterday which were the butterscotch highlights as I am dying my hair. The colour is gorgeous and so natural looking. The ends of the hair are so thick compared to other brands which have very thin tatty ends! I am so happy with the customer service also. My previous sets have lasted me a year and I don't really look after hair extensions, I curl, straighten them everyday and back comb them all the time but they still manage to last me a year and that is excellent.

I just wanted to thank you for being such an amazing hair extension company and please keep it up, your hair extensions are amazing and I need them to stay amazing.

I am really pleased and absolutely love them!! Especially for the price as well, it's a bargain. So long and thick!

Thank you so much Dirty Looks
I gained my Butterscotch Highlight- Extensions today and OMG I love them!!! They totally fit with my natural haircolor. I'm so overwhelmed, never felt this way for the last 3 years.

I just want to thank you so very very very much!!! You beautify my life!
I just want you to know how impressed I am with the service that your company offers. The hair extensions for my daughter are a perfect match and I am so impressed that you managed to get them right on the first time just with some photos sent to you.

They are brilliant quality and I will most certainly recommend your company to others.

Thanks very much for a wonderful service
Just to say thank you for all your help, my mum ordered my extensions on Friday night and they came this morning, they are a perfect match I don't think I could of got a better match to be honest. I am so pleased with them.
Thank you all
Thanks very much! They arrived today and look absolute great - just what I wanted. Brilliant customer service! I will definitely be recommending to all of my friends :)
my extensions arrived today and they are a perfect match!!! I'm so happy with them xx
I just want to say these are the best hair extensions i've ever had!!! i've been wearing extensions for 5 years! so was very worried to try new ones....gotta say best thing i did!

there gorgeous! very natural!

and also the delivery time was excellent - not even 24hrs! brilliant.

the girls at Dirty looks are so lovely, helped me a lot with giving me advise and reassuring me about purchasing them and they were not just doing it to sell there product everything i was told def followed through! and they were very easy to talk too!

