What Hair Extensions Last the Longest?

What hair extensions last the longest?

Once again, we’re here to answer all your queries on hair extensions, including knowing what hair extensions last the longest. So, to put your mind at rest and make your decision a lot easier, here’s another factual post on clip in hair extensions.

One question that pops up quite frequently is what hair extensions last the longest? But the truth is, it really does depend on how well you look after your hair extensions and how often you wear them. For some, their hair extensions can last up to six months- that’s if you wear them frequently and take good care of them, whilst others may find that their extensions can last up to a year! (that’s if you don’t wear them as often and look after them properly). Having said that, the type of hair extensions you choose does have an effect on how long they will last. Read on to find out why…

What hair extensions last the longest?

The quality of your hair extensions really does contribute to their lifespan. Hair extensions that are made from synthetic hair and come with a low price tag don’t tend to last long. whereas hair extensions that are made with real Remy human hair and are priced slightly higher will last much longer. That’s because Remy human hair is the highest quality standard of hair and is known for being the finest in the industry. The good thing about our hair extensions is that they are made with Remy human hair, which means you can bet your bottom dollar that these hair extensions last the longest- abiding that you look after them properly, of course!

However, if you find that your hair extensions are drying out or tangling easily, then there are a few things you can do to help them last longer. Besides making sure that you don’t use any harsh or alcohol products on your hair extensions and using sulphate free ones only, plus brushing them with a hair extension- friendly brush, you can also make hair extensions last longer by applying the silicone coating products to your extensions. These miracle-working products are the secret to prolonging the lifespan of your extensions and helping them to stay softer for longer- just make sure you use the silicone sealer sparingly, as they say- too much of a good thing can cause your hair extensions to become oily and matted.

So, it does depend on how well you look after your hair extensions. What else would you like to know about clip in hair extensions?


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