Floss Gloss Pro Nail Lacquer - Nail Varnish / Con Limon

Floss Gloss Pro Nail Lacquer - Nail Varnish / Con Limon
Do you love all that’s neon? If so, you’re going to looove Con Limon, Floss Gloss’ amazing neon lime green nail varnish. Don’t get it twisted, you’re bound to stand out with this shade on your nails and you’re gonna love it! Amazing staying power and effortless application makes this nail varnish a total must have.

- Stunning neon lime green.
- Out of this world staying power.
- Cruelty free.

- Undeniable staying power.
- Amazing lime green shade.
- Chip resistant.
- Cruelty free.
- Effortless application.
- Nail salon glossy finish.


Shock everyone with the Con Limon nail lacquer. Neon Lime Green is always on trend, don’t get it twisted, gals you so need this to brighten up your life, no lie! The undeniable staying power and non chip formula of this nail varnish ensure that your nails are always rocking a nail salon glossy finish, too!

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