Thanks again Dirty Looks i'm a new long-term customer! :)
I just received my 24-26” clip in extensions yesterday and I was totally amazed at how beautiful they are! I have purchased other sets through different sources to be disappointed each time at how thin and uneven the ends were. I finally came across this site while browsing the Internet and figured it had to be a nice product after reading the amazing reviews. As hesitant as I was, I gave it a try and ordered yet another set. I couldn’t believe the quality and thickness of the hair right down to the ends! This is after almost a year of research but regardless, I am so happy! After my experience, you have all my references along with following purchases. Your product is truly beautiful from top to bottom!!
I received my hair extensions this morning and everything it`s perfect like always!
thank you very much!
I love your extensions and have re-purchased 4 times already and will continue to in the future! I recommend you guys to everyone, Im so impressed with your customer service.
Thanks again
I'd like to confirm that all the reviews are correct... HK's customer service is top draw.
Soooo pleased with these and thanks for good service and helping me get the right ones xx
Absolutely LOVE these extensions! Ordered them at 4.00 on Friday with next day delivery, expecting them next week seeing as they were being delivered to Northern Ireland, but they arrived the next morning! Perfect length and colour - usually get paparazzi highlights but went one shade brighter to 90s blonde, 20-22", and was afraid it would be really bleach, but it was the perfect shade. So quick delivery, thank you so much, defs be buying again! :) x
Really good quality, Extensions are really soft and pretty.
This was my first time purchasing hair extensions with you guys and I just want to say I am soo happy! They came in the mail about a week after I ordered them and the packaging was too cute! I will say I thought the hair was going to be a little darker (I ordered ESPRESSO) but honestly it worked out better since my hair has lightened up. The thickness is perfect. I put them in right away and am obsessed! I definitely plan on being a permanent customer with Dirty Looks. I am so pleased with my hair! Thank you so much!
By far the best extensions I've ever had, I've worn extensions for a good 5 year from different places but will not compare to these, worth every single penny. Look and feel so real, and lovely and thick!! I recommend these to everybody. X
I bought some 'head kandy' hair extensions three years ago off the actual website and LOVED THEM, so when it came to buying some more I was a bit dubious when I discovered HK was now sold on 'Dirty Looks.' Nonetheless I took the plunge and bought a full head set in California Highlights and I am absolutely in love with them. They were amazing quality, a perfect match and they came brilliantly packaged. I really loved the tester weft idea which gave you the opportunity to try before you buy and return or exchange. I will be recommending Dirty Looks to everyone, particularly their HK range!!
My hairdresser friend recommended this website and I can honestly say she did not put me wrong. I love my new hair extensions. They are great quality. Delivery was fast and the packaging is simple. I loved the idea of trying 1 piece to see if it matches your hair colour and then you can decide to keep them or return them.
These hair extensions are amazing I received them today after only ordering them yesterday the customer service was very help full and helped me match my colour perfectly if your thinking off getting these extensions I would recommend them highly the quality of the hair is so good and i will be ordering again in the future thank you dirty looks again for all your help :)
I've had so many different hair extensions, but these are the best by far! The hair is such good quality and so thick! Also had loads of help with choosing the right colour, great customer service! Definitely worth the money for perfect hair!
I love this thick luscious hair!
Absolutely love these! I've had many clip in extensions in my life, but these are the best I've ever had. I have the 24-26 inch. I had to cut off a little, or it would make me look like a mermaid, but the 20-22 would've been too short. The quality is amazing. Usually the ends of all the extensions I have had were thin. But these are so full and beautiful! And the color match is amazing. Would repurchase if needed!
absolutely loved these i've had mine for about 4 months now and have done literally every style with them and there still in great condition x
As a first time buyer of extensions, I was very weary to spend money on hair I couldn't see or feel. But honestly it is the best investment I've ever made. The hair is SOO soft and thick. This company's customer service is amazing. They ALWAYS emailed me back the very next day. Dirty Looks is truly something special. I received my order (overseas!) in 6 days. If they had a bumper sticker or shirt I would definitely represent. Love love love!
i got my Hair Extensions in the post today and i couldn't be more pleased,i have searched for the perfect hair extensions for years and they were dry or far to thin and dirty looks full head extensions are PERFECT!
They give you a guided booklet of everything you need,including an amazing guide to help you apply your new hair.
i could not recommend this product more highly!
I just got my extensions in the post today:) They are a perfect match! I love them. Thank you so much. Very impressed with the fast service and very user friendly website. I will be a repeat customer and I shall let my friends know all about your product! Thanks again,
Just a email to say thank you so much for your help, they've come through so quick, the colour you suggested is a perfect match! The hair is incredible, so soft, I've never had better extensions in the 6 years I've been wearing them I'm so impressed, and I've recommended all my frIends already!
Thanks again :) :)
I would just like to say that I have been wearing your extensions for a year now and my first set is still holding up very well! I will never wear any other brand of extensions. You are all running such an amazing company!
Hi, I just want to say thank you so very much for such a GREAT product!!! I got the 20-22 inches 180g I honestly couldn't believe how thick they were when I first got them. I have very thick hair myself and a lot of hair extensions I've tried were too thin. There is just so much hair, enough to have tons in the back while having tons in the front. The hair is so soft and shiny. Another good thing - They DO NOT SHED! This is the FIRST hair extension brand I have brought that do not shed. I was amazed. When I brush them, hair does not fall or break off. They look wonderful curled or straight. Thank you once again, This is defiantly the place where I will be getting my hair extensions from!!!!
I'm just writing to let you know I just received my gorgeous extensions today. I'm beyond happy ..not only does the color match PERFECTLY but the quality is superb. I just can't stop running my fingers through it. I am a very satisfied customer and will continue to order from you for all my extensions. I've tried out my fair share of clip ons and your extensions blow them all out of the water! Thanks for your patience with me and for amazing customer support and service!
I absolutely love your hair extensions, I just ordered my third pair in butterscotch highlights 24-26" I can't wait to get them and dye my hair to match. I wear them every day and each set has lasted at least a year of constant curling. (with heat protectant spay of course) When I'm done with them cause they've started to thin over time I always give them to a friend because there still better after a year of use than salon quality extensions. I recommend them to everyone when the topic of extensions comes up. I have used all types of extensions and headkandy clip-ins are truly the best. I have never been more satisfied with a product. Thanks so much all the way from Newfoundland, Canada!
I ordered a full set of 20" LA blonde hair extensions, which arrived extremely quickly. The quality and the quantity of the hair is amazing, the colour is matching perfectly : )The customer service was excellent, so i couldn't be more happier. Im so glad that i chose you guys.
Received my hair extensions just one day after ordering them! Best delivery ever, they are PERFECT match and I've fallen in love, they are so thick and make my hair look fabulous! They are without a doubt worth the money!!! Must have girls, just make sure you email pictures of your hair for the best look! Thank you so so much x
The extentions have arrived. Its perfect match. Thanks ever so much for the great costumer services. I am already wearing them, and they look fantastic! So much so that my collegue just ordered some from you as well!

