What Hair Brush Does What

What Hair Brush Does What

Whether you want to achieve a salon blow dry or style your way to silky soft tresses, all could not be possible without a decent hair brush. So, to familiarise yourself with what hair brush does what, here’s a bit about the brushes we stock here at Dirty Looks.

Best for hair extensions- Super Looper Hair Extension Brush

You’ve most probably heard us rave about the Super Looper Hair Extension Brush before but seriously, no other hair brush compares to it when it comes to looking after your hair extensions. Its gentle bristles mean that the brush doesn’t cut the hair strands and doesn’t cause the extensions to shed either. So, if you’re looking for a brush to be kind to your extensions, we suggest giving this one a hold.

Best for volume- Nano Silver Ceramic Brush

If you’re looking to take your hair to new heights, then the Nano Silver Ceramic Brush is easily one of our favourite volumising hair brushes. This brush is one of the styling tool staples to perfecting your salon blow dry, as it grips tightly to the hair without breaking it and allows you to curl the hair under and over to create voluminous curls, without the need of rollers. It's also available in different sizes, which means you can create as much volume as you desire when blow drying.

What hair brush does what

Best for sleek hair- Ibiza Hair Brush

Available in two sizes (55mm and 65mm), the Ibiza Brush is multi-functional. Although it intends on creating a voluminous bounce and is ideal for creating sassy blow dries, we think that the Ibiza also does a great job at achieving sleek tresses, too. That’s because its natural boar, retractable bristles invigorates the scalp and softens the hair for a silky smooth finish, whilst leaving a natural shine that no other nylon bristle brush could do.

Best for backcombing- Backcombing Brush

A brush that a hairstylist is never seen without is the backcombing brush. This backstage must-have hair brush does what every girl wants it to do- it creates the base and height for those ample-voluminous hairstyles. The backcombing brush is the kindest way of teasing your hair, without causing any damage or breakage to your tresses, plus, its slim design of bristles allows you to get right into the roots to backcomb as much volume as you want. Also, the backcombing brush doubles up as a great sectioning tool, too.

Now that you’re educated on what hair brush does what, you can rest assure that you’ll have the right hair brush to do exactly what you want it to do when your next perfecting your hairstyles!


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