Natalia Vodianova's Hair

Natalia Vodianova's HairAs we take time out from scouring at pictures of big, glamorous hair to inspire our Christmas party hairstyles, we want to give our hair (and mind) a break from all those sky-raising hairdo, and Natalia Vodianova’s hair is just the remedy we need to bring it back to basics!

Natalia Vodianova's HairKnown for being the face of Calvin Klein, Natalia Vodianova’s hair is definitely on our wish list for 2014. With natural, tousled locks, a coveted midi-bob and bushy eyebrows to match, the Russian model’s hair reflects her carefree image and model lifestyle, which we all secretly desire. Not only that, the 31 year old’s (yes, can you believe it?) brazen blonde locks are enough to make us cancel our hair appointment and rock the overgrown roots look a bit longer!

Natalia Vodianova's HairWhat's more, we love how Natalia Vodianova’s hair has the rock chic look down to a T. Her natural, tousled bob is the epitome of a rock and roll hairstyle. The queen of bed hair, Natalia has the hair that every girl wishes she could pull off without looking like a Bridget Jones act. It’s cool, casual and chic and best of all, so easy to maintain. With a pump of a good quality hair mousse and a dose of hairspray, we too can achieve Natalia Vodianova’s hair.

With a mane like Natalia’s and piercing blue eyes to stare at, there’s no wonder Natalia is one of the highest paid models right now! So instead of going big this party season, why not take notes from Natalia Vodianova’s hair and rock the au naturel look for this year’s shindig? It’s good to take a risk every once in a while!


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