Thanks a billion again! You guys rock!
just wanted to email to say thankyou!!

your extensions are amazing, they are so thick and the colour on the screen looks the exact same in real life.
cannot wait to wear them!!

i would recommend these to anyone :)
Got my extensions today! There amazing, absolutely brill. Perfect colour match, really thick and soft, best extensions I've ever had and I will definitely be staying with you! Thanks very much
hi i just wanted to say thank you so much for my hair extensions i absolutely love them im a hair stylist myself in a very good hair salon in ireland an iv recommened your site to loads of my clients even the ones who are used to getting extensions from other sites! i find the hair amazing so silky never knots iv had such bad experience with hair extensions here in ireland there isnt a great selection to choose from but when i found this site i was thrilled thanks again

Just to let you know i love your hair extensions i have had 3 sets and they where all in perfect condition and recommended you to all off my friends i think you customer service is outstanding.

i cant see myself ever using another brand ever again.
Omg I lovvvve my extensions just got them today thank you soooo much! Fast shipping too:) very happy and great customer service I will definitely repurchase my extensions from here from now on ! :)
I would just like to commend you on being a company with FANTASTIC customer service.
In the past 3 weeks I have been in a refund war with ASOS and yet I return an item to you and within a week I get the refund sorted out.
Not only that, but any time I order a product from you it arrives so fast especially since I don't live in the mainland of the UK.
Your products are of the highest quality and I know I can trust your advice on which colours would suit and I trust your company to sell me good products that are great value for money.
Your customer services are always so helpful with any query I have ever had too.
I work in a customer service role too and I know sometimes it can become bogged down in complaints so I would just like to say a massive thank you to you guys for everything and to let you know I am constantly recommending you at any opportunity I have.
I love my new hair extensions and look forward to my next purchase!
I wanted to let you know that I received my hair extensions today (24" Butterscotch highlights) and it is my 3rd time ordering your product. The first time was in Spring of 2011 it was a 24" Espresso set. I used those for a good 8 months and they were always gorgeous and blended perfectly with my dark brown hair. Then, in August 2012 I ordered 20" melted chocolate set with a seperate quad weft in 16". I have been using those ones daily since I received them (Including for my wedding!) and they still look as good as ever but, recently I decided I want to go lighter for spring and therefore ordered the Butterscotch highlights 24" set and will take them to my stylist to match my hair to them! I just wanted to say that I am so happy with every single purchase I have made from you and I always receive so many compliments on my hair, I actually just referred my friend today once she saw my new ones and she made her first purchase within 10 minutes of seeing the quality! I will be doing a review on my youtube channel for my melted chocolate ones as well as my new ones and I wanted to let you know!

Thanks again!
I was so pleasantly surprised, and am ecastatic at how fantastic these extensions are. They are not as dark as I thought they were, and they are a perfect match to my actual hair.

Your customer service has been phenomenal. I really with we had this quality of service in the U.S!!!
I have never written an online review before, but I got my extensions in the mail today and I had to write! The color is beautiful and the hair is amazing, they are by far and away the best extensions I have ever purchased. Well worth the money and they arrived very quickly! I love them and will recommend them to all my friends!
Thanks so much! I checked a Ton of videos of the manhattan highlights to get a feel for the shade and chose a quad weft of that! Ordered it this morning. By the way, I just want to compliment y'all on your continuing spectacular customer service and great quality. I bought from y'all in May and they are still perfect! I've boughten previously from Euronext, foxy, and luxy and the quality is absolutely terrible. I actually ordered some in January from foxy just to try to switch it up and within 2 weeks they were beyond thinning, shedding everywhere, and 5 minutes after putting them in my hair they start rats nesting up.

