Lea Michele's Hair

Lea Michele's HairWe’ve been ‘gleefully’ (sorry) eyeing up Lea Michele’s hair for some time now so it was only a matter of time before we shone the limelight on her rich, dark, chocolate brown locks and indulge in a few of her most sought-after hairstyles, too.

Not only does she have the vocal chords to put the rest of the Glee cast to shame, she also has the most impeccable taste in hairstyles. From rumpled braids to girl next door waves, there’s no limitations when it comes to Lea Michele’s hair. Plus, we don’t think we’ve seen bangs as magical as the Glee star’s in a long time! Whether they’re given a polished finish with a rounded brush or blow-dried swiftly to the side, we can rest assure that Lea’s bangs will always be glossy.

Lea Michele's Hair

Just like us, Lea is partial to a braid or two, and we particularly love how the songstress pairs her neatly plaited braid with a chic beret, and of course, bangs on show. As well as her penchant for girly updos and braided hairstyles, Lea’s slick back locks also makes wet look hair look equally as effortless and feminine, too.

Lea Michele's Hair

Bangs or bang-less, we can’t go a whole post without mentioning that gorgeous hair shade of hers, can we? Her luxurious, brunette locks make us want to dive head first into a bowl full of chocolate, and it seems as though you girls have a similar urge too, as Lea Michele’s hair is one of our most requested hair shades at Dirty Looks (FYI, choose our Organic hair extensions to replicate Lea’s shade). But we’re also going giddy for her ombre locks, too. Giving a nod to the ombre trend, Lea Michele’s hair looks as luxuriant as ever with her copious amount of caramel tones and golden highlighted ends that look almost as good enough to eat.

What with an abundance of lustrous, thick tresses and images on google dedicated to the former Rachel Berry’s hair, we’re starting to think if Lea ever has a bad hair day! What do you think of Lea Michele’s hair?


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