The Benefits of Clip In Hair Extensions

The Benefits of Clip In Hair ExtensionsThe benefits of clip in hair extensions are endless. For those of us who long for but are unfortunately not blessed with Disney princess-esque locks, clip in hair extensions are an amazing alternative to achieving plenty of hair in an instant!

Although once you have decided to take the leap and get one step closer to your princess hair, you’re faced with the challenge of which set of hair extensions to go for. Do you go for clip-in hair extensions, sewn-in or glued in? Do you need them for extra length or thickness? Whatever your reasons, take a look at the benefits of clip in hair extensions and how you can achieve lustrous locks to suit your mane’s desires.

The Benefits of Clip In Hair Extensions

No Commitment

One of the main reasons we love clip-in hair extensions is because the change is only temporary! For some people, hair extensions are a treat to be worn for special occasions whilst for others, they are an everyday necessity. What’s great about clip-in hair extensions as opposed to glued or sewn in pieces, is that you have complete control over your lovely, long locks, meaning you can clip them in and style them however you please.

Dream Hairstyles

Everyone has their ideal head of hair, and clip-in hair extensions are perfect for helping you reach your dream hairstyle! If you dream of Blake Lively style tumbling tresses, you can purchase a full head set to replicate the look. If it’s gorgeous thickness you’re longing for, then you can use few single wefts or one quad weft to get the right amount of desired volume. Either way, they’re both benefits of clip in hair extensions.

Low Maintenance

If you’re looking for a quick and easy, low maintenance hair enhancer, clip-in hair extensions are the perfect option for you! As opposed to sewn in or glued in hair extensions which require a hairdresser to put them in and take them out, clip in’s can be fitted completely by yourself. Simply clip them in, tease, style, and you’re ready to go!

The Benefits of Clip In Hair Extensions

Less Damage

One of the most common questions we are asked at Dirty Looks is, ‘Will the extensions damage my hair?’ The answer to that is no! Unlike sewn in and glued in hair extensions, of of the benefits of clip in hair extensions is that they don’t cause thinning or breakage to your hair (think Britney Spears, eek!) as they don’t pull on the hair as much. Instead, they are much gentler as they do not permanently sit on your head.

We here at Dirty Looks are obviously biased towards our beloved clip-in hair extensions but we think they’re the best choice for all you ladies who just want a quick fix of super-glam hair!

What do you think the benefits of clip in hair extensions are? Do you love your clip-in hair extensions as much as we do?

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