I just hope y'all enjoy some positive comments! Thanks so much
Can't remember if I already emailed about my clip in hair extensions so just incase....

They are amazing! Brilliant colour match from the photos I sent, very good quality so much so that my hairdresser had asked for your website address. Thank you very much!
I just wanted to tell you that I received my extensions on Sat., and I have been wearing them all weekend!!! They look and feel beautiful! As for the color, Cappuccino Highlights, it is a perfect match!!!! I can't thank you enough for your help and reassurance. You have a wonderful quality product. I felt so lovely wearing them, I didn't want to take them off! :p

Thanks again, :)
I received my hair extensions yesterday after only ordering them on Tuesday - very fast delivery which is great.

I chose manhattan highlights after our conversations below and the colour is perfect.

Just wanted to say thanks. I'm made up with them.
Wow! I just received my order and I am in shock with how in love I am with the hair! I am a redhead and I was so scared that this hair wouldn't match but it is gorgeous and it looks so natural. Not to mention how much hair there is! I love this site, and I'm going to recommend it to all of my friends!
I just received my Extensions and I have to say that they are the most beautiful Clip-In Extensions I have ever seen.
They matched me up perfectly (the color couldn't be more exact), the delivery and payment procedure was easy and fast and the customer service was very helpful and kind.
I would definitely recommend the site and if I need some extensions again, I know where I to order them!

Just thought i would let you know that i received my hair extensions yesterday and OMG the colour is PERFECT! I have struggled to find a colour match for so long but also a thickness that will blend in with my own thick hair and i have to say i am so impressed with the way these look.

I'm very excited to wear them.

Thanks again
Your super fast customer service still amazes me, even after 5 years of ordering from you :)
Today I received my third order of extensions from yourselves and as always, I am more than satisfied. I just wanted to let you know how much I love them! Delivery is always quick (ordered Wednesday night, arrived Friday morning) and the quality are amazing! A little bit of customer service makes such a difference. :)
Just a quick one to say thank you to the girls that previously dealt with me. The customer service was excellent and friendly.. (Something thats hard to come by now) . I was worried the extensions wouldnt match as a hairdresser I have a lot of toners. Today I recieved my extensions in less that 24 hours and after toning them at work they are perfect and such good quality. Will be back when I need new ones.
Thanks again :)
love my hair extensions, ordered the brown/black 20"-22" clip in hair, was worried because of the length they might look thin but they are perfect blend into my hair very well and very silky soft and shiny. i would deffo recommend these hair extensions to anyone they are by far the best ive tried and worth every penny. Also delivery was very fast, will shop here again! :D
I am thrilled with my new extensions!!!!

I ordered on Tuesday and they arrived at my place in Buffalo, New York on Monday. I couldn't get them opened fast enough as I've already witnessed how great they looked on my sister whom raved about the product.

I ordered the color "organic" and it matched my dyed hair perfectly! The quality was nothing less than amazing and the instructions were clear as day. I ordered the 16-18" hair to blend with my collar bone length locks. I thoroughly enjoyed the length, and volume they added to my hair. I curled the ends slightly to help them blend and they looked so amazing, I couldn't stop smiling! Definitely a huge confidence boost!

I definitely love this quality of hair and I will only continue to purchase through you in the future!!
I received my hair extensions today and was so impressed by the quality and weight of the extensions. I have worn glue and weave extensions for years and am now giving my hair a well deserved rest. I have never used clip ins as they have always been to thin, these are amazing!!!!!!!

