Keeping Hair Extensions Healthy

Keeping hair extensions healthyWe’re never tired of sharing our tips on how to maintain hair extensions, after all, they are our first love! So, if you want to know how to keep your Dirty Looks hair extensions looking nothing less than fabulous, we’ve pulled together the best tips for keeping hair extensions healthy for you to have a nose at.

Keeping hair extensions healthy comes with the price we pay for our clip ins- meaning if we want to have beautiful hair for longer, then we’re going to have to put in some effort when taking care of them! Just like our own growing locks, our hair extensions need to be treated with a good dose of TLC every once in a while, and our following pointers will help you to do just that…

Keeping Hair Extensions Healthy- Tip 1

Keeping hair extensions healthyDid you know that using the wrong hair brush to brush your hair extensions can cause more damage than you think? Using a brush which has poor bristles will only encourage your hair to shred like crazy and snap along the way. That’s why our first tip for keeping hair extensions healthy is to invest in a decent hair brush that’s specifically designed to use on hair extensions. Although a wide tooth comb is also a great alternative to a standard hair brush, a loop brush like the Spornette Super Looper Hair Extension Brush, which has nylon bristles by the way, will also make sure that your extensions are free from tangles without tugging and pulling at the hair too much.

Keeping Hair Extensions Healthy- Tip 2

Personally, we don’t recommend washing your hair extensions as washing can only dry them out and deteriorate their condition. However, in the instance where product build-up and styling has got the better of your extensions, we can’t harp on enough about how using the right products is essential when washing your extensions! That’s because using the wrong types of products can only lead to making your extensions feel coarse whilst looking matted and lacklustre. So, if you do need to wash your extensions, keep them healthy by making sure that you are using sulphate free shampoos, treating them to intense, moisturising leave-in conditioners and products which are labelled as hair-extension friendly. If you’re not quite sure, ask your hairstylist first to check whether the product is safe to use on your extensions. You can view our products to use on hair extensions here.

Keeping Hair Extensions Healthy- Tip 3

Silicone coating for hair extensionsOK, so when it comes to styling, using less heat on your hair extensions is a no-brainer and is a recurring hair tip on our blog. Nevertheless, it is still an extremely important tip, especially for keeping hair extensions healthy. Just like our own growing locks, the less heat we use- the better. But, if temptation to reach for your styling tools is too overwhelming, then make sure you are using a quality heat protector spray, like the Tigi S Factor Flat Iron Heat Defender, on your hair extensions before styling.

Keeping Hair Extensions Healthy- Tip 4

Keeping hair extensions healthyAnother simple and manageable tip for keeping hair extensions healthy is to store them in a safe place and keep them together either by tying them with a hair elastic, or keeping them in a hair net so that they don’t tangle and mat into clumps of wefts. Luckily, our HK Hair extensions arrive neatly packaged in a lovely lilac box and plastic pouch- which make for a perfect storage solution, too.

Keeping Hair Extensions Healthy- Tip 5

Have you heard about our latest silicone coating products for hair extensions? Seriously, these will change the way you look after your hair extensions and will make keeping hair extensions healthy much easier! Silicone which is regularly used by hair extension manufacturers (except for us) to make hair extensions soft, has been bottled up and is available to buy from the Dirty Looks website now. Not only do these miraculous new products serve to make hair extensions softer for longer, they also eliminate tangles and keep hair extensions looking lustrous and their healthy best, too.

With a whole host of tips for keeping hair extensions healthy, there’s no excuse for letting any gaps appear in your hair care routine, especially when they’re as simple as the tips outlined above. How do you keep your hair extensions healthy?


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