We’re super excited at Dirty Looks HQ as a prequel series of Sex and the City has just been announced! The Carrie Diaries by author Candace Bushnell follows the high school life of Carrie Bradshaw and this is reportedly being made into a sequel for the small screen by American teen network CW!
This exciting news has got us reflecting back on the SATC phenomenon and the fabulous Carrie Bradshaw hairstyles throughout the six seasons!

Carrie-Bradshaw-Hair-Season-1Season one saw Carrie Bradshaw’s hair as a curly mane of golden locks! Her carefree curls are an iconic Sex and the City hairstyle and Carrie will always be remembered for this look! Carrie Bradshaw’s hairstyle from the first season would actually be bang on-trend at the moment as celebs are embracing bigger and more voluminous tresses!! The look is all about root lift, thickness and volume! Wear your clip in extensions big and bold!

Carrie-Bradshaw-Hair-Season-2Carrie Bradshaw’s hair was a little tamer in the second season of Sex and the City. Her locks were worn longer and the curls had dropped some! A large barrelled tong would be the better option for re-creating Carrie’s curls!
Carrie also embraced the super straight Sex and the City hairstyle in this series which gave her a more sophisticated look … (although we do love the wild waves a little more!!)

Carrie-Bradshaw-Hair-Season-3For Season three, Carrie Bradshaw’s hair took on a slightly darker shade which made her look a little more grown up! She also embraced updo’s by wearing her curly locks in a high bun!

Carrie-Bradshaw-Hair-Season-4Season four saw Carrie Bradshaw’s hair a lot shorter as she chopped her trademark long locks into a wavy bob as she began to write for Vogue. This Carrie Bradshaw hairstyle is a hot look for next season as the waved bob looks set to make a comeback for Autumn 2011! A large barrelled tong and a 12-14” full head set would be ideal for re-creating these sultry curls!

Carrie-Bradshaw-Hair-Season-5Carrie Bradshaw’s hairstyle was still growing out for season five and she worked her short hair into very Olivia Newton John style curls. We’re not a big fan of this look on Carrie, although it added gorgeous volume to her bob, we prefer her hair to be long and flowing!

Carrie-Bradshaw-Hair-Season-6For the beginning of season six we see Carrie Bradshaw’s hair a little longer, but still in a bob style. She wears her bob straight with slight movement at the ends of her hair. This was a super girly look for Carrie and it worked really well for her! A 12-14” full head set would be perfect for re-creating this iconic Sex and the City hairstyle … add a slight flick at the ends of your hair and extensions with your flat irons for a little more movement!

Carrie-Bradshaw-Hair-ParisCarrie’s hair was back to its longer lengths for the end of the final season, but with a darker twist. Carrie’s darker locks still had subtle blonde highlights and this new look gave her a gorgeously sophisticated edge for her Paris scenes! We love Carrie Bradshaw’s hair blonde, but her darker look is also a favourite of ours!!

Carrie Bradshaw’s hair has certainly undergone some changes throughout the six seasons of Sex and the City and we can’t wait to see her high school hair for The Carrie Diaries … we imagine it will be even wilder than her untamed curls in season one!!