I have a pea sized head so have hair left over but cannot recommend them enough, great quality, weight and colour!
I just wanted to write a quick email of thanks for the AMAZING product you offer. I have searched for an entire year for good hair extensions, and I finally found you. These are my first set of extensions, and I couldn't be happier with the quality and look of them. They are a PERFECT match to my highlighted blonde hair (I ordered Manhattan Highlights.) The shipping was super quick as well, I received them within four days of ordering. Please accept my thanks and keep on making the amazing products that you offer!
Several months ago I decided to pursue my dream of having long hair and get extensions, I've never been able to grow my hair longer than my shoulders due to a vitamin deficency, so I began to endlessly reasearch every kind of extension possible. I wanted clip in ones because i didn't want them to damage my already brittle hair. After weeks of watching reviws on youtube, researching how many grams is a good amount, and debating over price, I came across you. The majority of reviews praised them, but I did find some odd reviews saying they were a scam, well I can fully testify that they are NOT a scam. They are awesome!!!!! I ordered them on a thursday and recieved them exactly six days latter in the United States. I ordered iced coffee in 16-18 inches which was more than enough hair. The quality is amazing, they look and feel just like my real hair, no one can tell the difference. I will never order from any where else! You guys rock!
I can't begin to explain how happy I am with my new long, thick, beautiful extensions :) shipping was sooo fast . I ordered them on Tuesday and received them on Monday I didn't think I was going to be able to wear them to my event Friday and now that I have them I'm going to look fabulous. After sending customer service s picture of my hair color they emailed me back right away with the volt they thought matched perfectly, I was scared at first to see if the extensions matched my hair color and thank God they did :) .....Thank you so much headkandy you guys are the best :)
I have just received my hair extensions and I have never ever been so happy with some clip ins!!! I have never used you before but they are amazing and will be telling everyone how good they are! The fact that they are already cut and nice and thick all the way to the ends is fantastic and a first!!!! I will be using your company from now on with out a doubt!
I just wanted to say that I just got my hair extensions in, and they are by far the best ones I have ever seen. I am absolutely in love, and probably the happiest girl in the world right now. I love love love them. After my last experience with ordering extensions online I was really hesitant. So thank you so much.
I recieved my extensions today, and I am so happy with them!
I was a little worried that they'd be too dark (I ordered Soho black as recommended to me), but they blend perfectly with my own hair! I purchased them for added thickness to my already long hair, and while my hair is a tad longer, they still blend amazingly length-wise. I am so impressed with how well they blend.
And the thickness is outstanding; there is so much hair, I can't even wear all the pieces at once! It is so thick and soft, and such great quality!!!

Thank you for your product and service!
OMG !! I just revived my extensions ! They are so beautiful & long ! The shed a little but what extensions don't ! They hold curls so nicely ! Thank you so much for all the help your customer is amazing ! I will recommend these extensions to friends defiantly ! I love that they are thick because it matches my hair thickness ! I was so afraid they wouldn't match my color but they did ! They matched perfectly ! Thank you so much I will defiantly order another pair when these ones get old
Just wanted to say thanks so much the hair is absolutely perfect! I've been an extension wearer for years now and have never found such hair with such good colour match, length and condition as this hair. I ordered the 18' Butterscotch highlights full head pack and love how much hair comes with the pack along with the guide explaining where each bit of hair should go! They arrived so quickly which was perfect as I wanted them for a specific event so I was so happy when they arrived way earlier than I ever expected.

Will for sure be recommending your hair extensions to everyone! Thanks!
This was the first time I had ever bought clip in extensions, though I'm far from a hair extensions virgin. I have been buying human hair wefts and having them glued to my scalp for years, but even if it looks good, let's call a spade a spade: it is uncomfortable when sleeping, the hair will not last long if you wash it (which I am prone to do every other day out of basic hygiene), and it is a nightmare to remove (unless you enjoy seeing bald patches on your head!).

I did my research and decided to take the dive and buy clip in extensions online, and you were by far the most consistently positive-reviewed brand, which I trust far more than what a business will write about their own product. I know hair- hair is like shoes: you get the quality you pay for. You want to wear them a couple times then toss them because they are scuffed, discolored and worn out? Buy the H&M pair. You want a pair that will stay sturdy, beautiful and comfortable for a long time of use? Buy the Louboutins. You are the Louboutin of the hair world as far as I'm concerned; the slight increase in price (compared to other popular Remy clip in extensions) represents the extra effort that is made on the company's part to spend time, research, and money on providing the customer with the better product.

