Summer Hair: Knotted Updos

Summer Hair: Knotted UpdosStep away from traditional updos as it’s all about twisting, looping and knotting your hair this summer.

Low maintenance hair was taking to the extreme as knotted updos encouraged designers to ditch the hair elastics in favour of making do with what they had. Marni tied its models’ hair casually back at the nape of the neck with only a knot of hair to keep their tresses in place, whilst Chloe opted to loop their ponytails back on themselves for a sleeker updo.Summer Hair: knotted updos

Of course when we first saw the knotted updo trend, we were dubious at first- surely using a hair elastic is better than tying your hair in knots? But after basking in this heat wave, we have finally found a purpose for it!

The knotted updo is perfect for the summer. Not only is it the best solution for when you find yourself without a hair elastic, it’s also the chicest way of keeping your beach waves intact and out of the way for when the weather gets unbearably hot to handle.summer hair: knotted updos

Better yet, it’s ridiculously easy to achieve too. All you need for the knotted updo, is a good length of hair on you (cue Dirty Looks hair extensions) and the skill of being able to tie a knot. You can either keep the knotted updo low for an understated look or give a new meaning to the top knot by actually tying your hair in a knot at the crown of your head. Whichever way you choose, both ways look best when strands of hair are unravelled from the knot and loosely hang down around the front of the face. Finish off with a dollop of carefree attitude and your good to go.

So this summer, why not leave your hair elastics behind and revel in the joy of wearing your hair in messy updos before the cool, winter breeze settles our manes again? Let’s enjoy the sun!



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