Dirty Grl Soap / Sweet Gummy Bears

Dirty Grl Soap / Sweet Gummy Bears
Candy may be dandy, and liquor may be quicker, but when it comes to cleaning yourself, we’re all about the pick’n’mix! Awaken your inner Willy Wonka with the Dirty Grl Sweet Gummy Bears Soap. Scented with the signature Dirty Grl fragrance, and containing coconut and shea oil to give your skin a helping dose of nourishment, this is one sweet treat that’s totally guilt free. Why have a boring bath when you can have one that your childhood self would be proud of?

-Come on, just look at it! Why wouldn’t you want these little guys adorning your bathroom?
-Glitter. Everyone loves glitter. No exceptions.
-Boasts nourishing and hydrating ingredients - not just a pretty face.
-Handmade gummy bear soap
-100% natural ingredients
-Vegan friendly soap


Get back in touch with your inner child with the Dirty Grl Sweet Gummy Bears Soap. This fun and unique handmade, vegan friendly soap makes bath time fun again but still appeals to your adult side with it’s impressive list of caring ingredients. Ingredients include: Purified water, glycerine, coconut oil, palm oil, safflower oil, jojoba oil, glitter exfoliant, sugar moisturizer, oat and soybean conditioner and shea oil

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