So I tip my hat to your customer service (you quickly answered my email requesting that my shipping info be sent to a different email than my PayPal one), speedy delivery (3 days to get to NYC), professional & lovely packaging, clear instructions, and of course a beautiful set of silky, shiny, strong 20" hair wefts.

Congratulations on your company's success- it is well deserved. I look forward to telling my friends and online followers about my wonderful experience.
I just wanted to let you know that your extensions, were a complete hit! I would recommend them to anyone, I wore them for my senior prom, and I cannot even count how many compliments I recieved. ALSO, you guys rocked with customer service. I just seriously want to thank you! They were finaminle!
I have just recieved my 4th set of your hair extensions I love them so much I just cant get enough of them I always chose yours when I need a new set as they are just AMAZING!!! They are always the perfect colour and the thickness of them is unreal! They are the best extensions I have ever purchased and keep coming back for more! And they are so affordable! :)
I just wanted to let you know that I recieved my Hair Extensions and I LOVE them! Thank you!

Even though I already have long hair, I have been wearing hair extensions for the last 3 years on and off for extra thickness and volume. But recently I had my hair dyed lighter (ombre), therefore I needed a new set. I had my heart set on not only a much longer length, but also a set that would be thick and full. So after extensive research, I came across you.

As I am in Australia, I was a little hesitant to purchase overseas, but I could not be happier with my little leap of faith. I ordered the 24 - 26" in Hot Toffee and 8 days later I recieved them!

I am amazed at the quality and the amount of hair...I have been wanting a gorgeous set like this for so long! (Wish i would have known about you guys earlier!) I have worn them everyday since receiving them, and I have recieved such lovely comments about my one even realises I have extensions in! Even my hairdresser was extremely impressed!

Thank you so much for producing such a quality product and for delivering them so promptly. I absolutley adore my hair extensions and I am so grateful!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Hope you are all having a wonderful day!
My extensions came and they're perfect once again!

It doesn't matter what colour I dye it, I always find a perfect match:)

And the delivery was so fast!

Thanks so much :)
I am writing to thank you for your superb service as always. I am a regular customer who purchases your extensions say 3 or 4 times a year and you never let me down!

Thank you very much, hope to do business with you again soon.

Thank you for your help and prompt replies.
Lovely customer service, a breeze to contact. A rarity these days.

Thanks again :)
Just wanted to FINALLY write a review on the extensions I ordered forever ago. First of all, I was very skeptical of spending a large amount of money on hair extensions that I had never tried before. I read every review and watched every YouTube video I could find about this hair and finally decided to order 180 grams of "Organic". I've never been more pleased with clip-ins, and I'm a cosmetologist! I figured I would wait to write a review about them until I had used them enough to make sure they held up nicely to my excessive styling habits. They did! I wear them all day, at least 5 out of 7 days of the week, curling them or flat-ironing them every time. Oh, and did I mention that I've had them for almost 3 years and they're still my daily hair extensions?! I've had to trim maybe an inch off of them, and they look just as beautiful as the day that I received them. The color hasn't faded in the slightest, and the clips are just as sturdy as day 1. Thank you for making such an incredible set of clip-ins. :)
Don’t usually do this but i’m so impressed with your service I thought i’d send a comment- such good service, super fast delivery, lovely packaging and beautiful hair extensions. Couldn’t ask for a better quality product :)

Thanks so much !!!
I just wanted to say thank you for matching my hair so well.

I got my extensions today and I could not be happier with them!!! I have worn extensions for over the past 3 years including weft and clip in and these are the best quality hair I have ever used.

Also your small clips make it so much easier to hide the hair that's closest to the top of my head. I couldn't be happier.

Thanks so much :)
I just wanted to say how impressed I was again with everything from you guys! The customer service was excellent and they arrived the next day, were the perfect colour, perfect length and super soft!

These are bar far the best extensions and colour matches I've ever had!

