Rose Byrne's Hair

Rose Byrne's HairHappy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Today love is well and truly in the air, and we’re revelling in the romantic vibes by gorging on luxury chocolates, swapping cards and admiring roses. Actually, we’re admiring one Rose in particular - or, rather, her ever changing mane. So, join us as we pay tribute to Rose Byrne’s hair - we’re sure you’ll soon fall as deeply in love with it as we are!

Rose Byrne’s hair has had more dramatic transformations than you could shake a stick at (although we’re not sure why you’d want to). From long, wavy, ombre strands to super short, razor-sharp, glistening bobs, Ms Byrne has notched up one heck of a hairstyling CV - and we’ve been mesmerized every step of the way!

Rose Byrne's HairThese days, Rose Byrne’s hair is infamous for its uber stylish, applause-worthy lob style, but Rose’s locks haven’t always been this covetable medium length; in fact, over the years, Rose Byrne’s hair seems to have experimented with pretty much every ‘do and shade possible! Although we Dirty Looks girls adored Rose Byrne’s hair way back when it was sporting those tantalising, caramel dip-dyed lengths, we have to say we were equally smitten when Rose took her tresses back to brunette basics and opted for a chic,chestnut-coloured, bang-on-trend bob.

Rose Byrne's HairSpeaking of bangs, Rose has been known to rock a wide selection of seriously lustworthy fringes in her time treading the red carpet. We couldn’t get enough of Rose Byrne’s hair when she first debuted her eyelash-grazing, blunt fringe - and we were similarly impressed when our favourite Aussie actress updated her look by sweeping her bangs to the side. Perfectly sculpted and oh-so flattering on Rose’s oval face shape, we loved how these power-bangs managed to magically frame Rose’s delicate features and draw attention to those beautiful almond eyes.

Rose Byrne's HairWhether ironed straight as a poker or elegantly tousled, we can’t help but admire how, no matter what hairstyle she chooses, Rose Byrne’s hair always looks super healthy. And did we mention Rose Byrne’s hair’s extensive back catalogue of delectable updos? From heavily-fringed beehives to classic chignons to upswept, hair bow-bedecked creations, Ms Byrne really does know how to pull off dainty hairstyles with finesse. In fact, she’s giving us some last-minute Valentine’s Day hairstyling inspiration as we speak!

Always moving with the tides of fashion, Rose Byrne’s hair is one of our celebrity manes to watch for 2014! Are you as enraptured by her flawless tresses as we are?


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