Tips and Tricks for Managing Curly Hair

Tips 7 Tricks for Managing Curly HairFor the longest time, it seems the beauty world has been going mad for straight and wavy hair but now its the turn of the curl! With big hair making a comeback at fashion week, curly hair is more popular than ever. However, we know that sometimes curly tresses can be a bit unruly and difficult to handle so, here are our top tips for managing your curly hair!

Whether you are blessed with fab afro curls or beautiful corkscrew curls, the maintenance of curly hair alone can leave people clambering to their straightening irons. But we believe that curls are gorgeous and we think they should be maximised for the biggest impact possible this winter!

Tip One:

In order to make the most of your enviable spirals, our first piece of advice is to try not to shampoo your hair more than you need too. Shampoo can strip the natural oil from your hair which is a big problem for all girls, especially those with a curly mane to maintain! Curly hair requires much more moisture than other hair types which is why the amount of shampoo you use is so important.  However, feel free to apply conditioner in between washes to spruce up your style.

Tips and Tricks for Managing Curly Hair

Tip Two:

If you are blessed with curly locks, you should towel dry where possible. However, do not use a ‘scrubbing and rubbing’ motion, unless you want to cause unnecessary damage to your tresses! Instead, follow a scrunching motion as this will also help to define your curls.

Tip Three:

If you absolutely have to use heat appliances to dry your hair, then make sure you use the best heat protectant possible! In order to maximise your results but minimise your time using heat, use a diffuser when drying your hair. Just make sure that you keep the dryer moving in order to fight the frizz. It’s also helpful to point the hairdryer in the direction of the curl as this will result in sleek curls.


Tip Four:

Avoid hair brushes! Hair brushes are the worst for curly hair ladies as they will make your hair go POOF into a huge, unruly, undefined mop. Hair brushes also cause a large amount of breakage to curly hair, so it’s best to apply a detangling spray first and then use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to untangle the knots. It’s also a good idea to try combing your hair in the shower while you have conditioner in, as this may help combat tangles and knots.

Tip Five:

If you can, try to avoid colouring your hair as this can result in coarse, dry and dull looking corkscrews.

There’s a roundup of our top five tips for managing curly hair. Keep your eyes peeled for the next installment on how to keep your locks spiralled into raunchy ringlets. Also, we’ love to hear your curly commandments too, so get in touch with us at @BobbyGlam or leave a comment below!


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