Thanks again for everything!!
I received my extensions after only one week and I live all the way in South Carolina, USA. I was a little nervous about how they would look in my hair because I'm biracial (black/white), but they blend seamlessly into my hair! It came beautifully with way more than enough hair and the espresso color is a beautiful and flawless match too. I will be recommending this product to girls of all hair types who want a confidence boost or just want to look their absolute best. Thanks again for my new glamorous yet everyday look!
First off I would like to say I love my extensions !!! They are definitely the thickest hair extensions I have purchased. They also came packaged very nicely ! And they came in fairly quickly (5days) coming from Britain to California ! Not to mention you guys have excellent customer service! I was very impressed with that too. I told all my friends how Amazing my hair extensions were and they are going to order some too. I will definitely be ordering my extensions from your company again! Thank you thank you thank u :)
I just received my extensions this morning. I can't thank you enough, i'm so glad i took your advice on the color its PERFECT! my hair blends into them so well both in natural light and in photographs. its my birthday this weekend and i can't wait to debut my new hair. i have extremely thin/fine hair and for the first time in my life i feel confident about my hair, thank you again! i'll definitely be recommending headkandy to all of my friends and purchasing from you again whenever i dye my hair.
I just wanted to go ahead and share a review with everyone who might be looking here for their next set (or first set in my case!) of hair extensions. Everything that everyone has written is absolutely true. I was looking into different brands of extensions for quite awhile and was finally brought to this site because of the great reviews I had been seeing around the internet on this brand. I wasnt really sure what to expect since i had never used extensions before and really didnt know anyone who had. As recommended, I sent some photos to the team here to get my color matched and they were just spot on! It matched my hair flawlessly. The customer service is really amazing. The package arrived before I was expecting it and they were so easy to put in. I just needed a day or two of practice and now im a pro! The hair really is fantastic quality, they just look so beautiful when clipped in and it can be done quickly. I am wearing them every day. I also wanted to say that I am a dancer and have been wearing them for that, they have not once yet slipped or came out. They just look so amazing and give me so much confidence.
I just wanted to write you a message to thank you for your help, advice and service!

I received hair extensions today. It was quick delivery and the hair was a perfect match to my hair! I was a bit unsure with the pictures of the colour adviced but I am so glad I followed the advice as the hair is a match! The hair is fantastic quality much better than any other extensions I have ever had. My hair is short and when the extensions are in you would never no is wasn't my hair!

I am so pleased with them and can not wait to the weekend. Thank you soooo much for your expertise! I will be back in the future and have recommended you to many of my friends.
I receive my hair extensions yesterday, I am soooooo pleased with them! They are such lovely quality & match perfectly!! The colour match service & customer services was brilliant! Thank you!!!! :) would highly recommend your products!
I don't ever write reviews but I just had to say how impressed I am with these extensions, I ordered them on Friday and they arrived on the Saturday morning! I have had fusion bond extensions twice before and these feel and look just as good as them if not better as they are £200 cheaper and do not damage your own hair! They are so easy to put in and the clips are super comfortable! The hair is so thick and luscious and I will definitely be purchasing them again!
Just wanted to say I love my extensions !!!!! Keep making them the way you do. They are absolutely lovely!
Ordered these at 7pm and they were with my the next morning, I;m shocked that you were able to deliver these so quickly. Great product and great service.
I've been a fan of these for some time now and definitely rate them as a 5 star product!

All our Hair Extensions are made with 100% remy human hair.  It takes years to grow the hair used in hair extensions so we kindly ask you to take care of your extensions. Our care team advises you to take extra care with your hair extensions compared to how you would treat your own hair.

Cleansing Your Hair Extensions

Hair extensions do not have the natural supply of oils and nutrients which our growing hair has. Therefore, extensions do not need to be washed as often as natural hair. Our care team recommends that you cleanse your hair extensions once every six weeks or when they have a significant build up of products. To cleanse the hair please carefully follow the following instructions.

Step One

Mix half a cup of warm water with a tablespoon of shampoo. Choose a moisture shampoo specifically for dry hair. Do not use shampoo for volume or for dyed hair.

