Nicole Richie's Hair

Nicole Richie's HairAnother style icon had us fooled this week, when she debuted violet infused hair on her Instagram profile- which was actually all thanks to the magic of Photoshop! Want to know who we’re talking about? It’s only Nicole Richie’s hair, of course!

Nicole Richie's hairWe thought that Nicole had succumbed to the bottle and sprung over to the pastel side, just in time for spring. But, we were totally embarrassed (along with many other publishers) when we found out her new colour was all down to a designer’s Photoshop skills. Nevertheless, we still love Nicole Richie’s hair, so we thought it was about time we put her in our 'Tress Obsessed' feature.

Nicole Richie's hair

Gone are the days of her straggly hair extensions during her ‘Simple Life’ circa, and in came her adorable cute bob, which earned her fashion brownie points instantly and transformed her into a style icon over night. Although we loved her casual style coupled with her staple boho waves and ability to rock a hair accessory like no other, we don’t think Nicole can top her current hairstyle!

Nicole Richie's hair

Not only does Nicole have one covetable bob, she also knows exactly how to sport a fashionable updo, too. With a plethora of braids under her barnet, Nicole Richie’s hair is regularly our go-to girl for braid inspiration, plus, her super chic bun is a definite bun our Dirty Looks girls will be referencing any time soon!

Nicole Richie's hair

Now, it’s time to turn our attention to Nicole Richie’s hair shades. Whilst we love her sunny blonde locks, we have to say that we are big fans of her toffee coloured tresses, too. These warm, brown locks are extremely similar to our St.Tropez hair extensions and bring out Nicole’s delicious, squirrel-like eyes perfectly.

If you can’t tell by now, we’re totally besotted with Nicole Richie’s hair. And, although she may have had her fair share of faux pas in the past, we have quickly forgiven her after proving just how stylish and on-trend Nicole can be! What do you think of Nicole Richie’s hair?


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