Lazy Day Hairstyles

Lazy Day HairstylesThere’s nothing quite like the perfect lazy day hairstyle especially on these cold, wet winter mornings. Here are our favourite lazy day hairstyles that are designed to give you time for extra shut-eye, yet still keep you looking super chic.

Lazy Day Hairstyles

The Bubble Ponytail

The bubble ponytail has been hot on the Dirty Looks radar since 2013 and is an incredibly easy lazy day hairstyle. Firstly, grab your tresses into a ponytail (use the Bobby Glam Ponytail Extensions if your pony needs a helping hand). The next step is to take some clear elastics and tie them several centimeters apart down the length of the ponytail. Quick and simple whilst still looking like you’ve made an effort- the bubble ponytail might just be our new favourite lazy day hairstyle!

Lazy Day Hairstyles
Half Up - Half Down

If this lazy day hairstyle is good enough for Angelina Jolie, then it’s good enough for us Dirty Looks girls, too! The key to getting the perfect lazy day half up - half down hairstyle is to, um, not put half up. Let us explain, if you tie the top half of your hair back, you will end up with one uber thick section and make your locks look disproportionate. In order to get this looking Hollywood royalty style perfect, use a 40:60 ratio instead to even out the sections a little bit more. This classic lazy day hairstyle is simple enough to do but can be prettied up by popping in a hair bow or a cute clip.

Lazy Day Hairstyles
Braided Sides

We’ve all rocked this lazy day hairstyle at one point, surely? Perfect for if you have pesky bangs that just won’t grow out, this braided sides are the lazy day hairstyle for you. Simply take a section of hair from the front of your head and braid towards the back of your head. Use a few bobby pins to secure the braid in place before repeating on the other side. We think this sweet style is the ultimate lazy day hairstyle, don’t you?

Lazy Day Hairstyles

Bobby Pin Twist

The bobby pin twist is amazing for short haired ladies who are looking to get in on the lazy day hairstyle action but still want a little more of a chic look. Begin by making a section in the middle of the front of your head, twist your tresses tightly back and pin into place with a few bobby pins. Next, repeat the process by creating one-inch wide sections on either side of the first twist. You can then twist and pin the two larger sections near your temples. You can add more twists in the back of your hair, but this doesn't need to be too neat- remember, this is a lazy day hairstyle after all! To finish the look, mist with lots of Tigi Bed Head Masterpiece Massive Shine Hairspray to add hold and shine.

And there you have it- a host of beautiful lazy hairstyles, perfect for girls who want an effortless hair ‘do without spending too much time in front of the mirror! What’s your go-to lazy day hairstyle?


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