Step Two

Fill a stain resistant sink or bowl with warm water. Mix the cup of diluted shampoo into the water. De-tangle your hair extensions by brushing out the ends, the mid-lengths and then from the roots to the ends. Gently place the hair extensions into the water and leave them for no more than 10 minutes. Do not swish or swirl the hair as this will cause tangles and never comb the hair extensions when they are wet.

Step Three

Remove the extensions from the shampoo mixture. Then rinse the hair under a running tap, holding the extensions at the top of the weft. Again do not swish the hair around, instead let the water run through the hair to rinse away the shampoo mixture.

Step Four

Gently squeeze out excess water and lay the extensions flat onto a towel. Apply a conditioning treatment to the hair extensions- a good quality repair treatment will be best. Fold the towel over the hair and leave for one hour and then rinse the product out.

Step Five

Apply more of the repair conditioner treatment or a leave in conditioner to the extensions. You can use a bit more than what you would use on your own hair because it is harder for extensions to get greasy. Fold them into a clean towel and leave overnight to dry naturally. You may wish to store them in a safe place in an airing cupboard to help speed things up a little.

Step Six

Once your extensions have dried naturally, you can comb through them, starting at the ends of the hair, the mid-lengths and then from the roots to the ends. Lastly, apply a heat protection product and straighten out one weft at a time. Finish off by smoothing a light smoothing product over the extensions.

Styling Your Hair Extensions

You can use heat tools such as straighteners, curlers and crimpers on hair extensions but just like our own hair, the less heat applied the better. Make sure to always use a good quality heat protection product which can be applied to the extensions before you use any heat tools. Do not hold heat tools on the extensions for long periods of time because hair extensions often curl and straighten far more quickly than our own hair. You may find it easier to style your extensions before fitting them into your hair. Hairspray is ok to use on the extensions but choose a high quality hairspray which can easily be brushed out and use sparingly as it does dry out. We do not recommend using sticky or greasy styling products on the extensions, styling with a light silky texture will be your best option.

Dyeing Your Hair Extensions

The extensions can only be dyed two shades darker. As the extensions have already been through a chemical process, they can’t be lightened or bleached. Additional lighting or bleaching is likely to affect the condition of the hair. The only extensions which can be dyed more than two shades darker are the ‘Dye It Yourself’ extensions. However as they are a neutral shade, they will need to be pre-pigmented prior to adding your dye. It is always easier to choose an extension shade which is already close to the target shade of dye you intend to use. You will need to use more dye than usual. Two boxes of dye per whole head of extensions is usually enough. You must completely saturate the extensions in dye to prevent an uneven result. We recommend applying dye to each strip of hair one at a time. As we do not accept returns on dyed hair extensions, you should ALWAYS perform a strand test first! This means dyeing just a few strands of the hair to check the result shade is correct. If you are happy with the result then you can dye the whole set of extensions. To apply the dye, use the flat palms of your gloved hands and pat the dye through the hair in a stroking motion from root to tip. Do not rub or tangle the hair. The maximum peroxide which can be used is 20vol (6%). Semi-permanent, permanent, quasi-permanent, toner and vibrant dyes can be used. The hair can be dyed more than once but remember, just as your own hair will become damaged from certain dyes, your hair extensions will too. Always follow the dye manufacturers instructions. Wear protective gloves and thoroughly rinse the dye from the extensions. Also, make sure that you follow the Hair care guidelines when washing and drying your extensions.


Use a hair bobble and hair net to keep your hair extensions together and then pop them back into the bag or box which they arrived in.

Shade match


OPTION 1 - Try our Shade Match Helper. It's a great way to browse a variety of hair shades to help you decide which shade will be best for you.

shade match

OPTION 2 - Our hair technicians are on hand to help you choose a shade. Drop us an email with pictures of your hair, our years of expertise will help you achieve the best match possible.

- Ensure your hair is worn down and the pictures show all of your hair
- Opt for head and shoulder shots instead of close ups
- Natural outdoor lighting is ideal, but no direct sunlight 






 UK   Next day or 3 days

 EUROPE   2 - 3 days

 USA + CANADA   3 - 6 days

 AUS / REST OF WORLD   4 - 10 days


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